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  1. From MLB.com Prospect Rankings 2020: he only reason Vavra spent all year in Asheville, other than giving him the chance to compete in a playoff push, was to work on his defense. He’s played both shortstop and second base, the latter being his best spot for him to be a big league regular in one position, and he could start seeing time at third in 2020. Even if he doesn’t settle into one position, he could easily be an offensive-minded utility type who hits his way into the lineup every day. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/orioles/terrin-vavra-679631
  2. I like Mullins vs right-handed pitching. I think bunting and stealing are good parts of his game. I like Hays and his potential but he seems injury prone. Vavra's reputation is not being a very good defensive 2B. I think Elias believes playing CF will improve his ability to make the major league.....with the O's or someone else. Elias seems sensible about putting minor leaguers in spots that help them make the majors. He did it with Mountcastle and now it sounds like he is doing it with Vavra.
  3. If the O's have a group of right-handed hitters that hit right-handed pitching well, why would they need more left handed hitting?
  4. I think you are right that Elias see a fit for all these players on the 2021 team.....at the right price. The question is can he get the salary he wants.
  5. Elias as been a last minute negotiator. He must feel that is when he gets the best deal. If any of this guys are players that have to sign to stay then maybe Elias is holding out until Dec 2nd to close the signings.
  6. Elias was pretty clear on this. When selecting the players to be protected he considered not only whether they would be picked but was it probable that they would stay on the other teams roster for a season. He doesn't thinks the ones that are unprotected will. He said some may be picked but he thinks he will get them back. I guess we are talking about Pop, Hanifee and Sedlock. I don't know whether Elias is right but that is the way he addressed it in his video. Of course if he is right and they are not pick or he gets them back the O's save an option year by not protecting them.
  7. No its not. 900 OPS is a prediction by me. If Santander actually goes out and puts up a 850 OPS over a whole season, then how can I be disappointed with that kind of improvement. Its a prediction vs the actually fact. Your argue about me being disppointed is faults. Its made up in your head. Has no basis in reality. And its offensive to try to put word in my mouth then act like I said it.
  8. You are delusional. You can't make things up, repeat them and then pretend that they are true.
  9. You can't even keep straight what you make up and what is real. I never said Especially when you factor in the idea that you are essentially saying if he has an 800-850 OPS, that you would be disappointed in his season. You said that. Trying to put words in my mouth is offensive. I am fine with 270/325/575 in 550 at bats. That means he does not have to play everyday. Diaz can back him up when he needs a break or is a little banged up.
  10. Santander will play all of the 2021 regular season at age 26. He is still improving.
  11. Well, I am low again. This time on Hays. Nice prediction on Santander.
  12. So you are saying that my projection of 30 HR and 100 RBI for Santander is actually low.
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