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  1. Not if Iglesias is not put on the IL. He is day to day with a sore hand. No in todays lineup.
  2. The pitching is stepping up and the offense and defense is not. Every O's player is auditioning. They could get their reward or cost them in the off season.
  3. Phillips just turned 26, Kline will be 29 is a few days. That is probably why Phillips is ahead of Kline. The guy who is really in trouble in the roster crunch is Sulser. 30 years old with a 6.00 ERA. Its really about who they think they can get through waivers and sign to a AAA contract. With Iglesias injury I bet Elias/Hyde wishes they had Velazquez back on the 28 man roster. They may have to call up Urias today.
  4. Couple of interesting things here: 1. 16 pitchers, 12 position players. I don't remember seeing that this season. 2. Phillips was optioned after the doubleheader. I thought players had to stay down for 10 days before coming back up unless there was an injury. I have not read that Valezquez was injured. And if he was why didn't he go on the IL instead of being optioned? Edit: I guess being brought up as the 29th player does not count against options.
  5. I agree with this. I think there is a slim chance Wells get picked and even less of a chance he would stay on a teams 26 man roster for a whole season.
  6. Come on. Of course, if Mountcastle had played at left field and first base for 4 years he would be better at those positions than if they had played them for a few months. I think we have seen this year that Elias' pitching coaches and analytics have benefited the pitching prospects more than prior to 2019. That includes Scott.
  7. I think they both go off the 40 man roster but one of them signs a AAA contract with the O's as the 3rd catcher.
  8. This will be Alberto's 2nd arbitration year. He was awarded 1.65M last year and will probably get 3M this year. JMG.
  9. Players can be DFA'd and still get a minor league contract.
  10. I doubt the Lopez is vulnerable at this point. He has done well and may end up in rotation on OD 2021. McKenna is only 23. I think he will get all of next year to show improvement. Oddly enough I think Alberto belongs on this list. He is doing just what he did last year. Kill lefties and not hit righties. How long will Elias put up with that as he gets more expensive?
  11. Its an interesting list but I wonder how many were developed well under Duquette. The knock on Dan is not the drafting but the development. Mancini developed under Dan. Brady gets some credit for working with Trey. Hader was traded early so not developed with the O's. Guasman may have been rushed. Could have been better than he was with the O's. Means wasn't much of a prospect under Dan. It was Holt that helped him with the change which helped him have a good year in 2019. They say you can't mess up the good ones but Dan certainly tried. Keeping Mouncastle at SS/3B for too long. Scott is coming around under Elias' team. I like Dan and love the team he built in a short time after he joined the O's. But player development of minor leaguers was not his strong suit. He had a knack for acquiring players at the major league level and making a team into a winner. And that is not a bad thing.
  12. Roch weighs in today that Davis will probably stay on the 40 man roster this winter because of possible reductions in his remaining 46m salary due to COVID or labor contract problem shortening the next two seasons. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/examining-the-chris-davis-situation.html If that is true someone would have to come off the 40 man to make room for Davis. My guess is Eshelman, Kohl Stewart, Fulmer or Wells. I think the best think to do is to see how the season plays out before making that decision. So I am not adjusting the roster in this thread now. Let wait as see.
  13. Bruce Zimmerman for tomorrow's doubleheader? No, nothing has been announced. However, here is what Roch is saying: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/lineups-and-notes-on-rotation-armstrong-offense-and-more.html Remember the O's can add a player for the doubleheader making the active roster 29 players. Just for the day. Gary Kendall on Zimmerman: https://pressboxonline.com/2020/09/15/gary-kendall-on-development-of-orioles-prospects/
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