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  1. 19 at home with only 9 away but...... 6-13 at home and 8-1 away. what a crazy. Year! Barry
  2. Well I almost never write but have been a member almost forever (2003). I'm now 76 and am a little more worried whether I will see another World Series in my lifetime LOL. However, in my opinion you need to do a couple of things: 1. Raise the rates somewhat- $2 a month is too low for what we get. 2. Remove the limited membership and not allow them to post, just to read. 3. I would consider a contribution to keep it going. Barry-Doctor BJ
  3. How important is the overslot payment? How often does a player choose to go college if HS or sit out a year if college graduate/or return to school if underclassman based on money offered? How much really does a few hundred thousand make a difference<grin>? I can see where it might entice a young man thinking about not going to college if HS, but life's a cr-pshoot, especially with pitchers a Tommy John surgeries being so common now. I know that I'm making it sound like nobody cares about money, but in fact the player has to wait a year if he doesn't. It's not like he gets
  4. Not that I have any input to Davis’s contract, but is he not getting ~17 million per year and the rest deferred until yearly after the contract runs out? Therefore we are on the hook for that amount yearly through the end of the contract. The rest is future like Bonilla’s was. So when we cut ties we are looking at 51-68 million not 69-92 million. The deferred payments should not even be part of the discussion re current sunk money i understand this is huge amount to give up on but not as huge as we talk about all time.
  5. Basically Rosenthal said we should consider someone from the MLB office, Woodfork or Ng but no real sense that is in the cards. Also talked about us not getting all-star game and the MASN dispute, but nothing really new, except Nationals would have liked the $200 million owed for 2012-16 to pursue Harper (he thinks)
  6. Let me ask an ‘out of the box’ question. Could the Orioles offer an increased minor league salary as a sweetener, or is there an established maximum for minor leaguers?
  7. It would seem to me that having some input into the Chris Davis situation would be a requirement that any managerial candidate should have. Perhaps Dan, if he remains, has already dealt with it with the Angelos sons. Regardless of how bad the team will be, that albatross should not be placed on the new person.
  8. i won't copy the article by Dan Szymborski: http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/20155566/mlb-trade-deadline-deal-all-30-teams,but two fascinating if improbable trades: 1. Nationals get Brach and Jones; O's get SS Carter Kieboom, LHP McKenzie Mills, LHP Tyler Watson 2.Diamondbacks get Zach Britton; O's get LHP Anthony Banda, SS Domingo Leyba, LHP Alex Young i don't know the players but i am sure there will be a lot of comments.
  9. Although the 5th-7th pitchers in the bullpen have not be great, they are Cy Young caliber compared to our starters. Why not go 3 innings with each of them through 6 innings and if still in the game use the front of the bullpen? If we are blown out, we have Miley and Jimenez and maybe the others to blow it out more instead of starting out that way. It would also give us a chance for pitchers like Bleier to see what they could do. Since the season is clearly shot, we could see perhaps Aquino, Ynoa as well. They can't be worse than what we are seeing now.
  10. I am 73 and live mostly in Florida. So I have a long time watching, rooting, and bemoaning what happens. I must say that this thread is probably the best discussion we've had in the recent weeks. I have been a Hangouter and plus member for years Let me propose another reason for a rebuild. This team reminds of the Red Sox a few years ago in terms of the whole team being a problem from top to bottom even though both had/have talent. The Red Sox were a bunch of self-centered egotists as I recall, with strange things going on in clubhouse, etc. They also had Bobby Valentine I think
  11. i rarely post but this deserves a congrats. As someone who lives in Florida as well as Baltimore, this site is where i come for all of my info (plus SOR). Way to go Tony and also Weams and everyone else who runs this site! Barry
  12. what if club gives opt out? can they still designate QO for that player?
  13. one thought i will put out that i am not sure was mentioned in long thread. It's impossible for the Cubs contract to be drawn up overnight. This plan was in place by Fowler and his agent for days, not minutes, and we were therefore played to a degree.
  14. Cespedes was ineligible for QO because he was traded in mid season. Just like Andrew Miller
  15. Please don't take issue with me. I wasn't necessarily advocating the trade. I was just passing on one that i think was a little more balanced than some of the others we have seen. (Although i think i would lean towards doing it.) I personally think as well the Adam is the face of the Orioles and a great teammate, but i do think he is a little overvalued here because of that.
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