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  1. If you mean by losing, trading Mancini and/or Santander then they will get something back for them probably that they need. I don't expect the O's to spend big on an one FA but if they can add a decent infielder and a reliever or two that will help. Mike will be trying to figure out the best way to get a starter whether that is FA, trade or whatever.
  2. August 20, 2021 Question: Will you add FA this off season? Mike Elias: When the time comes that those are the best uses of our resources and efforts possibly as soon as this off season we will ratchet up those invests...... (8.20 in the recording) We will hope to approach this off season with some acquisitions that will help improve our major league team... (14:00 in the recording)
  3. I don't think it is time to pass judgement of McKenna. He has 135 AB in the majors and he is 24 years old.
  4. I question your 2nd paragraph. If Georgia becomes owner with John as Orioles Executive he has already been officially name to running the team. He has been involved with the team through he 2012-2016 period where they won more games than any team in the League. That is a measure of success. John has also managed MASN. As far as the MASN lawsuit with MLB. This sounds like a good reason to settle the issue without the Angelos Suing MLB yet again for not allowing them to continue as owners.
  5. Why does estate tax have anything to do with the O's sale? Peter is 92. He has been married to Georgia since 1966. 55 years. Long before he/they bought the Orioles. According to White Pages Georgia is 79 years old. Georgia Angelos Age 79 Monkton, MD So if there are martial rights from husband to wife which do not require estate taxes why would they matter?
  6. I don't think we will see Mullins or Means traded this off season. Mancini needs to be traded or extended this off season. I am more in favor of trading player when the O's prospects are ready for the majors. Next spring that looks like Adley and Neustrom will be ready.
  7. But once we do you will be all over it.
  8. wildcard

    Coby Mayo

    That's what I am talking about.
  9. wildcard

    Coby Mayo

    Nothing that a margarita can't fix. Have continuous good prospects arrive is the strategy. The WS is the goal.
  10. Astros 4th year of the rebuild, 2015 Finished 2014 with a 54m payroll and a record of 70-92 Began 2015 is a 72m payroll and finished with an 82m payroll 86-76 Finish 2nd Postseason: Lost AL Division Series (3-2) to Kansas City Royals Won AL Wild Card Game (1-0) over New York Yankees Prospects arrived Carlos Correa 20, 1st rounder arrives in the majors, Shortstop Preston Tucker 24, 7th rounder arrives in the majors Leftfielder Free Agent signings Signed Colby Rusmus 28, Outfielder 1/8m Signed Roberto Hernenadez 34, Starter/Rel
  11. wildcard

    Coby Mayo

    With Adley's arrival in the Majors the competitive window begins next year. I think Elias will be aggressive with is top prospects to get them to the majors as soon as its reasonable. Mayo probably starts next season at A+ ball.
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