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  1. Yeah, seems like way more than usual fly balls dying on the track... at least by the Orioles.
  2. And 10 runs = 1 win, right, theoretically? So it has made a difference, of 1 win.
  3. Interesting that the stats confirm the eye test. During yesterday's no-hitter, while complaining about all the missed calls and inconsistency, I observed to my partner who was watching with me, that the umps seem to miss about 1 out of 10 ball-strike calls (i.e. ~90% correct rate). It's somewhat comforting that the bias doesn't (theoretically) skew game outcomes; but as Frobby hints, any such at-bat could surely impact the game disproportionally.
  4. No, it just means TV assault cases will rise during the playoffs.
  5. When it comes to true blue chips, we do have cause to hope for Hall in '22, GRod in '23. Which isn't bad in the larger scheme of things, espec. if we still have an ace-worthy Means. Other than that, it's back to the ole bag o' magic beans.
  6. now

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    That's embarrassing.
  7. True... we can put lots of pitchers in that bucket, and HH would be first in line.
  8. My poster boys for injury-prone would be a) Jeffrey Hammonds and b) Nolan Reimold. Fingers crossed that Stewart, Hays, et al. avoid their trajectory.
  9. Not to get too wrapped up in semantics, but might as well throw this quote out there, for what it's worth (from yesterday's game wrap, MLB.com): “[Harvey and John Means] both dominated the last two days,” teammate DJ Stewart said. “It’s fun to play behind those guys.”
  10. Point taken... except, "might be competitive half the time" matches pretty well with our current record at 13-14. Now we just need to add a few of those magic beans.
  11. Maybe try, "Harvey, Means, and magic beans..."
  12. Wondering how far the O's can go on the shoulders of two dominant starters (if Means and Harvey can fit that bill). Thinking, for instance, of the iconic duo "Spahn, Sain, and pray for rain"... or Koufax & Drysdale, or the 1987 WS winning Twins with Viola and Blyleven and little else... other examples? Is it too outlandish to dream such a scenario?
  13. now

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Is Zach Pop officially an "ex-Oriole"? Kinda looks like it from latest results, last three outings: 4 IP, 0 H, 0 BB, 7 SO
  14. For that matter we could have signed Kluber too, right? (Instead of King F.) As for Gausman, puh-leeze, didn't we see enough already?
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