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  1. Yeah Harbaugh is lucky he didn't get flagged, ejected, and suspended. A fine is a slap on the wrists. I imagine because the NFL knows the call was among the worst the league has seen in terms of roughing calls in recent years.
  2. No, its about Cameron realizing what's happening in front of his damn face or not.We all want and most of us expect Flacco to be a top level quarterback. But he wasn't on Sunday, and it was incredibly obvious well before his 3rd interception gave the Bengals the ball in FG range with less than 5 minutes left. We should have been running the ball and throwing play-action passes off of that for most of the 4th quarter. Not continuing to try to throw deep balls that weren't open and that Joe couldn't connect on even when they were. He had a bad game. Rather than adjust to that, Cameron stubbornly kept pounding away at it. That was a bad decision. I go right with the original game plan for next week's game against the Bengals. I'm confident Joe will have a good game and ease a lot of the doubts people have about him. Cameron's mistakes were not adjusting on the fly to what was happening. I'm not asking for the team to change the approach and become a run-dominated team like we were two years ago. We definitely should be passing more often than we have before under Flacco because he should be getting better and there are many more weapons around him. The problems both Flacco and Cameron had last week were problems that I'm hopeful will be limited to just the one week, and not indicative of bigger problems of Flacco's abilities as a quarterback and Cameron's competence as a playcaller. Flacco's problems in that game were due to himself playing poorly. Cameron did a bad job of acknowledging and adjusting to the obvious case of Flacco having a very bad day. You're wrong if you think most people are blaming Cameron for Flacco's performance. That's just obviously not the reality of the situation. I'm certainly not blaming Cameron for "Flacco struggling in many facets" and if you think I am, then you clearly have problems understanding what I'm posting.
  3. I don't think its unrealistic or unfair to expect the Ravens to pass the ball more considering the weapons we've added. Throwing more isn't a problem.What was a problem was specific to the Week 2 game alone. Flacco was having a terrible game, and Cameron was too stubborn in insisting on sticking with the pass trying to get it working rather than going more heavily with the run which was both working and allowing us to run playaction which was the only times Joe actually was having success running the ball. Its entirely reasonable to expect the Ravens to throw more than they have in previous years with Flacco at QB and to expect them to have more success when they do throw it. Flacco should be improving even further beyond what he's already established himself to be which is a pretty good quarterback and he's got a lot more weapons around him.
  4. I'm saying is nothing you think you think about a guy's facial expressions, body language, moxie, or whatever is worth anything tangible if you've come to your conclusion based on only what you've seen in a few frames of the TV coverage.Whether a problem exists or not in this regard, and I'm not saying it does or does not, it's not something that fans watching on TV would ever be able to diagnose accurately positively or negatively. It's something that the team around him constantly can notice, but not a fan watching on TV with no context. If this is a "cherry on top" situation, and everything else is 100 times more concerning that seems like an appropriate weight to apply to it, but its disproportionate when you mention your perception of a "deer in headlights" look just as often if not more often than any other sort of physical critique of his performance.
  5. Yeah, you're hopelessly misinterpreting those posts.Not one of those is saying the reason Joe played poorly is because of something Cameron did. You're clearly putting something there that isn't if you think those posts are saying that Flacco struggled because of something Cameron did. Flacco had an awful game. Cameron didn't do anything to try and overcome that by throwing less and running more. Flacco performed awfully and that was entirely his fault. Cameron, independently, did a very poor job of recognizing what the hell was going on right in front of his face and adjusting the gameplan by running more late in the game and taking the ball out off Joe's hands.
  6. I'm very confident Joe can win most close games.But guys can have off days. That's exactly what I think yesterday was. Just an absolutely terrible day for him. I don't buy the arguments some have made that Joe has looked and played terrible for the past two years. I have confidence in him, but I'm also recognizing of the fact that he was terrible yesterday and Cameron should have adjusted. If Flacco continues to struggle, he'll be replaced. And if he fails, it will be entirely on his shoulders. The team and organization have built up everything around him that he needs. He's in an absolutely perfect situation that he should be able to excel in. I expect him to play very well for the remainder of the season. If he plays poorly, he'll be on the bench before too long. You are woefully misinterpreting things if you think most people are blaming Flacco's struggles on Cameron. That's obviously not the case, and anybody who does think Flacco struggled due to Cameron is clearly wrong. Cameron's stupidity yesterday was independent of Flacco's awful performance. It was stupid to not recognize Joe was having a bad game and stick with the run game that was working quite well and also leading to the limited success Joe did have through play-action passing.
  7. Changing the game plan on the fly during a game when things aren't going well is what we should have done yesterday.We shouldn't have to game plan around Flacco, or limit ourselves in any way because of him. If Joe can't do the things that Cameron asks of him, then we'll need another option. Yesterday was one game, and we should have realized Joe wasn't playing well and adjust accordingly. The correct argument that Cameron obviously should have changed things up and gone more to the run, especially in the 4th quarter is a different one than the also correct argument that at this point the offense should have no limitations due to Flacco. If we're dumbing down the offense for Joe, then Joe has failed, at least for the present. One bad game doesn't mean we need to start doing that, and we definitely won't be doing that next week or in the near future. But if he continues to struggle, you make a change at QB rather than reel in, simplify, or neuter the passing game to keep Joe comfortable within the offense and on the field. I'm perfectly confident that Flacco will have a good season and improve upon his already solid numbers from last year in the expanded passing game we should have this season given all our weapons. But if he doesn't, the first attempted solution is to change the quarterback rather than to go back to a restrained offense built around easy reads and safe throws like we had two years ago.
  8. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.It was insane to pass the ball as relentlessly as we did yesterday. I didn't have a problem with trying passing so much until the 4th quarter starter. We should have really been running the ball then. Before then there were reasons to believe Flacco was gonna shake out the cobwebs and play better, especially after the first drive of the 3rd quarter. But he followed that up with a couple really poor drives and when we did run, we had success. Continuing to throw so much in the 4th quarter when we were always within a FG until there were under 4 minutes left was just an embarrassingly terrible unwillingness for Cameron to adapt to the reality of the game in front of him.
  9. That's sort of a moot point, though. If Joe had played like an average QB we win the game easily and wouldn't have needed to run the ball more to have a better shot to win.The entire reason people are upset with Cameron is because he didn't respond to what was happening on the field with Flacco being so terrible. If Flacco hadn't played so terribly, then there wouldn't have been the need for Cameron to respond to it by going to Rice far more often.
  10. Wow, in the time it took me to dig up Miller's post yesterday making the same joke I thought you were making, you edited your post and make it seem like it wasn't a joke, but rather just a terrible opinion.Miller's post was the funniest thing to come out of an otherwise lousy day of football yesterday. Here it is for all to see again!
  11. I think its incredible silly to take so much meaning away from a guy's facial expression.Not saying body language and things like that don't exist, just that the possibility for misinterpreting something like that over a television broadcast massively outweighs any real information you could glean from it. You may think you learned something from what you saw on tv, but you really didn't, at least not anything meaningful.
  12. I thought it was really good, definitely will continue watching. Lot of stuff going on so its sort of tough to follow at first as you're getting used to the characters. Some of the shots and sets were absolutely marvelous, although I suppose with Scorsese directing that's to be expected.
  13. Its a fact that you are using as an excuse. Joe played terribly today. Nothing caused or influenced Joe to play badly other than himself. He was awful and it was entirely his fault. It doesn't matter that it was a good defense, that shouldn't make you feel any better about the way he played today, or limit any of the criticism.
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