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  1. Copy and paste to the post about Rocker, Hancock, G. Rod, Hall!
  2. He was 91 before, now 93-96? That should move him up a few notches...
  3. Love your pithy previews, to whet our appetites while we await the sounds of horsehide smacking into mitts and cracking off bats!
  4. now

    Farewell OH

    A match made in Oriole heaven! You certainly deserve it.
  5. Good call! I'd say it fills the bill for both 1 and 2 (living life to the fullest each moment/day)!
  6. Certainly the OP makes sense in the bigger picture, where 1. We are doomed and nothing matters in the long run. 2. Live every day to the fullest, since it's all we've got.
  7. OMG, the ghosts of Christmas past!
  8. Same goes for Hays, of course. To see if he doesn't go the way of Cedric Mullins, or Jeffrey Hammonds.
  9. Wow, didn't realize that about Diaz's season, under the radar because of regular stats and league context. But that's an OPS+ of 119 for Diaz, compared to 111 for Mountcastle's MVP-Triple Crown-whatever season. Looking fwd to seeing more of both this spring.
  10. What, no love for the baby bull (Santander)?
  11. now

    Lindor - Why Not?

    Well, if ever there was a "bad team" with a bright future, I'd say the Orioles are well positioned now with the Elias leadership in place and a fast-rising farm.
  12. now

    Lindor - Why Not?

    The premise of fhe OP really boils down to this. Is @weams correct that in practice you never get that long-term signing you want as part of a trade pkg.?
  13. now

    Lindor - Why Not?

    Thanks again... so, I guess the takeaway is, there are fifty shades of "proven" - just like, fifty shades of "prospect."
  14. now

    Lindor - Why Not?

    Thanks for the response. From it I gather that one good year in the show doesn't necessarily equate to "proven" -- or that MLB-proven isn't as much of an advantage as one might think over prospect value or MiLB-proven...?
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