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  1. I loved the Abbott and Costello bit!
  2. Wow! Insert dreamy eyes emoticon 😍. Your thread posts are alike to good prose with not an ounce of superfluity! And all written whilst wearing a smoking jacket with a glass of merlot in one hand! Here here! 👏
  3. He's becoming the "Iron Man" of our MiLB system. A feel-good story (like Mike Yaz) and hoping for that cup o' Joe!
  4. Ahh yes! Remember when @Luke-OH 's analyses yielded Nestor? His "jerky-jerk" delivery was not mesmerizing enough however. I miss those good times! 😑
  5. I'm sorry but I resemble that statement! 😝 Now back to the usual Rule 5 expert opinions! ⚾
  6. I must have had a baseball card for Sr. Miranda because I remember what I thought was his full name with madre's name attached. I was a NY Giant fan in 1954 (also orange and black) and one of my heroes, knuckle balling Hoyt Wilhelm, later landed with the Orioles. When I moved to DC area in '66, an office mate was a huge Oriole fan and I was converted easily to the new orange and black. Once the Giants moved to SF, I lost interest, even though Mays and McCovey were big in my heart.
  7. Guillermo Miranda y Perez!
  8. Another big time misstep by Elias - dang!
  9. I felt a "rude awakening" every time he hit it solidly - especially all of the doubles with his gimpy legs. Even with his injuries, he hustled down the line every time. So I will still not expect anything from him, but if he continues his "lucky streak", I will be amazed.
  10. RZ has mellowed? No! I am feeling a tete a tete with SG looming! 😂
  11. Gush! Sad that my mind will be "mush" when they will become ready for the show! Oh well but nice to dream on! Thanks!
  12. To be clear - was this journalism or "just sports writing"? I'm 77 and was alive for the series W's and L's, of course. I cannot remember one play clearly save for the Ron Swoboda catch in '69 when I was still considered a NY emigre to the DC area (arrived in '66 and bonded with an Orioles fan from GA) but fully freed from any NY fandom. I hated the Mets except for Choo Choo Coleman and Casey. And @Frobby, is your title to the thread NSFW? Axing for the sensitive Sams.
  13. Michael just saw stars! @weams #beast
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