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  1. From what I have read he is a DH who can catch some.
  2. You could be right but Elias traded Villar and his 8m salary (projected to be 10m at the time) to the Marlins for Easton Lucas. Most people thought that was nothing at the time. Elias trade Cashner for two Dominican rookies. Galvis is on track for 20 homers and .250 average and some team may want him as a utility infielder. If there is a deal out there, no matter how small, Elias will probably find it. I think Severino is a non tender after the season. Someone has to catch. If Galvis is traded someone has to play SS for the rest of the year. Valaika/Uriaz/Leyba are the choi
  3. wildcard

    Jahmai Jones

    Its not positive, its disappointing. But if they can't stay on the field that gives opportunity to Jones, McKenna and Diaz. So the O's have Cedric in the OF. The corners are open for whoever steps up.
  4. wildcard

    Jahmai Jones

    Santander and Hays are both playing hurt. That is probably why they look bad.
  5. What I think we will see in July through Sept. Trades Galvis for a player in A Ball DFAs Matt Harvey, Franco, Valdez, Jannis Sent to AAA Wilkerson, Eshelman, Lakins Recall/Promotions Jones, Lowther, Diaz, Leyba, McKenna., Watkins, Dustin Knight, Urias Team C - Severino, Wynns 1B/DH - Mountcastle 2B/SS/3B -Urias SS/2B/3B - Valaika 3B/SS/2B - Leyba LF - (Jones also plays some 2B) / (Hays on the IL for a while), Stewart CF - Mullins RF - McKenna, (Santander on the IL for a while), Diaz DH/1B - Manci
  6. Right. And I am fine with that as long as he can play decent in LF and hit well. If the O's get overloaded with outfielders that is what trades are for.
  7. I think Elias/Hyde have proven they can go long periods with poor performance from position players and pitchers.
  8. If they wait for Jones to be ready to play an adequate major league 2B we may not see him this year. If they want to see him hit well they can put him in left field and he may out hit Hays and Stewart. I know Hays is probably a better outfielder overall when healthy but we haven't been seeing that much.
  9. The injuries to Hays and Santander are holding down their production. I am hoping to see McKenna and Jones in the outfield in the not too distance future and let these guys heal up.
  10. I watch most of the games. Started last nights blow out. Stayed with it enough to see Jannis knucker wasn't effective his first time out. I mainly watch for the future players. In the majors and track the prospects in the minors. I accept where the team is and look forward to where the O's are headed. Following Lowther, McKenna, Jones and Leyba a lot now. If Lowther has a good start tonight he could get a promotion to the O's rotation for his next start. McKenna probably needs 100 at bats at AAA before they get a promotion. Leyba cooled off a little after a hot start with
  11. Sounds like his home run trot will be slow.
  12. Elias understands the revenue profile of the Orioles as a mid market team. They don't have the revenue base of the Astros or the Cards. That is why he decided on a rebuild instead of buying expensive FAs like the Astros, Boston and the Yankees have done. He just doesn't have to revenue to compete in that manner. That is why he leans more toward the Tampa model though he may be able to have a higher payroll than Tampa overall. Means and Adley will be at or close to 30 when they are eligible for free agency. I think long term extensions are unlikely for them from the O's. If there
  13. Outstanding post. Logical, sensible and well stated. I would like to correct one point. I think the O's could not will be a winning team in 2022. But there are things that Elias has to do to make that happen. The way I see it the O's are unlikely to sign players to long term contracts of 4 or 5 years or longer. Not even their stars. Because those contracts are risky and often don't work out. Elias is creating a pipeline of talent so that when a player reaches 4 1/2 to 5 years and are in line for a big contract he can trade them for prospects. It keeps the payroll manageabl
  14. I'd take 82 wins in 2022. That is a winning season. Shows improvement. Sets the team up to contend in 2023.
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