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  1. I actually missed these last two dominant outings but after seeing what Roch had to say, went back and watched. Those were indeed impressive. (Zimmerman, not so much).
  2. Again, for sure I agree the deal was a plus for that one year. But meh since that may be it. Unless I'm missing sth with Lucas...? Will certainly be happy if he's another Lopez.
  3. For sure... for me the Machado deal could end up like Tillman and Jones (& Sherrill) for Bedard, just needs more time to get there. Villar was great but we only got the one year.
  4. With recent improvements of Tate and Phillips (hard to imagine the guy blasted here is the same pitcher Roch was praising today: see https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/evan-phillips-rolling-in-return-trips.html) and arrival of Kremer and Zimmerman, it invites an update of the mega trades of July 2018. SSS of course, but if Phillips has turned the corner, and Zimmerman lives up to reports from the camp, the Guasman trade starts looking better. The same can be said withTate in the Britton trade. Looking back at my thumbnail grades at the time of those trades, maybe it's time for an updated evaluation (my 2018 grade in parentheses). Of course, with many of these it's still too soon to tell for sure, so again it's just updating my best, amateur fan's guess. Also, I'm now adding an overall grade. What do you think? For Manny Machado we received from the Dodgers-- overall grade: B B (A-) : 21-year old OF Yusniel Diaz  A (B+) : 22-year old RHSP Dean Kremer C+ (C) : 22-year old 3B/2B Rylan Bannon B- (C+) : 21-year old RHRP Zach Pop F (D): 26-year old UTIL Breyvic Valera  For Zach Britton we received from the Yankees-- overall grade: C- B+ (C) : 24-year old RHSP Dillon Tate D (C): 25-year old RHRP Cody Carroll C- (B-) : 24-year old LHSP Josh Rogers For Kevin Gausman we received from the Braves-- C D (C-) : 20-year old 3B Jean Carlos Encarnacion D (C-) : 23-year old Catcher Brett Cumberland C+ (D+) : 23-year old LHSP Bruce Zimmerman B (C+) : 23-year old RHRP Evan Phillips For Jonathan Schoop we received from the Brewers-- C- F (C) : 22-year old RHSP Luis Ortiz D (C- 😞 18-year old SS Jean Carmona B (B) : 27-year old Infielder Jonathan Villar
  5. The good news: currently in line for #7 pick in the draft (under normal rules).
  6. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/lineups-and-notes-on-rotation-armstrong-offense-and-more.html Remember the O's can add a player for the doubleheader making the active roster 29 players. Just for the day. Gary Kendall on Zimmerman: https://pressboxonline.com/2020/09/15/gary-kendall-on-development-of-orioles-prospects/ That sounds finally like a promising return for Gausman.
  7. I see a few different tiers here, based on how confident we can be of who the players are. Objectively this might be measured as service time to date, but instead I'll go with the more subjective gut approach, and keep it simple with three categories: the known quantity: Mountcastle, Santander inconsistent but promising: Mullins, Stewart too soon to tell: Hays, Diaz, McKenna, Kjerstad (Mancini obviously would go in tier 1, except post-surgery, falls to tier 3 for now. And if the mix gets too crowded there's always 1B.)
  8. Yup, just another crazy twist to this season that four games ago we were within a whisper of the playoffs, now we're midway between playoffs and dead last (and first pick, if that's what it means).
  9. How ironic is that? The most old-school metric with the most lo-tech tool: ye olde stopwatch.
  10. Me too... and I can't seem to shake this pesky avatar. #TINSTAAPP
  11. I believe I read 20 percent.
  12. Thx for the research. DJ also heads that list for OPS/BA ratio, at 5.68 - except for Dick Nen who had one HR and 3 BB with his 8 AB. BTW, good call @Brooks The Greaton the Rob Deer comp, on the list twice.
  13. When Stewart was drafted I thought a good comp might be Kevin Youkilis, for OBP, power, body type. Maybe he's getting there after all. Anyone else see that?
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