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  1. mefogus


    May I ask what you're using for replay? :f
  2. I think I agree with everything you've written, especially the quoted part. I take a softer stance on the Vlad signing, but my leaning is generally that it was unnecessary. But at least it wasn't crippling. After 1,000,000 bad seasons in a row I suspect my expectations have been dampened. :-(
  3. Yes, but as you like to point out you've been here for years and years and have almost 100k posts. My predictable reaction(s) contribute far less to the mindless buzzing.
  4. As is your reaction to its predictability.
  5. Probably not, but it was nice to improve on some massively glaring holes at multiple positions. In some universes, a baseball move is worth 2 cents if it doesn't make any team a penant contender.
  6. Sheesh. You've built quite a defense there. I like how you threw that last line in so nonchalantly. ;-) Here are some players who showed very little power early in their careers and went on to have big homerun numbers seemingly out of nowhere: - Adrian Gonzalez - Jose Bautista - Mickey Tettleton - BJ Surhoff (whoops steroid era) - Lou Gehrig - Davey Johnson - Duane Kuiper Of course none match the precise Bagwell profile that you demand.
  7. As far as I can tell your circumstantial evidence boils down to: - Others guys used PEDs during the same era (actually it seems that many prominent names in the steroid era passed through Houston) - Bagwell's power increased - Bagwell got more muscular It's hard to fault you with your line of thinking, many people develop strong opinions based on far less. I'm not willing to condemn him based on speculation because the counter-evidence is just as compelling: - His power spike is not unusual among great players - He never tested positive - He was not named on the Mitchell report - None of the outspoken whistle-blowers have named him - People who workout like crazy get bigger and stronger If Bagwell does not deserve to be listed among the great players then none of the players from that time should be either for the same flimsy reasoning. We can never know for sure if any given player didn't take steroids, so they're all tainted. Imagine if life worked this way.
  8. Only if they are very very lucky, or smart.... We're screwed. :-( I assume you've read this? http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/the-worst-contract-extensions-in-history/ :F
  9. I can't say that I am terribly surprised by the news that he signed elsewhere. I think the Sox got a pretty good deal. I kinda laughed a little bit when I read about the Orioles' offer. I like Dunn having watched him the past two season in DC... it was almost like he was hitting (and trying to catch) golfballs out there. I'll (also) reserve judgement on this offseason until later, but I must say the tidings are bleak so far. I'm a positive guy though.... and I'll keep repeating that until I believe it. ;-) :F
  10. Well, that's how forum-baseball works right? You sign the best-possible player available at any given moment. Then when someone else becomes available you trade that first guy for some superstar or high draft-pick and sign the second guy. This can be done over and over right up until the trade deadline. I mean seriously, these are not human beings we're talking about -- they're stats -- and any way that you can increase stats, even slightly, is fair game. :F
  11. Yes. They have a team of full-time staffers writing all of the zeros in the salary. They should be done any day now. :f
  12. Easy. Everyone knows that the team has been screwed up royally since 1996 (or so), the only questions were in the details. I never said that the details were good, I only said that they weren't as bad as I expected. Are you privy to my expectations? :f
  13. Hmmm, the situation is not as bad as I thought, believe it or not. :f
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