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  1. So they couldn't have gotten Blitsko or both of the two HS'ers then right?
  2. Correct! That's the way I learnt it. But Dr. Phil @Philip should be the authority here and in order to avoid his usual pomposity (kidding kidding!), he abdicated! Actually according to the "Grammar Police", both answers are correct but technically "whom" is better but no-one says it that way. Technically, that "whom" is correct because it's the object of the verb. Yet almost no one would say it that way. Does that mean everyone's wrong? No. It means that, when the pronoun's at the beginning of a sentence, even the most formal writing can use "who" as an object. .http://www.grammarunderground.com/whom-vs-who-at-the-beginning-of-a-sentence.html So the OP should have said, "Whom is to blame?" wtf?
  3. Not a grammar specialist but shouldn't you have used "whom"? 😉. I'm here for being reprimanded by "TEECHUR".
  4. And Goliath with the beard ready to swat the snot out of straight FB's in his wheelhouse. BELIEVE
  5. They did report and CD is almost unrecognizable! And Hunter Harvey - flows along with Elias!
  6. Chumping/champing/chomping? LOL. Interesting point however. That would be gracious of the O's. Maybe for a prospect?
  7. FTFY as some have said.
  8. From Kid Rock's bar
  9. * Snitch alert! * Oriole fan in Nashville yesterday (among others) not observing the proper social distance! Note: from Twitter and too many political comments so link not included.
  10. Love your choices! Not sure if one incident qualifies, but I always loved Garry Templeton's remark on playing in the All-Star Game, "If I ain't startin', I ain't departin'!"
  11. Were they on some sort of payroll or not (I assume not)? As @scOtt said, I ass u me that when contraction became nearly final, they cut bait.
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