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  1. Thanks, I am praying for everyone who has lost their job. Hopefully we can rebound quickly.
  2. Have not really altered my life at all. I go to work, I go shopping, I go visit friends. Have yet to hear anyone I know personally either catch this or know anyone who has. I did have to get a new job because the lock down killed a company I was working for. It got a job paying more, and only 5 miles from my front door. Feeling blessed.
  3. Really! This isn’t like a contract for anyone named Davis to play 1B...
  4. Hate to see it go. Had fun in the very beginnings helping with the IT side of things. Whatever you decide, a heart felt THANK YOU for doing it for all these years.
  5. I liked the guy, but he is not HOF material. Watched his whole career. Ain’t seeing it.
  6. Look s like I’ll have to start covering some games for the site now...hehe.
  7. The past 20 years of the decline of a once great franchise turned this Southern guy into a Hockey fan. Go Predators!
  8. I mean we probably clear that in hotdog sales in the month of April...lol.
  9. Oh I agree it is a gamble, but you have to look at the payoff odds. For that little money it works on my risk assessment worksheet.
  10. Well from my perspective he is very cheap, and if he is mentally and physically refreshed he could have a very solid first half. IF that happens and their is a need from a contender he would be perfect for a trade for some minor leaguers with potential. Pretty cheap to get previously qualified minor leagers for the league minimum. Worst case we pay league minimum for a guy who can spot start and mentor some young guys. No brained in my book. Plus the reports from clubs checking him out state he looks good In his workouts now. Many were impressed.
  11. In my opinion the wrong guys is leaving. I'll leave it at that.
  12. More time for this! SouthernBird on the river
  13. If Britton failters we bring in O'Day!
  14. Here is hoping for a sweep, but I will take a win on Sunday as a nice birthday present. GO ORIOLES!
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