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  1. It doesn't make sense for the O's to sign him and not try to trade him for prospects. That would be a waste of 3-3.5m dollars. If the report has any validity, Elias is thinks of something.
  2. O's would be trading Puig to a contender so it would be 60 days including the playoffs that the acquiring team would get. Some teams may lose players to injuries including COVID. Of course the down side is that Puig gets injured or sick.
  3. Puig made 9.7m last season. So the O's would offer him 3 -3.5m for two months hoping they could trade him for prospects?
  4. You could say that about development for every minor leaguer. There seems to be two different type of players on the 60 man roster. 1)Those that may help this year and 2) top prospects that have no chance of playing in MLB games this season but the O's want to see get work. Rutschman and Hall are in the later category. I think Rodriguez would be also. McKenna is too far down the prospect list to be in that group IMO.
  5. If Wynns is DFA'd at some point to free a roster spot non rostered Holaday and Taylor Davis are the fall ups in case Wynns is claimed. Depending one Santander and Smith health Williams could be promoted to the majors shortly after the season begins. He is non roster and out of options so when they bring him up they will want to keep him up. Rondon and Urena seem behind Iglesias, Alberto, Ruiz, Martin, Velazquez Valiaka and at 2B/3B probably even Wilkerson.
  6. McKenna didn't even hit well at AA last season. He has talent but needs development at the AA level. I am not surprised he is not included when there are 7 or 8 outfielders ahead of him.
  7. Who do you want to see? Mountcastle could be passed his service time in 7 days after OD. If Akin is pitching well at Bowie the could be called up in two weeks after OD. We are going to see Harvey, Stewart and Hays from the beginning for the season if they stay healthy.
  8. So you heard from a teammate of theirs that they tested negative but have symptoms? So if the symptoms go away and they test negative again do they get to start the season on the 30 man roster?
  9. Quarantined I understand. Sick or have they just been exposed to someone that tested positive for Covid, I have not heard. What is your source?
  10. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-opening-day-roster-projection-20200710-ky7xzjlrkfgblcbxgq2ilbxulu-story.html With two weeks to go: Holiday, Valiaka, Wilkerson, Williams, LeBlanc and Milone. I don't see that happening. Probably 2 or 3 IMO. Here is what I think: (Bold are the ones different from Meoli) Catchers: (3) Severino, Sisco, Wynns Infielders: (7) Davis, Alberto, Iglesias, Ruiz, Nunez, Martin, IF/OF Velazquez Outfielder: (4) Hays, Stewart, Santander, Smith (I don't know if Santander and/or Smith tested positive or were just exposed and in 14 day quarantine. I will change this if they tested positive.) Starters: (5) Means, Cobb, (non roster LeBlanc and Milone) , Wojo Relievers (11) Harvey, Givens, Bleier, Castro, Armstrong, Carroll, Scott, Velazquez, Fry, Sulser, Stewart I think being on the 40 man roster will mean a lot in making the OD roster. A week later things could change.
  11. I guess that is why he was MVP of the International League. One of the reasons Elias could leave him in AAA all last season was the O's were not in contention and Elias was saving Mountcastle service time.
  12. Its going to be hard not to play these two guys if they show they can hit. Harder still to send them to the secondary site when they don't have enough outfielders to fill out intrasquad games. Not having Santander is a big loss. Hope he can play at some point.
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