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  1. Holt has some pluses and some minuses. Pluses: Helped Means become who he is today. A lot of that was Means himself. Changed Lopez delivery and while he is not an effective starter to me he may be an effective reliever. Brought Tyler Wells along nicely. I think Holt communicates well, knows a lot about analytics and how to apply them to his pitchers. I have read some good things about how Holt helped minor leaguers. I think Rom was one of them. Minuses: Biggest was I think he rushed a lot of the young starters last year by calling up before they had much time at AAA. He s
  2. Tony has had a lot to say in this thread about the rebuild. I agree with most of it except the timeline. I agree with Tony's take on Odor. In fact I stated it early in this thread. He is depth. I like Urias at 2B and Mateo at SS. There will be injuries and matchups which allow Odor to play 2B and Urias to slide over to SS. I don't like any of these players at 3B. My biggest difference with Tony is I think the O's compete in 2023. What happens over the winter? Elias just added Lyles who I think has the pitches to turn in the effectiveness he had with the Brewers in
  3. I think there is potential here. Lyles is a big strong guy, 6'5", 230lbs, which gives him the frame to pitch a lot of innings. Baseball Savant shows he has 6 pitches - 4 seam fastball (93), Slider (83.3), Curve (80.3), Sinker (91.6) and a Change at (86.4), Cutter (86.3). Over the last 3 years different pitches have been effective for him in different years. In different years the 4 seamer, slider, curve, and change have been effective. He was effective as a starter with the Brewers in 2019 but has not done as well with the Pirates and Rangers in 2020 and 2021. Maybe better coac
  4. Elias probably trades Santander for a SP next off season after Santander has a good season and Stowers is ready to take over RF.
  5. Odor is this years Yolmer Sanchez. A guy that is brought to ST to see if he can make the team. Odor is a 2B. Probably will not make the team at 3B. Urias is a better fit for the O's at 2B. As far as has the team progressed over 2021 at 2B. Yes I think Urias is better than Ruiz and Valaika. Urias is also currently the back up SS. Odor's chance to make the team is that he balances the lineup as a left handed hitter joining Mullins, Santander and Adley. But his low average probably makes him unlikely to be a starter and he probably will ask for his release if he is not a start
  6. If Urias is a better 2B than Odor then Urias should be able to win the starting job out of ST.
  7. Odor is certainly competition for Urias for at bats at 2B. I still think Elias adds a 3B over the winter.
  8. The O's will pay Odor the major league minimum. Texas is on the hook for the remainder of his contract. So the O's can bring him to camp. See how he fits and cut him if he doesn't.
  9. That is 7 years and its no sure thing that the O's will get a 7th year of Adley.
  10. When I consider that the O's UIFs are Bannon, Jones and Martin I would have DFA'd Bannon and kept Fox. At least Fox can back up SS and 2B.
  11. AR is not on the 40 and will not be until he is called up for OD or thereafter.
  12. Tyler Wells can be sent down it needed. He has 3 options.
  13. Maybe they need a UIF. That was his projected spot for the O's. And he has an option.
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