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  1. Yes - kudos to you for reminding us what you predicted. So I guess we "blame" BABIP, SSS, COVID19, team chemistry, youthful hubris, no hooch on the road 🥰, etc. for our record. I was hoping to "lose out" but I have to admit, last night's eruption was exhilaration and even with a 12 run lead I had to watch to the end because Sulser, Hess ........ and watching Iggi hobble around the bases on his homer and also trying to "leg out" a grounder in a game already won was really something!
  2. Yes I should have typed - the Rakuh!
  3. Bordy? Is that you? LOL Did I really hear, "Valaika, the Raker", from Bordy? Oh myyyyyyyyy!
  4. Last night he had a "brother in arms" with Chavis playing LF for the woeful Sawx - one ball clanked off his glove for an E and another catchable one flew just over his glove for a "double". Two good athletes proving that sports are not as easy as it might appear.
  5. bobmc

    Draft Order 2021

    Hoping to lose out with good starts from Kremer and Means and two dingers each from Mountcastle and Hays. The offense really misses Santander and Iggi. It sure would be fun to see Diaz in the OF with Mullins and Hays.
  6. I believe that "Loquacious" would be an apt name for @Philip. So many nicknames (Loco, QAnon, Oqua). And if that student later had a child so named, that child would definitely be unique (and hopefully not eunuch). Loquacious is a nice moniker. My apt name would be taciturn. https://www.scb.se/en/finding-statistics/sverige-i-siffror/namesearch/Search/?nameSearchInput=loquacious
  7. Wow! I would have loved York but not Smoky. To each their own. Wow - an E5 - great job. Ever get busted (in rank) for your lip? 😉 But back to the last 6 daze - no Valaika, no Severino, more Hays, more Tate, more Scott and more Harvey!
  8. Which prods the question - "Do we have a nickname for DJ Stewart other than Babe? I can think of reasons to use adjectives for his D. Perhaps "Boing"? Balls seem to bounce off his body and glove more robustly than a clank.
  9. Yes but Phil the Pill does not. I like Flip as a nickname for Philip.
  10. @Philip doesn't like "Phil". I wonder if Cornelius McGillicuddy changed to his nickname - "Connie Mack" because of a dislike for his surname and given name? Or was that just a snarky journalist like Damon Runyan making him more likable? Good point on the '14 Sawx - but I still see them as losers.
  11. Kind of in the mold of Juan Soto or Ronald Acuna? Yeah! If only youth weren't "wasted" on the young, we might have some "loud-tooled" dudes! But at 78, I hear ya! 😑
  12. Sevi being punished for the PB's? 😉
  13. I can't say but Roch had this:
  14. bobmc


    It's time for a pay wall so only Plus members get to read @Can_of_corn, @Frobby, @DrungoHazewood and Tony's take! Perhaps a NYC Gatorade lunch in cosplay with @OFFNY as a freebie. I am sure that Patrick will buy the bagels! 😎
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