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  1. There should be enough quality BP depth between the majors and AAA and AA that we shouldn't have to worry about rushing Harvey to the ML level. I'm just praying for a full, healthy season.
  2. This is what the beginnings of a collapse look like.
  3. Hope he's better than Hank! Can't imagine he'll be in the GCL too long. Bowie next, maybe?
  4. Good luck to these guys trying to score at least three today....... That's going to take an act of God.
  5. This team just isn't capable of going on an extended hot streak. Two, three game win streaks followed by similar losing streaks won't allow you to make up much ground.
  6. Colston had a huge year his rookie year out of Hofstra..... Of course, Drew Brees probably helped a lot.
  7. This team is DONE. Davis has cooled. Machado is cooled. Jones is what he is. Markakis isn't even an average hitter anymore. Wieters isn't anything special. Hardy is what he is. We just don't have the offensive weapons.
  8. WHY THE F DO YOU THROW AN 0-2 FB DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLATE? Unreal. This team isn't playing in the post season this year.
  9. Markakis is a joke. What a waste of a contract.
  10. This team is done, folks. Only thing left for this comedy is for us to trade Bundy for some two month rental for a team that doesn't have a chance in hell at the playoffs anyways.
  11. That's because most of them have been out of the bullpen. He hasn't started a game since June 30th. Of course, that doesn't mean he won't shut down our pathetic offense.
  12. Be lucky to be over .500 by the end of July.......
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