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  1. I think Britton has the inside track on Hunter's job. Eveland is setting himself up for whenever there is an injury.
  2. That's arguable. He can be good, but I don't feel that he always is. So he's inconsistent.
  3. So you are comfortable giving a player--with a barely above-average career OPS+, whom hasn't topped an .800 OPS or .335 OBP or 25 homers or 36 walks in a season except for his 2012 paces through two months, and is an inconsistent defender--$120 million dollars until he is 35?
  4. With the 6 1/3 innings tonight, that gives him 50 IP on the year. That surpasses the 49 2/3 from last year. His ERA last season was 2.2-times higher than it is right now. He has the same number of strikeouts, five fewer walks...along with 23 fewer hits and only five homers compared to 18 in 2011.
  5. Would you really consider La Liga elite? I don't know much, but everything I hear is that the league is essentially the Yankees, the Red Sox and a choice of eighteen International and Pacific Coast League clubs. Do those two bring up the level enough for the entire league?
  6. Been a while since anyone discussed this show around here...so long it's now GONE! Fantastic way to go, though. Ended exactly as it should have.
  7. C'mon man, didn't you watch House last week? Guys with cancer get any chicks they want.
  8. Wait...who thinks they are playing in Maryland? They're almost three miles in the District.
  9. Some, if they are still in good condition, might be used again (like when the umpire puts a ball back in his bag). Mostly batting practice, though, or the bullpen, or other non-game events on the field.
  10. That doesn't make what I said irrelevant. Griffith giving up Baltimore would be like the Orioles giving up rights to a new team in Charlotte: technically it was within the territory decreed in the rules, but there was no upside to vetoing the move. Whereas when the Nationals came calling, the Orioles had thirty years of radio and television rights and a significant portion of their fan base coming from that part of a much more interconnected region. So there was no upside to allowing a move.
  11. There were a huge number of changes over that 50-year stretch. Baltimore and Washington were far more distinct regions back then. Even though DC's civic population was at ~800,000, Baltimore still outpaced them by ~150,000. There wasn't any real radio money, let alone TV money, affecting where teams would play. There wasn't any real Senators' fan base in Baltimore, either. There is far more to it than simply one team had veto rights and the other didn't.
  12. Absolutely. If you're down 6-0 it is unnecessary, and makes you look bad, but it is never against any rule.
  13. Bob Davidson has an annual fight with Joe West for the title of worst umpire in baseball. At least while Country Joe is more of a bumbling fool, Davidson is just an incompetent jackass.
  14. First off, six seasons and a movie! Second, last night was fantastic. Even if it came from NBC's incompetence, getting three new episodes of a show on the same night to end a season is a hell of a way to go out. Third, out of Parks and Recreation, Community, and 30 Rock, only the latter show is a goner. The other two can get full-season orders (in fact, P&R did) and will go on as long as ratings allow. Hell, with Community moving out of the shadow of the least-funny comedy on TV, even to Friday at 8:30, it might get a bump.
  15. Also, I can't be sure of this because I'm not privy to the numbers, but it seems like the sign-ups at BS&L have spiked over the last day. Considering Tony's opinion of all of the OH bashing at The Sun and elsewhere (that it draws more people here than otherwise would read, many of whom join), I find that pretty amusing.
  16. I wonder who would be the top seed for each group?
  17. That was beautiful. Even though I have Melancon on my fantasy team, seeing him walk off after giving up three homers to that chorus of boos (after more boos accompanying each homer) made my night. Almost could have made up for an Orioles loss
  18. That's not at all true. http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/BAL/2005-schedule-scores.shtml They were getting 35,000 a game for a weekend series against Detroit in late May, then coming off that long road trip through the first half of June they essentially sold out those Rockies games. They also got almost to 48,000 as late as August 1. Winning is what will bring people back. It might take a bit longer due to past fake-outs (like 2005), but if the team is above .500 in July and August you'll start seeing bigger crowds, and in September maybe some sell-outs.
  19. They really should have had Roethlisberger modelling those. Maybe Joey Porter for some historical flair.
  20. C'mon now. If you had to put up with a night of him accidentally calling you Alex, you'd want a free autograph, too.
  21. Cut me off on I-95 and you might find out.
  22. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=foxhole
  23. If Carl Weathers and Matthew Lillard want to get drunk together, who are we to say otherwise?
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