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  1. I kept waiting for some play action or draw plays. That's football 101 when dealing with over zealous LB's and DE's. Make them think you're passing when you're running and running when you're passing.
  2. I was definitely not impressed with the red zone play calling for Maryland. You have to use misdirection once in a while with over aggressive defenses.
  3. The title made me laugh. But alas I'm torn as I don't like the thought of losing for better draft picks. It is what it is though, the nature of the beast.
  4. Since he's only 24 there is still a little time for him to come around. I kind of see him being like Alex Gordon of KC at least offensively as far as being disappointing at first. I also think he'll hit enough to warrant a mlb roster spot fairly soon.
  5. What kind of Bad News Bears lottery would baseball have to hit to see two teams this bad on defense? Lol!
  6. You mean there are two teams this bad!?
  7. I don't know if I've ever seen a team less interested in having good defensive players at every(any) position.
  8. Bundy throws the best bp curveball I've ever seen.
  9. I'm all for letting Elias' plan unfold. Wasn't saying sinkerball pitchers across the board. Just one or two. See if a guy like Hess can throw one maybe. It couldn't hurt at this stage of his career.
  10. Didn't Tony Batista hit 12 hrs in one year for the Blue Jays against us?
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