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  1. That might be a possible opportunity. I was thinking perhaps church work.
  2. His final album has some real tear-jerking songs that hit the mark about the aging process and the memories of those lost. He was definitely not far from my thoughts during this covid process. He even has a song about dying and the hereafter that makes you smile.
  3. I love this! I get that it's positive, obviously, but what exactly does "SS fielding runs" mean. Runs saved? btw - the Yanks and Jeter, Scooter, Kubek, etc?
  4. He had a nice run and was a good "ambassador" for the team. It's good to see newer faces IMO (which may come at a more reasonable salary 😉 ). I expect that he will find another fulfilling opportunity.
  5. As John Prine once said in "Angel From Montgomery", "the years go by like a broken down dam". I remember (yes 13 years ago) thinking that I had reached Ringo's refrain, "..... when I'm 64" and that felt old. Now I am olden and golden and still struggling to shoot my age in golf!
  6. I loved this quote - how many people combine all of these? RJ was a "larger than life" type of man and one we can all admire, IMO. “Being a Triple-A manager’s a difficult thing to do,” said Janish, now an assistant coach at Rice. “It’s just a difficult dynamic to kind of wrangle. He always did a pretty good job by being pretty blunt, pretty honest and pretty transparent, which I appreciated. Has anyone seen Buck's comments? I remember that they seemed close.
  7. Brob was one of those let go. I will miss him! But he remains as an "ambassador" as does Demper.
  8. Perhaps Britt can piggyback on your data for the Athletic? Kidding, of course, but thanks for the "expose' "!
  9. LOL - I was 40 years old and hardly remember a play 37+ years later. Tito Landrum? Joe Altobelli? Cal's catch for the last out? I got nothing. After 75, it's all mush. And a serious run in 2027, well how will my brain process that at 83?
  10. We haven't seen him much lately but I bet Brady could still be passable out there. 😍 And CLB would still be here with the same emoji dressing up her posts! (sic) B E L E I V E !
  11. A younger Tony "Walnuts", AKA Tony Sirico? (Ok I just wanted to post the photo of his dame.). He's a Calabrini not a Siciliano. @TonySoprano @Tony-OH
  12. His uncle (?) David pitched (pun intended) well carrying 3 bills or more right? I believe he had a no-no in da Bronx.
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