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  1. Kiley McDaniel said Wednesday that Tampa could lose/drop Wander from their list and still have the number 1 system in all of the land. Crazy.
  2. They just said on MLB Now that cumulative stats like career home run or hit totals wouldn't be impacted, but things like batting averages would. They used the example that Josh Gibson is now the most recent .400 hitter, not Ted Williams. I don’t really understand the logic.
  3. That was painful to watch. I still and probably always will question Turgeons in game coaching ability acumen and feel. Why didn’t Morsell get more minutes? He only played 22 and was really the only Terp that played with energy and enthusiasm outside of Scott. Why did it take so long to initiate a press of some sort and push the tempo a bit in order to help move the game flow in our favor? Anyhow, Turge is just so slow to react and make appropriate in game changes when things aren’t going well. I don’t understand it. This team will be lucky to finish .500 in conference and is very fringe/bubble for the NCAA tourney.
  4. Could be talking about Luis Ortiz the now 18 yo we signed for $400 in 2019. He’s showed well at instructs according to some reports. Sanchez has also done well too as you’ve mentioned.
  5. And interestingly enough, his younger brother who just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, had a very nice little season in the GCL. Very good numbers across the board for someone who was supposed to be the much lesser part of the Mesa bros package deal.
  6. He definitely acts as co GM with his drinking pal Bruce. For example, Haskins went to high school with Snyder’s son. One of the many reasons why Dan insisted on drafting Haskins. He just can’t help himself.
  7. 121 yards of offense against what was the worst ranked defense. 12 more penalties. There is zero discipline and horrible execution. It’s truly pathetic. Where is the emotion and fire? Who are the leaders on this team? They’ve preached that they have recently drafted team captains, tough players and leaders of collegiate teams. Where are they? I used to give Gruden the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. He and the entire coaching staff need to go. Along with Bruce and Dan too, which is of course a pipe dream.
  8. The lack of pass rush was a killer. We have guys who can get home. Philly has a pretty good line though. But I saw zero creativity in the defensive scheme and play calls. Mclaurin and Holcomb flashed some. Where was Sweat all day? I know he was on the field a lot. We got zero out of him though. He was largely invisible in preseason too. I read this about Penn on ESPN: Last year Redskins LT Trent Williams recorded a pass block win rate of 92%, above the OT average of 86%. Today his replacement, Donald Penn, posted a PBWR of 73%. PBWR is an ESPN metric powered by NFL Next Gen Stats. Lastly, picking nits, but why wouldn’t you go for two after the last TD? The game was decided and the spread was covered lol. May as well have gotten some practice at it at least.
  9. What an embarrassment that second half was yesterday. The whole Guice injury and AP inactive thing reeks of the Redskins just being themselves. Rumor has it that the players knew he wasn’t right. Sucks losing Allen for some time too. We just cannot catch a break...pun fully intended.
  10. It’s a real thing. I can’t cite a source at the moment but we’ve led the league in number of players on IR something like 4 of the last 5 seasons. It’s crazy. We’re not just imagining things here.
  11. Exactly and with our team total injury history, it’s hard to remain optimistic. We’re already essentially down 1+ man with Trent’s situation. So not off to the best start there.
  12. Season opener Sunday vs Philly. We are huge underdogs, expectedly. Defense should be even more improved but I fear our lack of O line and WRs, not to mention QB, will lead to the defense being taxed too much since I do not feel the offense is capable of staying on the field for very long. If the line comes together and we can control the clock with the run game, then maybe my opinion changes. I’m still optimistic for the future - another season or two - but this season if we go 6-10, I think that’s doing pretty well. 4-12 might be a more reasonable expectation. I hope that they are smart enough to keep Haskins on the sidelines this entire season so that he can grow and learn. We’ve seen that can happen when you bring rookie QBs on the field too soon. It lols their development. The Skins can not afford to take that kind of gamble. HTTR.
  13. Ah, missed that one. Thanks.
  14. Looks like 19 yo Venezuelan CF Ricardo Castro was also recently promoted
  15. Carroll returned today on a rehab assignment in the GCL. 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 3 Ks
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