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  1. Episode 76 - Enemy http://theredboxreport.com/e/76-enemy/ Also discussed: Barton Fink, Top 5 John Goodman Movies, What Richard Did, Milius
  2. Episode 75 - Joe http://theredboxreport.com/e/75-joe/ Also discussed: Top 5 Nicolas Cage Movies, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Apocalypse Now, 21 Jump Street
  3. Episode 74 - Her http://theredboxreport.com/e/74-her/ Also discussed: When Harry Met Sally, 22 Jump Street, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Neighbors, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Amores Perros
  4. Saw it last night. Very good. Maybe the second best of the series.
  5. Adam McKay doctoring the script, Paul Rudd in the lead, capable comedy director (I liked Yes Man and The Break Up). I feel like it'll be ok. Dance scenes can't be shot much differently than action.
  6. I loved this season and the finale.
  7. If anyone is interested you can vote for the top 10 Survivor players here: http://robhasawebsite.com/survivor-top-20-vote/ Top 20 revealed on his podcast in a few weeks.
  8. Great cast made for a great season. Every episode had either a blindside or something to enjoy.
  9. Episode 73 - Veronica Mars http://theredboxreport.com/e/73-veronica-mars/ Also discussed: Let the Right One In, Top 5 Foreign Films, Top 5 Exciting Directors
  10. Episode 72 - Devil's Due http://theredboxreport.com/e/72-devils-duee/ Also discussed: Top 5 Horror Movies, To Kill A Mockingbird, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Cheap Thrills, The Bicycle Thief, Days of Heaven, Whoop Dreams
  11. Episode 71 - The Monuments Men (with guest Tyler Smith) http://theredboxreport.com/e/71-the-monuments-men-with-guest-tyler-smith/ Also discussed: Paper Moon, Top 5 George Clooney Movies
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  13. Episode 69 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (with guest David Bax) http://theredboxreport.com/e/69-the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-with-guest-david-bax/ Also discussed: Top 5 Movie Sequels, The Way of the Gun
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