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  1. Wow! You young whippersnappers suck the life out of everything! I don't see stoics - I see wads of chaw in player's grill, pearls dangling before swine, bats flipping everywhere, umps missing calls, sunflower seeds spit on dugout floors, water going in and quickly spit out rather than swallowing. It's a cornucopia of action and style. I see donnybrooks and butcher boys and great pieces of hitting. I see wonderful, graceful catches, errors of commission and omission, dropped balls, bats splitting and balls hitting roofs and called dingers! True, one never knows when the action will occur
  2. Creed crushing and quoting Jeremiah.
  3. Not enough rain? Too cool? 🤪
  4. A feel good but interesting interview with Carter Baumler by @Eric-OH @Eric_Birdland on Twitter: Snippets “My health right now is right where I want to be. Just finished my throwing program with the Orioles down in Sarasota and now back for the off-season where I will continue arm and shoulder care along with a lifting program where I’m not limited from rehab anymore.” Eric - Going to watch games from the travel level to the bigs, I’m seeing lots of football throwing incorporated into drills and warm-ups, but also noticing so many two-sport athletes who are highly skille
  5. Thanks for this. I just donated. I have a friend who has worked with this organization for 20 years or so - great group! He did mention that Albert Belle was not his favorite player, however. 😇
  6. Rays scout getting a leg up for when we release him. 😇 His leg got tangled up however.
  7. Saguaros 😇. Imma set my alarm! @Luke-OH's boy Nick Vespi gonna shine!
  8. I won't be able to attend this memorial but told Denise that I plan to be at Siesta Key in February when she spreads his ashes on his birthday.
  9. So perhaps a destitute man's Chris Taylor? 😇
  10. Good choice! You got Gausman, Little Yaz and the black and orange! My WS winning '54 Giants from NYC had Hoyt Wilhelm, a later Oriole, and Jackie Brandt, to name only a couple. Go Giants!
  11. Here here! I read the minors report every day to get a summary and a link to all of the stats and box scores. Thanks Chuck for all that you bring! Bob
  12. I had heard Watkins, which is also raising the white flag, but Eshelman has made many homer-hunting young sluggers drool in the past, so we should be good!
  13. True dat but many docs believe that after 75 you don't need the PSA test since it is so "slow-growing". I had a good PSA in 2016 (at 73) and in five years my prostate was 40% cancerous. Is that "slow-growing"? If so, I probably wouldn't hit 80 (which is pretty good anyway) but just saying .... I have guys in my active FL community walking the golf course at 90 for nine holes. I did have my surgery in Columbus, OH because I was on summer hiatus and the biopsy left me little choice. Life is good!
  14. Wait a min - did you mean "olde"? Get your PSA's yearly boys! I failed to the past two years and it got me! I've been walking since they removed the catheter (😝). Today I plan to play just a few holes walking to see how everything reacts. So all good!
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