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  1. Still, I think this is the number one reform I would make to organized baseball if I were in charge--more important than an electronic strike zone or enforcing rules against sticky stuff.
  2. Improving pitcher development by insisting on a uniform ball would have a bigger positive impact on small-market clubs that are more dependent on developing their own players. Big-market clubs can afford to sign veteran pitchers. So I can imagine disagreement among the owners about the urgency of a uniform ball.
  3. Is it still possible to trade players after the deadline if they pass through waivers first? If so, then that might be an avenue for trading Matt Harvey later on--if he continues to pitch well.
  4. Mancini is better at not having Pat Valaika run into him with the game on the line. Nevertheless, I would like to see Mountcastle get lot of reps there because that is his most likely long-term position.
  5. I don't think a 15th round pick is ever a bad pick--you don't expect much from a 15th rounder, so if they don't produce positive WAR it would be neither a good or a bad pick. A bad pick would be someone like Matt Hobgood--a high first round pick who doesn't turn into a productive major leaguer. The point is, what good does it do you to pick someone in the 15th round who turns out to scrap his way to a cup of coffee in the majors? I'm happy for the player, of course, but for the organization and its fans, what matters is positive WAR.
  6. I want the O's to win as many games as possible for the rest of the season, as long as their winning is being driven by good performance from Hays, Mountcastle, Urias and other relatively young players. I'm not too excited to see the O's lose draft position because Maikel Franco and Pat Valaika go on a tear.
  7. The O's aren't trying to contend, so they have the luxury of carrying McKenna as a fourth outfielder and seeing if he can get better. But no way does a contending team want to have a 4th outfielder who hits .200, even if his speed and defense are excellent.
  8. The 3 HBP suggest that you are correct.
  9. I saw a report saying that he was on the 60 Day IL, but not sure what the injury is.
  10. I agree with this. I wouldn't trade him just to save his salary but maybe they can get a bullpen prospect. All it takes is one (or better, two) contending teams that think he's turned the corner and can be a decent back-end starter down the stretch.
  11. As Satchel Paige never said, "Don't look ahead, someone may be falling back towards you."
  12. The only one we need savings for is this guy:
  13. My definition of a good pick is someone who provides positive WAR at the major league level. Of course that implies that most picks are bad picks.
  14. If the O's don't start seeing improved results from their pitchers soon, Holt is not going to have a very long run.
  15. I agree that they might not be that good, but I think it's clear they were rushed, if you believe that a player should show competence if not dominance at AAA before being promoted to the majors--which should be a requirement for pitchers at least, given the quirks of the baseball.
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