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  1. Adam Jones being protected from Orix Buffalo fans' adulation:
  2. Art Heyman, who went on to Duke and NY Knicks fame played goalie for my high school (Oceanside, NY) back in the day. He was decent for sure!
  3. Excited to hear your voice or rather read your thoughts on the GCL players. I look forward to seeing who comes over from the DR and elsewhere this spring and later in the year. Your responsiveness to questions has been meaningful as we miss the great @Luke-OH , who has provided much in the past but has moved on to bigger things. The GCL is the one link where we have lacked deep knowledge here in the past so carry on and welcome!
  4. Buck knows baseball and he listens to suggestions as shown here. ⚾
  5. You were just "itching" to say that weren't you?
  6. Is "Itchy" still on the radar? If so, I'm down! ⚾
  7. His "development arc" should rise majestically! Big things! OAA out the roof!
  8. I'm hoping for same from Cobb and Valdez this year! ⚾
  9. Did you toss it 60' 6"? btw - they used that very ball for nine innings! ⚾ I'm just imagining the effect on the OAA - sheesh! And the white tie and raised collar on Kennie! Impressive! 😎. Style points! I had another ironic thought about sign stealing, in general. It is an "accepted practice" in that both teams are always actively trying to steal the other team's signals. But if an offender is "caught relaying signs to his teammate", he is subject to being thrown at. Both teams do it, but both teams throw at the offender because it's "against the unwritten rules" which they are both breaking. wtf????
  10. Yes just joking with remorse.
  11. Whoops - I meant to add September of 2021. That is when we all start to weep. Apogee might reach its height in June or so? Then the cataclysmic arc downturn .....* *I jest of course
  12. Crickets *****. awaits @Luke-OH's reply ******. crickets. Alas t'will never come! 😪
  13. So the "arc" reaches its perigee (?) in 2021? ⚾
  14. Seguro que si! Let's give him the moniker "Exxon".
  15. @wildcard is (to paraphrase Larry David) "pithy pithy pithy good!"
  16. Chris Davis and wife down in the "Republica Dominicana" with Dominican youngsters as tweeted via Orioles PR Director Kristen Hudak:
  17. As an aside, it looks like he's trying to improve his "circle change". ⚾ Back to further discussions
  18. Ooooh! A slap at @Sports Guy? Just kidding Rob! 😂
  19. Yep, plus @Luke-OH to get with the detailed analytics sauce for which he is so famous! He's already schooled Armstrong. If Stevie had another MLB ready pitch, who knows? Boom! 💣
  20. LOL what was your old mantra - "Walk the walk if you talk the talk"? I need evidence! 😉
  21. BREAKING: NY METS GET THEIR MAN! Costanza to manage! Calzones to the pre-game buffet!
  22. This time from the Facebook page?
  23. If not for Alex Cora and them cheating Sawx, we might have won right? Asking for a Man (Fred). 😡 Question for @Frobby - should we now be awarded W's for all of the games that we played the 'stros and Sox in their home parks?
  24. I think that we should wait for more fallout from this "scandal". Other teams were involved for many years (cough Toronto cough). Once we had the CF cams and hd quality, this opened up a new world of deceit. This could get ugly.
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