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  1. Elias' punishment will be to watch the O's this season.
  2. Holt said on Hot Stove that 6 pitchers came to the minicamp. He mentioned Hess, Kline and Armstrong.
  3. I don't know how much of the course that had been charted was Crane's. Luhnow has been a leader in analytics and he is gone. Crane may very well just want a manager that can solve the problem right in front of the Astros. Which is how does he win this season.
  4. Its not the other half of his 2020 salary that is the problem. Its the 15m he is owed in 2021.
  5. If we (the Orioles) got 175 innings from Cobb he would he would have pitched the whole season for the O's. He would not have been traded in July. So I guess you are thinking there may be a 20% chance he may be traded next off season.
  6. Crane has a team that is talented enough to go back to the playoffs and possibly win the World Series. He needs a manager that can establish stability and push the right buttons at the right time. Someone that has successfully managed star players. Of the guys on the published Astros list Bochy is the only manager that is better than Buck. And Bochy reportedly does not want the job. One thing we know about Buck. He can schmooze an owner.
  7. Elias is trying to jettison as much salary as he can. Alex Cobb salary of 14m in 2020 and 15m in 2021 looks like a salary that Elias would like to move. But for that to happen Cobb has to have a good first half of the season. Will he pitch well enough to be traded? The odds appear against it. 2018 was Cobb first season in Camden Yards as his home. It didn't go that well. 5-15, 4.90 ERA 152.1 IP, 172 H, 1.411 WHIP. Not many teams would sign up to give him 14m for that quality of performance. So maybe if he just gets away from Camden Yard things will get better. Not Much: 5-8, 4.88 ERA, 90.1 IP, 103 H 1.417 away from home. 2019 was worst. He pitched 12.1 inning before missing the rest of the season on the IL. So how does Cobb project to be better than a 4.90 ERA and a 1.400 WHIP at 32 years old this coming season? And what team is going to offer to take the last 4.5m on his contract in July and 15m next season? Can the O's pay someone to take him like they did with Cashner this past season? When Cashner was traded for a couple of Dominicans he had a 9-3 record, a 3.83 ERA and a 1.194 WHIP in 17 starts. Can Cobb do that? And Cashner only had a little over 3m guarantee left on his contract. Will the O's be able to trade Cobb in July or will he be an Oriole in 2021? I leave it up the OH to predict.
  8. Bochy didn't know that he could be offered to manage a WS team. Will that chance his mind?
  9. Can you clarify? Used too often? Not often enough? Vs the wrong players? In the wrong innings?
  10. Bochy seems to be the only on the managers list that is more qualified than Buck. But does Bochy want the job?
  11. Givens has pitched well vs lefties in certain years: Ops against vs lefties 2015: .555 2016: 1.025 2017: .619 2018: .689 2019: .930 Someone smarter that me has to figure out why Givens is good vs lefties in some years and not in others.
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