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  1. Really? I can just see you whining about that the next day. Off with their heads! 😊
  2. Perhaps but "Cutter" isn't looking good right now. 😊
  3. DD might have "packaged" Tilly and "Mauer w Power" for the comeback trail stroll through the minors for us. I mean Matt was a closer in college. Could he come back reimagined since he had his TJ already? But, I digress into COC spew .....
  4. To quote Scott Garceau, "Some times ya gotta play small ball, right Ben?" Big Ben, " How 'bout ya Freddie Galvis - his BA been rising!"
  5. There is no such thing as a pitching prospect - 😉

    1. Ruzious


      What's that in response to?

    2. bobmc


      Your detractor on the Bundy comment - a hint to his acronym.

  6. During telecast, Holt compared Don Cesar to Doug Jones and Big Ben agreed. His "dead fish" was elevated close to the surface last night but most of the dead fish I have seen float pretty good. 🐟
  7. Let's just say that Franco would not have fielded cleanly either. Manny and Arenado - sure! Pillar is an Oriole killer from way back as deigned by the "baseball gods". 😩
  8. Even Cora was impressed with "Lopie" (from Trezza's wrap): “He was really good, the best I’ve seen him,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said. “I know this kid from back home [in Puerto Rico], and he was amazing.” https://www.mlb.com/news/jorge-lopez-orioles-avoid-sweep-vs-red-sox?game_pk=634176
  9. Watching Valdez work his craft in the ninth was 🔥! Papa Frito likes to toy with his adversaries before making them succumb.
  10. Is Pat Valaika available? He looks good. Can McKenna hurl? ted by asterisk - can he pitch?
  11. Yeah tell me aboot it! I was never at Hank's level but I sniffed "greatness" by beating par once (on an easy par 72 course). Used to hit persimmon 6 wood 200 yards. Now big Titleist driver goes maybe 230 when I hit it on the screws. Alas! That was a fun time when we all did play so many years ago!
  12. Let's play two tomorrow! 27th man, Lowther gets to throw a Bumgarner no-no? Zach Mattson with his first taste? Only problem, that throws off Harvey's start in Queens ..... ⚾
  13. When's your tee time? Is the little one hitting wiffle balls yet? Have come within one of shooting my now senior age (77) each of the last few years - can't finish! Still carry for nine but I'm eroding! Mazel Tov!
  14. If Nicole Sherry stays, "No go!" do the conspiracy theorists say two games on Saturday help the pitching concerns of the last place Orioles? 🤩
  15. I love him too and it really doesn't sound like bragging when he does it IMO. He so matter of factly reports the facts. Just like when Mays told Dusty Baker that he couldn't hit a ball over his head in CF.
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