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  1. There's no question my son is my best friend. He's a quiet, long-haired dude walking around the UD campus in Newark, DE and is about to declare as a Philosophy major. He's been through some stuff over the last few years. He tells me he really likes My Chemical Romance and starts recommending albums and songs. So, I listen. I discover they're considered "emo," which I honestly knew little about over the past what? two decades. Cuz I'm old. I start listening to 'Welcome to the Black Parade'. Pretty amazing for an old Zep head. I see why "kids" fell in love with the emo thing, and I gues
  2. That's pretty neat. A good way to respect a young man. If there is a trip or falter, then you adjust the message slightly. Different sports world out there. I like it.
  3. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday! Be well.</p></p></p>

  4. Can I just say it coc? You will kiss the butt of a regular and attack with passive aggression someone less. You are the epitome of pathetic. Have a nice life. I'm done with you.
  5. I might have this one. Drungo was being sarcastic.
  6. Shoot sorry. It was actually pretty clear what you meant.
  7. Well jeez dan-O, that sounds dumb, no disrespect. You think our beatwriters haven't noticed this? C'mon, don't attack murph.
  8. Front Offices are not missing anything about Peguero (unless they're being led by Syd Thrift). I fear something bad.
  9. Sandiego, it means a whale's vagina. Seriously, Roch tweeted I think that he's not aware of any injury. Betcha it gets outed in the next couple of days. Has he really not played for a week?
  10. <p><p><p>For sure man. Cheers!</p></p></p>

  11. Bobby Bundy Dylan Bundy Bob Dylan Just sayin'
  12. I would completely surprised if Flaherty "broke out" and established himself as a regular. I get that his defense was way better last year and that he hit well in the second half in limited action. He'll hopefully be a suitable utility player for a few years IMO. But we'll see. This will be his next three four months to show what he's got. I suspect it will be what we've already seen.
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