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  1. Davis fly to center. Ball drops off fielder glove for error. Run scores Davis at 2nd 4-1 Pirates
  2. Bottom of the 3rd Mancini out Santander pops out
  3. Double play. Inning ends. Mancini to Galvis to Hanhold
  4. Pop out to short right field caught by Sanchez. One out
  5. Error by Galvis allows batter to reach first.
  6. Mullins bounces to first for an out. three outs. Diving stop by the first baseman down the line. 2-0 Pirates after 2 innings.
  7. Bannon strikes out. Two outs
  8. Sanchez out on bouncer to pitcher. Runners advance to 2nd and 3rd.
  9. Fly out to Santander in right. Inning ends.
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