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  1. He was at Delmarva for about three games before Bowie - while there he hit the season's longest home run (430') for the Shorebirds.
  2. Every year for the past decade I guess on the Delmarva Shorebirds break camp roster before it is released. My best year was 75% correct and my worst was 45%. This year will be more difficult as 1) no minor league season in 2020, and 2) less info leaking out of Twin Lakes in Sarasota as to how spring training is going. But here goes: catcher: burgess, cody roberts, yett infield: g. henderson, hernaiz, joey ortiz, daschbach, mayo, carmona outfield: haskins, sparks, zach watson, janvrin, louis gonzalez pitcher: peek, magee, hammer, brinovich, roth, strowd, mclarty, lyons, le
  3. Texas Rangers have released their breakcamp rosters. For the last few years they have been the first team to reveal who will be on their farm teams. Most major league teams release rosters about 4-5 days after Texas.
  4. If there were a 'Team Hotsheet' the Delmarva Shorebirds would be number 1. They have the best record of all the minor league teams at 9-1 and a .900 W-L per-centage! Harrisburg follows with 10-2.
  5. From a visit to Port Charlotte where the low A/high A Orioles played the Tampa Rays minor leaguers on March 21st: Sparks, dh, Fisher ss, Zoellner 1b (had homer), Yahn 3b, Jayne lf, Denning catcher, McLeod 2b, Brown rf, and Truitt cf (another homer). Pitchers were Leonardo Rodriquez, Stauffer, and Litscher. In the other game: Grenier ss, Fregia 2b, Encarnacion 3b, Roberts rf, Alexis Torres dh, Woody 1b, Ferguson cf, Ringhofer catcher, Thorburn lf. Pitcher noted was Peluffo
  6. Willie Harris - Delmarva around year 2000 - did somersault in midair sometimes when coming off field between innings!
  7. From Delmarva: Tim Naughton and his 97 mph fastball, and Kirvin Moesquit with his league leading 29 stolen bases.
  8. Curran's home run was a 412 foot shot to straight away center field.
  9. More on Kirvin: not defensively gifted and does not have super range on defense. Never the less, he is the most interesting guy on the Shorebird's roster. Is short and crouches to further reduce the strike zone, chokes up on the bat with two strikes, is the only Delmarva batter not to use batting gloves, speaks four languages (he's from Curacao), and is a absolute rocket on the basepaths.
  10. Moesquit's 1st at bat Friday (May 4) at Perdue Stadium: well hit ball to left field, left fielder Angomas and center fielder Heliot Ramos collide leaving both prone for several minutes as ball dribbles to wall, Moesquit rounds the bases for his inside the park homer - lucky Moesquit and unlucky outfielders. Moesquit's 2nd at bat: dribble single, to second with stolen base, to third on infield grounder, then a grounder to 3rd baseman who looks at Moesquit and freezes him, as soon as fielder throws to 1st Moesquit dashes for home and slides head first over the plate beating the 1st base
  11. catcher: Shaw, Fajardo, Llewellyn infield: Gassaway, Laurino, Montcastle, R.Andujar, Austin Anderson, A.Juvier, Turbin outfield: Stewart, Mullins, Mckenna, and Heinrich pitchers: O.Peralta, L.Leyva, Cleavinger, Fenter, Meisinger, C.Alvarado, Seabrooke, Flaa, Turnipseed, Grendell, P. Baker, Strader, B. Gonzalez, and Lin. Do this projection every year and always get within the 50%-75% range correct. Hoping I can beat last years score of 61%
  12. BaseballAmerica ranked Quincy as the Pirate's 22nd best prospect back in 2008, giving positive remarks on his speed and athleticism.
  13. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  14. Redemption tonight(July 20th) for Yermin. In the 4th inning he made an error that resulted in 2 runs for Greensboro - the games only runs going into the 9th. With two on base, Yermin blasted a triple to right center field making the score 2-2. He then scored the winning run on a walk off sacrifice fly. Yermin's magic continues...
  15. For another Shorebird fan's take on who will open the season at Delmarva go to monoblogue.us and read the four page article "Whom might be the Shorebirds? 2015 edition".
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