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  1. Too soon to bring up Rustchman. He has only about a dozen games' experience above low-A ball. If he plays well at Bowie, you can promote him to Norfolk in July and give him a cup of coffee in September. Jones and Bannon can be promoted sooner--I'd like to see them play better (and in Jones' case, get healthy) in Norfolk first, but there's nothing at the major league level holding them back. Promoting Jones and Bannon would have the beneficial side effect of making room at Norfolk for Terrin Vavra and Patrick Dorrian, who look like better prospects than Jones and Bannon.
  2. The final score of the game was 13-12 (in 10 innings). I think it's safe to say that there was a hitter's umpire behind home plate today.
  3. I see nothing wrong with focusing on prospects as the way to rebuild a small or mid-market club. The last time the O's had to rebuild, they kept signing guys like Albert Belle and Miguel Tejada trying to compete, but they didn't have enough young cost-controlled talent to support their stars, and they wound up with 13 straight losing seasons. Unless you are a big market team like the Dodgers or Yankees, you can't spend enough on free agents to compete without having a core of talented homegrown players. So it makes sense to build up the farm system first and wait until your young core is competitive to add free agents to put you over the top.
  4. I find myself spending more time on milb.com than following the O's these days. GrayRod with 11 K's! More big nights from Terrin Vavra and Gunnar Henderson!
  5. I would like to see Bannon get a shot and I would like to see the back of Ruiz, whether it's tomorrow or later this month. Ruiz has had a fair opportunity in Baltimore and he just hasn't progressed as a hitter.
  6. I know people pay a lot of attention to defensive shifts and to our improved ability to measure the impact of defense on run prevention, but if defense is taking away more hits, shouldn't that show up in the numbers on defensive efficiency? I played around with this data a couple of years ago (I think I posted on it even), and I found no upward trend in overall MLB defensive efficiency over the last 20 years or so.
  7. I was about to start a thread about Dorrian--his slash numbers (.417/.533/1.083) are the best in our system now, and his K/BB is only 7/5. He put up some good numbers in the Pirates system before he was the PTBNL in the Yefry Ramirez trade. He didn't do much at Frederick in 2019. Any reports on his fielding? Sure would be great if Dorrian and Vavra could force themselves into the O's plans at 3B and 2B by the end of the season.
  8. I think the root cause of the rise in strikeouts is that pitcher training and development has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. I'm sure average fastball velocity has jumped substantially at all levels of baseball over the last decade. Pitchers can go to Driveline over the offseason and add 3 MPH plus better movement. The launch angle revolution has also contributed to rising strikeouts, but I see that as an optimal response by hitters to the increase in pitcher velocity and movement, rather than an independent factor. As it becomes harder to hit for average, it becomes harder to score runs by stringing singles and walks together, making it more important to hit home runs. Lowering the mound helped after 1968 and I would try that again before I'd try moving the mound back. Pitchers have spent all their lives learning to throw from 60.5 feet; I don't see how they could adjust to throwing 62 feet, especially for breaking balls.
  9. I don't understand why Hyde keeps putting Severino in the 4 or 5 hole. The man has 2 RBI all season. His OPS is below .600. I know the O's don't have a lot of great options for the middle of the order right now, but Severino can't possibly be the right answer.
  10. And that's not even considering Hernaiz, who I also consider to be a prospect.
  11. I think John Means is the best starting pitcher the Orioles have had since Mike Mussina. Having said that--should the O's be open to trading him if they could get a package similar to what the White Sox got for Jose Quintana a few years ago (four players headlined by Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease)? At the time, Jimenez was the Cubs' top prospect and a consensus top-10 prospect in all of MLB, and Cease was the Cubs' number 2 prospect.
  12. I'd love to see a breakout from Elio Prado, the OF prospect we got from Boston in the Andrew Cashner trade. He hit .300 with good plate discipline stats as a 17-year old in the Dominican League in 2019. It would be great if he could make a successful transition to the States this season.
  13. Given how much our offense is struggling, why not bring up Valaika for Urias and give him some starts at 2B? Galvis is playing every day at SS and if he gets hurt you can always call up Martin or someone else.
  14. Either Lopez or one of the Rule 5 guys can go in my opinion. Not sure what the point is of having two 26-year old Rule V pitchers taking up space on the roster. Are middle relief prospects such a rare commodity that we need to stockpile them?
  15. To me Ramon Urias' at bat against Diekman in the 9th inning summarized the O's biggest problem: lack of plate discipline. Diekman didn't throw a single strike (including the one the umpire called) and yet he struck Urias out on four pitches. Aside from DJ Stewart, the O's have nobody who has any command of the strike zone.
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