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  1. Wow, Eric. Thanks for the insight. You really changed the way I think of Diaz. I was thinking of him as a more mobile guy with a good arm. I would not have thought of him as a Melky Cabrera type. Nice description.
  2. If Mountcastle begins the season in the minors there is room for Smith on the 26 man roster. He has an edge over Wilkerson because Smith is on the 40 man. When Mountcastle is called up I would think Smith will be optioned depending of who is injured at the time. I still think Mountcastle gets most of this at bats a 1B. Mancini beginning the season at 1B and moving back to right field when Mountcastle is promoted. With Diaz the RFer of the future I just don't see the reason to have Mountcastle spend much time learning the outfield.
  3. Eric, Could you give me your impression of Diaz. Bigger? Stronger? Does he look fast. How about his arm. He is listed about the same size as Santander . Could you compare the two players for me?
  4. Seems like it. Urena has never been outrighted, so if he clears he has to stay with the O's organization.
  5. I understand that he might challenge for 2B. But I don't see the point in playing a guy the is 5'10" at 1B when Davis, Mancini and Mountcastle all can play there. Seems like they would lose a lot of reach. His numbers at SS and 3B don't make him look very versatile.
  6. Here is a few I am excited to see/hear about. The outfield defense of Santander, Hays and Diaz. Starters Kremer, Akin, Lowther and (yes, Baumann who I think comes over from the minor league camp) The lineup of Hays, Mancini, Mountcastle, Santander and Nunez. Iglesias' defense Harvey's healthy electric arm.
  7. Infield (7) Mancini, Alberto, Iglesias, Ruiz, Nunez, Urena, Davis Outfield (4) Hays, Santander, Williams, Smith Catchers (2) Severino, Sisco Starting pitchers (5) Cobb, Means, Wojciechowski, LeBlanc, Bailey Relief pitchers (8) Harvey, Bleier, Givens, Castro, Sulser, Armstrong, Milone, Stewart Wynns, Rucker and Urias DFA'd to make room for Williams, LeBlanc and Milone.
  8. You can. Just go to the bottom of the OP pics and click on Edit. Go to the title and change what you want. Then click on submit at the bottom of your post.
  9. I think Bailey may nail down a rotation spot in ST. He apparently has the pitches but may not have the endurance. I look at him as an opener. He would win the spot in the rotation because the competition from Milone and LeBlanc is weak. Also he is young enough to be part of the O's rebuild while Milone and LeBlanc are just place holders. From Elias' talk yesterday it sounds like the likelihood of Cashner joining the O's is less each day. He appears just too expensive for where the O's are in the rebuild.
  10. I am thinking 185 IP and 32 starts for John Means this year. The way he is built he could soon be a 200 IP guy in the future. Kind of a horse from an endurance stand point.
  11. I don't. I think Holaday and Taylor Davis were signed in case Wynns does not make it through waivers. I agree with Tony that Wynns is vulnerable.
  12. on Orioles Hot Stove. Worth a listen. Go to 18.10 for the beginning of the Brocail interview. https://content.production.cdn.art19.com/validation=1581782303,01214ea2-2db2-572b-81ec-59c948902677,-sOq_dK7aI9dNFK1yjzgQiQ3euA/episodes/a8da1016-2a9b-4c35-8714-270ebb9cfad5/2ee9f6ce97809a895a95a23580175b222327bdd9d278676c7ec70cb332f797976fa47eaca5bef28dca733df1be27d1d1b4f0616e30b1b29e30664b0d7e240e96/20200213-BAL-HOT-STOVE.mp3
  13. There are placeholders and then there are placeholders. Cobb and Wojo are placeholders. LeBlanc and Milone look like fire starters. 5 or 6 runs in 3 innings kind of guys. Yes, we are all interested in the prospects. But they have to perform well with the major league ball at AAA for a while before they get the call. Akin's 4.73 ERA at AAA should not earn a promote. He needs to put all his pitches together and show he can pitch at that level before he comes up. My favorite for July is Lowther. Hope he figures it out.
  14. Neither LeBlanc nor Milone do anything for me. They both seem to be junk ball pitchers that gave up a lot of homers in a pretty large park in Seattle. They does not seem like a good fit for Camden Yard or the AL East. The O's have three starters in Means, Cobb and Wojo. Bailey may be a decent opener but he is trying to make the jump from AA. Who knows how that goes. The O's need to be 6 or 7 starters deep and they are now about 3 1/2 deep. Mike knows this I am sure.
  15. I would think that if a player is on the 40 man or is a non roster invitee the club pays them for housing and per diem (until they are cut then they go to the minors under minor league rules or are let go which stops the payments). Lets see if anyone knows for sure.
  16. Snickering? Are you saying that Luke is Betty White?
  17. I call BS. Its not my familiarity with Cashner's name. I know a lot of names. It is that he seems to pitch better when Brocail is his coach for whatever reason. Its also that the current starters on the roster do not appear to be good enough to get the O's through he season without rushing the AAA starters. And that the others FA starters don't look as good as Cashner.
  18. Sounds like you have your mind set on hating Cashner. I say go for it. But he data does not support what you are saying IMO.
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