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  1. Look s like I’ll have to start covering some games for the site now...hehe.
  2. Worst team I have ever seen in an Orioles uniform for sure. They keep it up and they may end up playing in Nashville in a few years.
  3. The past 20 years of the decline of a once great franchise turned this Southern guy into a Hockey fan. Go Predators!
  4. I mean we probably clear that in hotdog sales in the month of April...lol.
  5. Oh I agree it is a gamble, but you have to look at the payoff odds. For that little money it works on my risk assessment worksheet.
  6. Well from my perspective he is very cheap, and if he is mentally and physically refreshed he could have a very solid first half. IF that happens and their is a need from a contender he would be perfect for a trade for some minor leaguers with potential. Pretty cheap to get previously qualified minor leagers for the league minimum. Worst case we pay league minimum for a guy who can spot start and mentor some young guys. No brained in my book. Plus the reports from clubs checking him out state he looks good In his workouts now. Many were impressed.
  7. In my opinion the wrong guys is leaving. I'll leave it at that.
  8. More time for this! SouthernBird on the river
  9. If Britton failters we bring in O'Day!
  10. Here is hoping for a sweep, but I will take a win on Sunday as a nice birthday present. GO ORIOLES!
  11. I was VERY impressed with Bundy last night. His stuff was NASTY! I love his windup as well.
  12. I simply cannot believe no one in the stands ID this butthole right when it happened. And to think Canadians are supposed to be so nice. EPIC FAIL CANADA! I see someone do something that could injure someone you better believe I am holding them down and calling the cops over.
  13. My take, our offense was not performing, Ubaldo had been great lately, we did not know how long extras would go, Ubaldo could go multiple innings, Britton would come in IF we got a lead or Ubaldo went 6+. Ball just did not bounce our way. Not Buck's fault. He is one of the best managers in the game and we should keep him as long as we can. Also, this team has been mediocre on the road all year.
  14. Well, at least Atlanta has been playing their best ball of the year as of late. We have THAT going for us. Kakes to the rescue perhaps?
  15. Nashville is the latest "IT" city, we may just come fro your team and that would be fine by me. Been a fan since the 1979 WS...come on down, the weather and economy is great. Place would be sold out EVERY NIGHT!
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