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  1. This makes it seem like even guaranteed contracts will be prorated if the season is played. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/03/mlb-mlbpa-reach-deal.html
  2. I think the point is that the current O's roster is very thin in innings eaters. A lot of relievers with one inning or 1+ inning histories. There are 5 starters with little back up. Velazquez as a long reliever. Then maybe Stewart but his numbers look poor. Elias will want to keep his AAA starters at AAA until they prove themselves and it looks like Ty Black, Eshelman and Chandler who are 6.00+ ERA types are an injury away from being in the majors.
  3. Its Tomfoolery on my part. Since we don't know how long it will be before Mancini can come back and we don't know how long the virus will shutdown baseball, I put the two together.
  4. Few things that I doubt will happen. Williams seems more like a starting outfielder than Smith. Both offensively and defensively. JMO. Scott and Fry are both more short relievers than middle relievers IMO. Armstrong made 51 appearance last year. 4 of them were 2 IP. None were more than that. That is not a long reliever IMO.
  5. Many seem to believe that baseball is not being played because of the Coronavirus. I think that is just a cover story. The real reason for the delay in beginning games is that the games can't go on without Trey Mancini. Its no coincidence that the games were called shortly after Trey's diagnoses. If we really want to know when the games will begin again just look into when Trey will be ready to play. That's the ticket.
  6. Is this true? Jeff Todd of MLBTR posted this today: "Baltimore GM Mike Elias says he sees the D.C. organization as a model to follow in building back up the roster." Have you seen where Elias has said this? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/03/latest-on-orioles-nationals-masn-television-dispute.html
  7. I think that whichever one of these three has the best OBP should lead off at that time. That way the leadoff hitter is on base to be driven in. It does not have to be the same player all the time.
  8. Who should be the O's leadoff hitter? Hays? Alberto? Williams? What say you?
  9. Plate appearance in ST don't mean much because the away games are staffed with non veterans.
  10. This is how we got Straily last year. Hess and Wright not performing. Cobb injured. They didn't want to promote Akins last season. O's could add another MLB retread instead of rushing any of the AAA starters.
  11. This kind of makes the 5th starter competition wide open. Milone and Velazquez may have a better shot than Eshelman. I hope one of them can put it together.
  12. However, Elias has sent a 25 and 26 year old packing. That would seem to mean he cares about how competitive the 2020 team will be.
  13. (Well, by May 13th) This seems high for a rebuilding team. 30 - Iglesias, Givens (May 13th birthday) 31 - Wojciechowski, Velazquez 32 - Cobb, Holaday 33 - Bleier, Milone 34- Davis 35 LeBlanc *These are baseball ages as of July 1st. Of course, as a rebuilding team the O's hope to trade some of these players mid season. And they hope that the younger players at AAA will force some of them off the 26 man roster.
  14. You could be right but I don't agree. If the O's have Hays and Williams then CF is covered. If Martin is hitting and Valezquez is not I think there is a very good chance the Martin stays and Valezquez gets optioned to begin the season. Players at AAA can be brought up as needed.
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