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  1. Impressive hire, in the description of his Podcast - "On "Patrick Jones Baseball" you will find discussions with influencers in the Baseball industry of today and yesterday. They will share inspirational stories and help breakdown tactics that have made them successful in their career."
  2. Minor clarification, although I wrote standings, being as the coffee hadn't fully kicked in, I wanted to request the 2nd half Won Loss record, not the standings, although that would be cool too. Thanks for all the responses
  3. Not sure if this is the right place, but maybe this would gauge interest in the change. On the standings part of the page, would it possible to show the Second half standings? At least 4 of the teams are having pretty amazing second halves, and isn't reflected in the summaries page. It's a great hope for the future. A loyal reader and plus member.
  4. It could be real ugly, although much stranger things have happened. It is baseball
  5. Tampa's stadium is in St. Pete. They lose out on a lot of Orlando fans, as it adds an hour or so to the drive. If they would move the stadium to the east side of Tampa, it could increase attendance. As it is, it's a pain to get to games.
  6. Kevin has set up a Go Fundme for the flood victims. https://www.gofundme.com/LAflood39
  7. I think this is the bigger issue. Arrieta has a really unique workout, that works for him, combining yoga, pilates and meditation. I don't think the Orioles ever understood him or really tried to.
  8. The Rays need to move East of Tampa a bit, easier to get the Orlando crowd. Near the Hard Rock casino and the fairground, off I4
  9. [video=youtube;aU4pyiB-kq0] This was too easy Schoolhouse Rock Rules
  10. Wow, probably 96 or 97, was working in Tech and networking in harrisburg. Was always looking for Orioles stuff on the Web. Have followed during the Rivals years, and all the changes along the way. Have had different user names over the years. Now in Florida, checking daily.
  11. What's great is the amount of Ex Orioles that contributed to the Yankee loss. Feldman started, Albers closed, and Hoes hit a home run. And Brian Roberts was 0-3
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