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  1. The lack of pass rush was a killer. We have guys who can get home. Philly has a pretty good line though. But I saw zero creativity in the defensive scheme and play calls. Mclaurin and Holcomb flashed some. Where was Sweat all day? I know he was on the field a lot. We got zero out of him though. He was largely invisible in preseason too. I read this about Penn on ESPN: Last year Redskins LT Trent Williams recorded a pass block win rate of 92%, above the OT average of 86%. Today his replacement, Donald Penn, posted a PBWR of 73%. PBWR is an ESPN metric powered by NFL Next Gen Stats. Lastly, picking nits, but why wouldn’t you go for two after the last TD? The game was decided and the spread was covered lol. May as well have gotten some practice at it at least.
  2. What an embarrassment that second half was yesterday. The whole Guice injury and AP inactive thing reeks of the Redskins just being themselves. Rumor has it that the players knew he wasn’t right. Sucks losing Allen for some time too. We just cannot catch a break...pun fully intended.
  3. It’s a real thing. I can’t cite a source at the moment but we’ve led the league in number of players on IR something like 4 of the last 5 seasons. It’s crazy. We’re not just imagining things here.
  4. Exactly and with our team total injury history, it’s hard to remain optimistic. We’re already essentially down 1+ man with Trent’s situation. So not off to the best start there.
  5. Season opener Sunday vs Philly. We are huge underdogs, expectedly. Defense should be even more improved but I fear our lack of O line and WRs, not to mention QB, will lead to the defense being taxed too much since I do not feel the offense is capable of staying on the field for very long. If the line comes together and we can control the clock with the run game, then maybe my opinion changes. I’m still optimistic for the future - another season or two - but this season if we go 6-10, I think that’s doing pretty well. 4-12 might be a more reasonable expectation. I hope that they are smart enough to keep Haskins on the sidelines this entire season so that he can grow and learn. We’ve seen that can happen when you bring rookie QBs on the field too soon. It lols their development. The Skins can not afford to take that kind of gamble. HTTR.
  6. Ah, missed that one. Thanks.
  7. Looks like 19 yo Venezuelan CF Ricardo Castro was also recently promoted
  8. Carroll returned today on a rehab assignment in the GCL. 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 3 Ks
  9. Ok gotcha thanks that makes sense. Either way still not the type of season/development we wanted to see.
  10. Knight started today but only pitched one inning. Gave up a hit (double), 2 walks, 2 ER and struck out 2. Also hit 2 batters. 31 pitches, only 15 strikes. Very disappointing season to say the least. Is his stuff just not there? Or are the Os tinkering with his mechanics, etc?
  11. He should be in Aberdeen to finish out the season IMO. Get him a taste of things to come. Based off his performance this year and last, he deserves it. Probably already too many arms there for a promotion though.
  12. I don’t believe that is true in the least. This series vs the Royals is very important to that end.
  13. He was hitting 97 in the 9th when he struck out the side to end the game last night. Apparently he hit 100 too earlier in the game. No expert here of course, but the way he is trending, given the obvious lack of quality options being sent out currently to pitch every 5th day, if he performs well in ST 2020, he has to be a candidate to break camp and head north with the ML club, right?
  14. He’s not in the lineup in today’s afternoon game.
  15. Very cool and thank you for your kindness!
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