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  1. Nicely worded and conveyed - thanks! Life as we knew it has ceased to exist and a new paradigm is before us. Jayson Stark had a nice free column on the Athletic:
  2. Not to mention after the braintrust noodles some more! Stay healthy out there!
  3. We have definitely "bungled" our AB's!
  4. He starts Tuesday night so we shall see. View Comments SARASOTA, Fla. - Anthony Santander is expecting to make his spring outfield debut on Tuesday after serving only as the designated hitter in eight games. Orioles manager Brandon Hyde has been careful with Santander, who didn’t play after Sept. 23 last season due to soreness in his right shoulder. The former Rule 5 pick finally gets to wear a glove for the 6:05 p.m. game against the Braves in Sarasota. “I’ve been working on my strength so when the day comes, I’ll be ready and 100 percent,” he said this morning, “and that day is going to be Tuesday. I’m going to start playing. “I’m looking forward to it.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/03/santander-ready-to-make-his-move-into-the-outfield.html
  5. $50 K buys a lot of "cacahuate" (AKA PB) in the DR so why not? Agree with the remainder of your post and LOL'd a lot! 😄
  6. Castro with a near immaculate inning! 3 K's!
  7. With a middle name like Darwin, he is evolving as a rotation candidate for sure!
  8. Love these pesky O's!
  9. I enjoyed watching him and Le Blanc go at it before JV stole second cleanly on Sisco. Le Blanc almost picked him off with a quick move but just missed. JV really crushed that one off Hess, who looked strong and hit 93 often and dropped a few nice off speeds but they were all barreling him in spite of it. As I am sure Weams has noticed, Hess is huge. Hays looked great in CF tracking and diving for balls! I watched Adley take a few turns along with Iglesias and the ball looked different coming off of JI's bat today in comparison. He looks strongly built. Adley was working on singles and moving the ball around today.
  10. Nice little strike there!
  11. Steve Melewski has a nice writeup on Melanie Newman, who brings experience from MiLB, ACC, etc. to the table. @interloper "She’s had some nice chances along the way and feels ready to make her MLB debut. And she’ll work for the Orioles in a variety of roles on radio and TV. On opening day, she’ll be the sideline reporter for MASN. She said her schedule calls for her to be on radio for 58 games and for about the same total on television. “My first opportunity was with a Diamondbacks affiliate,” Newman said. “Then I ended up with the Rangers and then last year with Boston. I’m getting a lot of jokes now like I’ve jumped to the other side of the fence. But with how welcoming they have been and how much they want to utilize all I can do, I feel really fortunate. Every other opportunity I would think about and look at was having to choose. Do you want to be in the booth or on the sidelines? To do a bit of everything here and to really bring out the stories we’ll have this year excites me the most that the box doesn’t have to exist anymore.” https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/03/melanie-newman-to-make-os-broadcasting-debut-today.html
  12. Brett Hollander added and describes his duties: @scOtt
  13. JJ Hardy throws perfect CH to CD with Doc Shorebird taking the photo op Renato with the moon shot! Harvey to Wynns to Urena for the CS.
  14. Were you or anyone able to hear Melanie Lynn Newman on the broadcast (pun not intended). I see that she was on the radio feed not the tv.
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