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  1. Still I would have liked them to have made at least a competitive offer. I think he would have stayed if the O's would have come close to Yankee money. The O's I think had the inside track. But that's water under the bridge and what not.
  2. One of my examples would be Andrew Miller. It would have been a great trade had they held on to him. He was one of the best relievers in the game at the time. It's just in my mind that if you think enough of a guy to trade for him then they should be thought of as part of your future. JMO
  3. If only Duquette was a Pat Gillick type that held on to prospects. Never agreed with a model of trade prospects for a playoff run and then let said player you traded for go the next season.
  4. Not going to lie. I get some of my ideas from this channel.
  5. From the why didn't I think of that dept. Guess light pressure works best judging by some of the smashed tomatoes. I'm making chicken caprese tomorrow so it will be the perfect thing to try this on.
  6. I can't eat them often but I do love them with pecans.
  7. Might as well share this, it's the recipe I use. Try it in egg or macaroni salad. Also make it in the morning and have an egg white omelette.
  8. My idea is more for many yolks. The back and forth gets tedious if you're making something like Japanese mayonnaise.
  9. An easy way to separate egg yolks is by cracking them into a funnel. A lot less messy also!
  10. Sam can throw around some curse words but I think they bleeped out most of them in this one.
  11. There is a lot of info in the above video that is just now making it into the main stream media. It's four months old by the way.
  12. Don't let how this guy looks fool you. All you have to do is listen to him for a few minutes to realize he did his research. I recommend starting 7 mins in if you don't want to rehash old data. He really gets into detail about how it is so damaging to the lungs and heart.
  13. The last game I saw in person had Ubaldo Jimenez pitching as an Oriole. Because unfortunately I work a job where the bulk of my hours come during baseball season. It's not on a regular schedule either so that makes it even harder to make it to a game. Maybe when I retire...if I get to retire.
  14. Did you intentionally spell Bass wrong so I'd be left scratching my head? Lol!
  15. Actually I don't believe I ever saw that one. Funny because I've seen almost all of their shorts over the years.
  16. I think the three stooges could have gotten it done faster. Depending on whether or not they were playing "Pop Goes The Weasel" on the PA.
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