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  1. Yay for Kim Hyun-Soo!
  2. He's a good place holder for the Calvary - er - cavalry and good enough to send your boy Pat packing with full health insurance coverage and a little retirement pay. Thanks @Jammer7 for your concise summary of those good traits!
  3. Add Jack Fisher, Tom Phoebus and Milt Pappas (who was traded for your boy ) to the list of hurlers who have 3 straight scoreless starts of 6+.
  4. I enjoyed it muchly but when I gave my THUMBS UP, it was the first and there were two comments already and neither gave their thumb of approval. Why wasn't your thumb up shown Tony? Anyway, nice recap of @weams knowledge - I learned a few things and I am sure that @scOtt will have some commentary here. Thanks @NashLumber! Michael looks good!
  5. FTFY. I'm down for that - anyone else with me? 😇. I can live with playoffs in 2026 except for the aging part (at 83 am I senescent or just marginally so)?
  6. C'mon mannnnnnnnnnn! Nothing can make one root for the Yankees!
  7. What about failing to take@Frobby's "moral high road"? 😁 Could that be a repercussion?
  8. Rizer's catch after hurdling fence steeplechase style is pretty cool! @Frobby
  9. I ass U me that you mean Conner Greene. Excited to see the Dark Knight, seeing that he wasn't moved for a DSL'er. Big Tony is back! Pat the Bat and Sevi!
  10. With plenty of health insurance and retirement pay! Back to the Burch Society:
  11. I believe that you asked for more farm fodder, no matter who they were. Here he is! 😇
  12. And if that "night shift" gig comes through, I can continue this "hockey puck"!
  13. That explosive "Walk" off Dub last night inspired me! Lopie and Eshelman were quite the duo! Tanner @scOtt gets a much-deserved W! ⚾
  14. And Buck Britton has lost a few. Perhaps Hyder is saving his job? 😇 😉
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