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  1. Smooth delivery and arm/elbow in good position at delivery. Hopefully, his command evolves as he progresses. Do we thank Cal Maduro for him?
  2. @AZRon FTW! Thanks for all of the details and observations - intriguing! I await your analyses like I do perhaps @DrungoHazewood, @Frobby, @Can_of_corn, @Luke-OH and of course @Tony-OH. A diverse melting pot of stats, history, futuristic punditry, opinions and "good old baseball intellect" awaits each of our hot stove dreams! ⚾
  3. Yes too bad he couldn't mentor CD back to being a good hitter again. Trumbo still had a dangerous bat and barreled up many still. CD - not so much. (Edit: @Tony-OH will statcast me to death here but whatevs 🤣)
  4. That's why the broomstick worked. It was thinner and it was hard to "barrel" a ball without a barrel. The "eggs" I described were more the norm with a lot of mishits. When you finally squared one up, it did go though but they were rarer than 2019 MLB homers. Whiffle ball was fun in the driveway and as the "foreskin man" above described, was better in smaller quarters.
  5. And his stickball game is "jonronable"! Arriba! Only adds to the mystique ....
  6. Altuve goes down on a spinner! Or breakfast, lunch and dinner para Jose!
  7. I enjoyed that, but when we played stickball years ago during the last century, we had a large rectangular box (similar to the strike zone seen during games) on the wall of a schoolyard and threw a Spalding Hi-Bounce Ball at the box. The batter would use a sawed off broomstick and either swing or let the ball hit the box for a strike or miss for a ball. The best ones were when you mishit a ball so hard and with so much spin it was shaped like an egg and very hard to catch. Catch a grounder or a fly for an out - miss for a baserunner. Home runs were hit over buildings or fences or high onto a faraway wall. We usually played one on one. My friend Ted (who I played with during the late 1950's) advanced to play for the Dodgers AAA team (with Ron Cey et al) but contracted malaria during the war and never got past AAA. My idol during the fifties, Say Hey, famously played with local kids in NYC.
  8. Mountcastle McKenna 😁 Rutschman Rodriguez (R Boys) Hall and Hall (H Boys, Halls of Ivy?)
  9. The baseball "gods" are a weird and comical group of celestials! But we love them! Amirite? 😇 At least Austin got the golden out of the way fairly quickly in his career. CD was set up for another grand finale water bath and David Hess squandered that action (I know they have a plan for them though). And then Ryan Eades thought he was sorta kinda "all the way back" and slap! Glad I'm finding about it this am though. I watched until Shawn did his thing.
  10. In my fantasy, after hearing Mike's statement, Chris jumped to his feet and looked down at his diminished size. Mike stripped down to his karate ghi and assumed the warrior pose as they squared off. Chris responded, "Yes sir"! This may have happened in your fantasy also, but your "copy editor" had to reduce the size of the digital footprint. 😇
  11. Yes baby steps with a few W's. Yesterday's win was special with Means getting the win and Davis finally coming through. "Rocky" Bleier got his revenge and took some of the pressure away from his buddy Mike. I agree second place is the "promised land" for this season. "54 and hear the roar"! 🙌
  12. bobmc

    Attendance 2019

    No plans for Nats playoff games?
  13. Bookend W's from Opening Day to Closing Day with a few hiccups in between. How sweet it is and with Miami's W today makes 29th worst a little closer! 😅
  14. And with the water bath from Villie and DJ!
  15. Chris from the heart to all who supported him:
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