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  1. Good question! They may be likely to go with 4-8 regional divisions.
  2. No not shorter careers. But the DH types would most likely get crowded out of 1B by the newer younger models. With only so many first base slots to chose from. That while not being a definite is a very likely scenario.
  3. Touche'! But not historically I surmise.
  4. Not really dumb by the premise that he most likely would have had a shorter career if not for the DH.
  5. I don't have the numbers in front of me and probably never will. But my feeling is the O's have died more by the Paul Molitor's of the world than they have lived by the Harold Baines'. O's DH's have almost always been below league average. I'd much rather an easy out in the other lineup along with shorter games.
  6. I think I'm in the ultra minority in wanting the AL to go back to pitchers hitting. Not so much for the pitchers having to know what getting hit with a pitch is like. But mainly if a team wants to carry an all bat an no defense guy. I think they should have to pay the price for it.
  7. I really hope Sisco tears it up this year. Making the decision making all the easier for the O's. Not that keeping him(Rutschman) in the minors this year is a hard decision.
  8. While he doesn't have the greatest lifetime k rate. His career k to bb ratio stands at almost 4 to 1.
  9. Samantha Fish isn't a country artist. But this is a pretty darn good country song.
  10. Just meant the best defensive players and ground ball pitchers available at any given time. Whether it be from the minors, minor trades, or free agency. Nothing that would set the team back very much. For a short period of two to three years. While the rebuilding plan takes hold.
  11. I had the idea last season of getting the best defensive player at every position. Then acquiring a handful of ground ball starting pitchers to bridge the gap until the minors league pipeline starts going. It went over like a lead balloon though.
  12. Stranger things have happened in the universe. But it's highly doubtful for the director of scouting to be the mastermind of a cheating ring.
  13. Yes this more than anything! The way they get tossed around sometimes I wonder if they lock up the weight room on them a couple days out of the week.
  14. Not unless each team has a Bigbie that turns states evidence to avoid tougher charges.
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