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  1. Brob was one of those let go. I will miss him! But he remains as an "ambassador" as does Demper.
  2. Perhaps Britt can piggyback on your data for the Athletic? Kidding, of course, but thanks for the "expose' "!
  3. LOL - I was 40 years old and hardly remember a play 37+ years later. Tito Landrum? Joe Altobelli? Cal's catch for the last out? I got nothing. After 75, it's all mush. And a serious run in 2027, well how will my brain process that at 83?
  4. We haven't seen him much lately but I bet Brady could still be passable out there. 😍 And CLB would still be here with the same emoji dressing up her posts! (sic) B E L E I V E !
  5. A younger Tony "Walnuts", AKA Tony Sirico? (Ok I just wanted to post the photo of his dame.). He's a Calabrini not a Siciliano. @TonySoprano @Tony-OH
  6. His uncle (?) David pitched (pun intended) well carrying 3 bills or more right? I believe he had a no-no in da Bronx.
  7. Former Oriole, Hyun Soo Kim, might have some thoughts on the matter.
  8. Jesus (Reyes) was finally taken during this season of love and joy and his last name translates as kings! PTL
  9. Are you trying to get past the 5 page limit to win the bet with SG?
  10. Jay Gibbons, Flash, TJ Mac and Nestor Cortes bid good morning to you! 😍
  11. That reference reminded me of the daze when we used to "roster bate" on this very website. Ahh, the good ol' daze of *SG, RShack and John Domen! *Oh wait
  12. I had forgotten who she was and did some research and discovered she was that woman in Cool Hand Luke. I hope that I never forget that scene.
  13. Let's use my (admittedly ancient) eye test - "He did!" 😉 (One eye closed)
  14. Wow! Insert dreamy eyes emoticon 😍. Your thread posts are alike to good prose with not an ounce of superfluity! And all written whilst wearing a smoking jacket with a glass of merlot in one hand! Here here! 👏
  15. He's becoming the "Iron Man" of our MiLB system. A feel-good story (like Mike Yaz) and hoping for that cup o' Joe!
  16. Ahh yes! Remember when @Luke-OH 's analyses yielded Nestor? His "jerky-jerk" delivery was not mesmerizing enough however. I miss those good times! 😑
  17. I'm sorry but I resemble that statement! 😝 Now back to the usual Rule 5 expert opinions! ⚾
  18. I must have had a baseball card for Sr. Miranda because I remember what I thought was his full name with madre's name attached. I was a NY Giant fan in 1954 (also orange and black) and one of my heroes, knuckle balling Hoyt Wilhelm, later landed with the Orioles. When I moved to DC area in '66, an office mate was a huge Oriole fan and I was converted easily to the new orange and black. Once the Giants moved to SF, I lost interest, even though Mays and McCovey were big in my heart.
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