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  1. They obviously need to do more analytics on the fan side of things!
  2. Thanks for filling in with that story about being spurned by the Orioles bureaucrats. Obviously those newbies(?) didn't really know who and what they were dissing.
  3. Thank you, Tony, far beyond what a few words here can say. The Hangout is a truly special environment in the impersonal and often hostile vortex of the Web and has been a bright (orange) light of Orioles community since the beginning. Here's one small action your appeal has motivated my lazy self to do just now: disable my adblocker for this site! Took all of 2.5 seconds, but one of those things that got neglected for years, out of sheer inertia. Now if everyone can do at least that much... That said, I note your other considerations, which I can relate to. So maybe a way can be found to step back (somewhat, at least) and have some younger blood pick up the slack... just like baseball.
  4. What it does for me is let me appreciate how consistently these elite pitchers can dot the edges and corners... challenging the batters, and umps, with almost every pitch.
  5. Good point, especially combined with DD's penchant for acquiring underachieving former high draft picks, in hopes they would finally make good on their pedigree.
  6. Thanks for compiling and updating this list. I'm struck by the predominantly low draft numbers of the guys we traded away or released to have MLB careers mainly with another team: Hader, 19; Davies, 26; Hernandez, 16; Yaz, 14; Drake, 43, Bridwell, 9. Of the list of ones "that got away" I omitted Arietta since he had a decent chance with the O's; and then near the bottom of the list there's Fontenot, 1, and Walker, 4. Meanwhile of the eighteen keepers on the list, the only guys drafted lower than round 8 were Means, 11 and Hart, 27. The conclusion I come away with is that the O's were biased toward giving extra potential value to their higher drafted picks, and gave a much shorter leash to the "long shots" drafted lower, like Hader, Drake, and Davies, with the first two passing through other organizations as well. Which indicates that using draft rank as a measure of future value is not something confined to the O's. And maybe it makes sense. I just find it interesting that when drafting, potential future value is translated into draft rank. From then on, it seems a player is prejudged by that draft rank, rather than updating true future value. And maybe something is lost in the translation?
  7. losing is so much more fun when you play the kids: hope for the future!
  8. This sounds like verbatim Elias!
  9. I'd say that's the crux of the biscuit (cue Frank Zappa meme...)
  10. Part of the issue with Mountcastle is the competition. What if Santander, Hays, and Diaz all prove to be studs and better defenders? Then it's great for the O's and Mountcastle to have the option of playing him at first. Of course other scenarios are possible too. The three I mentioned are not locks, yet; there could be injuries; and there still might be a logjam with CD and Trey at first. So we might well see Mountcastle in LF by next year. I agree the rest of the contenders are longer shots. Curious what y'all think of Williams tho. I haven't seen enough of him.
  11. A lot of outfielders are in the mix right now, and I'm wondering how it will all shake out by this time next year or by 2021. Looking just at in-house options, we have a depth chart something like this: Santander / Williams / Stewart Smith / Hays / Diaz Mountcastle / Mullins / McKenna Who are your top three predictions/preferences for 2020-21 (still looking at in-house options only)? I'll take a stab: Santander / Hays / Diaz and hope Mountcastle can handle 1B.
  12. Fair enough, that perception counts... But when I can bear to watch CD's ABs, it's rare that they aren't cringeworthy. Let's face it, he's in a class by himself.
  13. Sorry, just can't restrain the editor in me responding, "borderline? What borderline? Even Mario Mendoza is nowhere in sight!"
  14. Well, that's interesting. So the DeWitt's saved our franchise twice!! 1) Bill Sr. delivering F. Robby in 1965-66, and 2) Bill Jr. chipping in with PA to keep the club in B'more in '93.
  15. You lost me with CL - Givens
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