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  1. Wait until Bale gets poached by Real Madrid. You think we go nuts with our 'the sky is falling posts' on here....just wait and see what Spurs fans say when he leaves. To be fair though, they would be right in that case. Spurs are completely reliant on Bale. He single-handedly won a bunch of games for them this year. Can't see them being even close to where they are now without him. That goal he scored yesterday....just wow. He is unstoppable.
  2. Blech. That's like supporting the Angels or Dodgers. You're openly saying that you root for teams who are all about overspending more than anyone else and just buying their way to success. And while Chelsea have still won more than either the Angels or Dodgers in recent years, they are always in turmoil and controversy because of the constant upheaval and focus on $$ above all else. Not that I'm trashing your choice, but....well, I'm trashing your choice.
  3. I'm a diehard Arsenal fan but I'd say if you're looking for a team similar to the Orioles then Everton is quite a good bet. They have a long storied franchise history, had periods where they were the best, the last couple decades they have mostly been awful, but recently, under good leadership, they have climbed their way up into becoming one of the best teams in the league. And they have done it without spending tons of money or selling their souls to the devil. Just good, old-fashioned hard work and team spirit. They are in a tough spot right now because their manager left to fill in for the retiring Fergie at United, but I still think they'll do well. They're a good, hard working team. I personally like them a lot.
  4. yuds

    vs. TWINS, 5/10

    Chris Davis doesn't have any kids. The tattoo is definitely a 'J' - he tweeted about it the other day. It stands for 'Jill', who is his wife. The reason that it looks like a .B. is because you are looking at it upside down. Look at it the other way - it's a cursive 'J'.
  5. yuds

    vs. RED SOX, 4/11

    JJ never makes it easy. Last year I always felt so confident when he came into a game. This year....not so much. Even though he gets it done, he always makes you sweat.
  6. Austin is amazing. Such a fantastic city. Haven't done nearly as much exploring as I'd like but just the day to day life here is great in general. Coolest city I've ever lived in, by far.
  7. I don't have the time or the desire to post on message boards regularly anymore but I just had to jump in here to partake in some of this reminiscing about the old times. Southernbird was one of the all time classic posters and Orioles Jim is a legend of legends. Looking back over that weed thread was like peering into a time capsule - AmaralFan, MChance, Mackus, ChrisAF79, Coker, Squeeze, bigDave, Tank, ledzepp and all the other great old timers. I miss all the old chats with those guys, we had some great fun back in the day. BillySmith with his goth girl obsessions. AmaralFan with his never ending hookup stories and future ambitions to become President of the USA. BaltBird24 with his hilarious dry sense of humor. Arch being Jason's wing man. MChance with his swole physique. BobMC just being crazy as always. SouthernBird going nuts and getting banned every couple of weeks. Scott just being a cool dude in general. John Domen living in an apartment above a bar. BRobinsonfan always bringing his smart, well informed opinion to every thread. SuperBoller accusing everyone of being a racist in every thread. Stan being the funny curmudgeon. Hank Scorpio having an endless chain of hot girlfriends. Monkey Pumpers and Scottiebaseball being a hilarious comedy duo. Mashed Potatoes and Icterus Galbula bringing the super witty sarcasm. Hatter with his great taste in music. Hardballs getting super angry and writing stream of consciousness tirades with no punctuation and terrible spelling. Brookboyz with his stories about playing in the minors. Mefogus with his anime inspired avatar and dry yet very well informed posts. Journeyfan with his avatar creation skills (check out my Bob Dylan one for proof). Doobydoo with his movie obsession. Objectivity with his brilliant insight. I'm sure I'm forgetting some other Hangout legends as well, who have I missed? Oh man, and how could I forget BOOZE! Every post of his was about getting wasted and hooking up with chicks, with some kind of baseball tangent involved. Didn't he once offer to go scout Loewen at his college so that he could also check out the chicks there? We had some awesome AIM chats and Myspace wall posts back in the days when people still did that stuff. We had a hangout get together in 2001 or so with BoogBBQFan, Mackus, PaulFolk, jiminnj and maybe some others. And BustaJ was part of the gang too at later meetups. Great times. It almost made it kind of cool to have no life when you had all these other people to share it with I hope some of those guys are lurking in this thread and just post to say hi for old time?s sake.
  8. This is why I HATE it when Buck takes out Davis for Chavez.
  9. About 3 players gave JJ a fistbump. This team is demoralized.
  10. Gotta hand it to Peralta, that was a perfect pitch.
  11. I feel like Mark Reynolds had one two week hot streak this season and has been absolutely atrocious with the bat the rest of the time. He is basically an automatic out at this point.
  12. **** YOU LONGORIA!!! Comes up there with his smug little smile and then hits another one out the park. He should be playing for the Yankees with his sickening smugness. Hate him.
  13. The Rays have such a sick pitching staff. The fact that we finished above them is quite amazing.
  14. **** the Yankees. And the Red Sox. Hate them both.
  15. Announcers gleefully talking about how Bernie Williams used to also deliberately try and sabotage pitchers as they were about to deliver. Haha. What a smug bunch of SOBs the Yankees are.
  16. Bases loaded. I would put money on the next batter hitting a grand slam. It's the Yankee way - rub dirt in the faces of all the people who despise you. Dammit I hate them.
  17. You just know those mother ****ing Yanks are going to win it here.
  18. How many teams can say they won a game where the opposing pitcher pitched a complete game 2 hitter with 15 Ks? Awesome job Orioles and WTG Chris Davis for crushing the one mistake Shields made all game! LOVE THIS TEAM!!
  19. Never easy with the Orioles. Always gotta make you a nervous wreck.
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