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  1. OsEatAlEast

    Space Cadet

    Ever played Stellaris? I know you were into Civ, this game takes society building to a grand scale. It does have a pretty steep learning curve. Which is good for the brain. I definitely needed that!
  2. I think that's how the world in general works. The needs of the few outweigh the many.
  3. Here I always thought it was because of their red coats back in the days just before the revolution. A slight of sorts aimed at their hoity toity perception. Nothing better than likening them to a bottom feeder to knock them down a peg.
  4. Please delete/merge if this has been posted before. Pretty interesting article on spin rate. But not so much for pitchers as it is for hitters and the record amount of homers last year. It's mainly interesting to me because it is contrary to what I had previously thought. I always thought the more backspin the better when it came to homeruns. Apparently not! https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/home-runs-are-soaring-could-declining-backspin-be-a-factor/
  5. Hence I said "Sometimes I wonder". You can't just write it off like some teams weren't using tech to cheat. We just don't know how many. O's should to look into using a Caesar cipher just to be sure.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if the O's pitching staff was so bad because of the tipping of pitches through tech. With the league at least giving lip service to it. Maybe all the homers O's pitching gives up will subside. One can hope I guess.
  7. Oceania I think is what your thinking of. Et in Arcadia ego is a painting by Nicolas Poussin with four men next to a tomb. Translated it is "Even in Arcadia, there am I". The translation isn't wholly agreed upon though. Arcadia in antiquity is often referred to as the utopian agrarian society.
  8. Interesting, I'm a sucker for sci-fi themed games so I'll probably pick this up. Wonder if they just expanded on the idea in this Failure video. BTW thanks for posting all of this Elbren!
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