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  1. Not wishing to enrage @TonySoprano, but this thread is not 3 years old so ok, right? Here is a mic'd up version of Branden and random teammates shagging flies recently. Stay tuned for Mason W's great over the fence nab! Ironically he asks MW if he ever ran into a brick wall. btw @Legend_Of_Joey will be happy to see AW here making his cameo:
  2. Just think if Buck had brought him up for his cup o' joe at Fenway last season, without the juiced balls, as many of us wanted, he probably would not have set the world on fire. It would have been a nice touch, however. I'm glad he finally found his niche!
  3. I was looking for it and maybe @Luke-OH can refresh us but he said something like he made swing changes and with the juiced ball - his warning track fly outs are now reaching the seats. Obviously there is more to it than that but it will be interesting to see how he fares next year, wherever he plays. Here is Drungo's seat of the pants analysis and some stats from that same thread (p 86): "You don't kick yourself for not recognizing wildly out of character things that might happen in the future. Did the Red Sox kick themselves for missing out on Brady's 50 homer season? Do the Orioles kick themselves for not recognizing that Jose Bautista would go crazy six years after he was a Rule 5er? Last year Yastrzemski spent a month OPSing .603 in AA at the age of 27. The Giants picked him up because they were all out of outfielders so why not? Just as the O's did with Dwight Smith Jr. Nobody had a crystal ball, I doubt anyone saw the year of the superball coming." "Yaz is already in the top 20 homer seasons of all time by old (27+) rookies. That list is about 75% players who were stuck in Cuba, Japan, the Negro Leagues, or the old independent high minors prior to the draft era. Plus a few players like Josh Willingham, Christian Walker, Justin Bour, Garrett Jones, Brian Daubach. As far as I can tell everyone except Yaz on the list had a history of hitting for power wherever they were prior to their rookie breakout."
  4. He has already somewhere in the "How did the X-O's do after the purge thread".
  5. If they remove him early on Sunday to applause, you might have a newsflash! 🤠
  6. Was last night his final starting appearance at OPACY? Stay tuned. 😓
  7. It's nothing! Biceps still a little "tender". He'll be out there when we need a closer. 😇 💪
  8. Great news Chris! Your classic thread lingers on! 😍
  9. DREKTUNES (Chris Ehrich) reported that his wife Joylene had a medical emergency the other night but is out of ICU and recovering. Thanks!
  10. I know @Philip will be ecstatic to wave "bye bye" to Blach and welcome in more new "blood". 😇
  11. bobmc

    vs. TIGERS, 9/16

    Hunter Harvey Day! ⚾ 😍 🤩
  12. It's Hunter Harvey Day! ⚾ 😍 (That is unless the biceps barks!) 🐕
  13. Cough squeak - Attention ladies and gents, this thread is now closed! Drops mic ........😓
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