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  1. Thanks for posting this, very interesting. I was intrigued by the notion that not all high strikeout rates are created equal--if you strike out a lot because you are chasing too many bad pitches, that can be fixed, but if you strike out a lot because you miss lots of pitches in the zone, then you're probably doomed. Intuitively it makes sense, but has this idea been tested and verified in the sabermetrics literature?
  2. I would like to see a team give a September roster spot to a little person whose sole job would be to draw a walk in clutch situations (to be immediately be replaced by a pinch runner). If the bases were loaded and it was a tie game or a one-run deficit, wouldn't someone like Eddie Gaedel be the best player you could possibly send to the plate?
  3. The one thing that would make me feel even better is a return to form by John Means on Tuesday night.
  4. Where did this guy come from? Has he been pitching in Mexico or overseas all these years? According to BB-Ref he pitched in MLB as far back in 2010 and as recently as 2017, without much success and never more than a cup of coffee. He's great fun to watch. I don't think he ever throws a fastball. Everything is slow or slower, but he gets lots of movement and throws strikes. He seems unflappable, befitting a 36-year old baseball lifer who's probably seen it all. I see no reason not to give him the chance to win the closer job for the rest of the year and going into next season. He strikes me as a folk hero in the making.
  5. This team reminds me of an essay Bill James once wrote about the Ken Phelps All-Stars--a dream team built entirely from overlooked players, castoffs, cheap available players with talent who never got a fair chance. The O's deviate from this formula a bit because they have a few home-grown prospects like Mountcastle and Akin, but most of the team is guys like Ruiz, Alberto, Nunez, Santander, Severino, Valaika, Valdez, Wojciechowski, and Eshelman--castoffs who the O's got for cheap and who are getting their first real chance in the majors. If you aren't going to contend for a World Series, the next best thing as a fan is to watch a team filled with young men fighting to establish themselves, and in some cases succeeding. Aside from Alex Cobb and Chris Davis, nobody on this team has ever gotten a big contract, and that includes guys who are over 30, like Cesar Valdez.
  6. Castro has electric stuff--tons of velocity, tons of late movement. Until this year, his stuff didn't lead to success due to poor command--too many walks, too many fat pitches. He started to harness his stuff this year, and if the improved command sticks he is going to have a nice career going forward. He was a pleasure to watch this year.
  7. I hated the Villar trade at the time and I still do. I didn't mind the idea of trading him--the O's should be all about trading older, established players to acquire prospects and to clear more playing time for young talent--but you need to get more than a token prospect like Easton Lucas for someone who was your best position player in 2019. If you don't get a reasonable offer in the off-season, you hold on to Villar and trade him next year at the deadline. I don't blame Elias for that trade--he had his legs cut out from under him by the front office, who made it very clear and very public that they would not pay an arbitration-level salary for Villar.
  8. I can see wanting to give Dwight Smith more of a look. He's in his second full season of MLB and there's a chance he could improve at the plate enough to be a reasonable DH option. But Chris Davis is just a disaster. He can't even play average defense anymore and his bat is the same limp noodle it's been for the last 2+ seasons. There is no justification for keeping him on the roster and in the lineup at Mountcastle's expense.
  9. Just think, if Mike Matheny was still their manager, the Cardinals would have gotten the virus from going to church instead of a casino.
  10. I'm very happy with the way Hanser Alberto has played this year, but I don't think he's been a more valuable player than Aaron Judge so far this season.
  11. Every homer he hits is more evidence that he made an adjustment in the middle of last season that has permanently boosted his power. The second-half-of-2019 Ruiz is a viable major league player, something I would not have said in the first half of last season. I'd like to see him get some chances against LHP (he sat in favor of Valaika against Martin Perez on Saturday).
  12. Throws pretty hard, looks like he has good command, and his stuff induces ground balls. The Rays made a mistake leaving him exposed and credit to Elias for taking advantage.
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