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  1. I don't think so... a lot will depend on which other picks we can sign by 8/17.
  2. Got a feeling AM visited that house well before dealings GS to LAD.
  3. A very good move by AM. As I've been saying I just wish he would do more. I'm not sold on Bell at 3B nor switchhitting but the kid is still very young. An important part of the trade that is being overlooked is the fact LAD is picking up the remaining $1 million of GS contract. Hopefully we'll use it to sign some of those prospects. The bad part is I'm not sure I can stomach Dave Johnson now.... just kidding.
  4. There is not one player in our system who you could plug into closer and expect to be successful 4 out of 5 times. Plug in all the suspects you want but we don't have that player.
  5. I would trade him as long as it's for a young major league ready player like Wood. I'd pass on Bell. It he does trade GS it's doubtful he can orchestrate any other moves at the same time.
  6. As bad as this team is right now a quality closer doesn't matter. Just hope he brings back someone to fill a hole in Baltimore for 2010 because dealing sherrill creates another large one.
  7. I'm not sure AM works fast enough to complete anything by Friday. No way there is multiple transactions. Got to believe he's thinking about the "real" trade deadline.
  8. I don't believe we're trading Scott... What the Cleveland get for Garko>
  9. Personally I don't care if Givins signs or not. I believe he wants mid 1st round $$$. Take the compensation pick in 2010 and move on with signing some of these other kids.
  10. Problem is most of these kids are being advised by someone who is really out of their league. Pre draft parameters are set then some Bozo gets involved and gives the kid some bad info. Tells ma a lot about integrity.
  11. Did anyone actually think we'd sign this guy? Not one interantional free agent signed. Zippy!
  12. I believe our revenue flow is closer to the $100K a month than food stamps.
  13. I really believe the O's need to begin looking into trading some young suspects for other needs. I look at it like this.... say we have 15 young pitchers who are all decent prospects. At this point all would have some sort of trade value. We would be taking advantage of those assets in some way. Now lets say we do nothing and wait to see if they are productive at the major league level or flop. If productive we've taken advantage of those assets. If they flop which most will we end up with nothing for those assets. Our talent projection seems to be lacking in some area. Too many guys like Ril
  14. If you had the chance to grab a long term, young 1B, SS or 3B what young pitching would you give up in return? What pitchers would you not trade no matter what?
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