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  1. That is the key point IMO.
  2. Lopez earned another start. With two off days in the next week it will be interesting to see what Hyde does with the rotation.
  3. Who are the O's going to option to make that happen?
  4. wildcard


    Its just crazy that Mountcastle did not play some 1B in ST.
  5. Lopez has not allowed a run in the first two innings of both of his starts. If he does that again tonight I think the O's hold on to him as a reliever if he isn't a good starter. I don't know which way the O's will go but I don't see it as a big deal if Kremer is optioned. He goes to Bowie, works on this control and is eligible to return in 10 days. What we don't know is whether Akin or Lowther are ready to start in the majors.
  6. The O's have announced the starter for tonight's game vs Texas as Jorge Lopez and Sunday's starter as John Means. But Saturday's starter is TBD. It is Kremer place in the rotation but because of the rainout he would be pitching on three days rest. Maybe something the O's will not want to do to a pitcher that has not been doing that well in his first two starts. So the options are: 1) Start Kremer on three days rest 2) Start Valdez, LeBlanc, Plutko or Wells from the current major league staff 3) Call up Lowther or Akin and option Kremer What would you do? What will Elias/Hyde do?
  7. If Lakins can lower this WHIP from last year it will be a big help to go along with his new found velocity.
  8. 1. I am not sure that winning the AL East is the goal. The goal is the win the World Series. To do that the O's need to be consistent contenders. Be in the playoffs year after year. I think we will see this off season the O's flip the switch and some quality short term contract FAs signed along with the arrival of Adley and the development of the pitching staff. That will be the beginning for the next window. I think they will be serious contenders by 2023. 2. A modified version of the Tampa model is about the only one I see working for the O's. They are a smallish market team. Don't have the revenue to compete for the high dollar FAs. I don't much care for giving a 29-30 year old players a 5 year contract anyway. I hope O's ownership and management has learned that is not the way to go. The engine is the farm system. Fueled by the draft and international signings. That is the Tampa model. I have faith in the O's ability to develop pitchers and position players through their improved staff and methods. Looking at last years FAs there were quite a few good players that were signed to 1 or 2 year contracts to fill holes on a short term basis. The Os modification is that Baltimore can handle a higher overall payroll than Tampa. 3. I agree that the current MLB structure is not fair to smaller teams. The structure is not going to change in any meaningful way. That is why smart management of small market teams is required beat the system. That is what the Tampa system is all about.
  9. 100% chance of rain tonight in Baltimore. Does not look good. BOOoooooooooOOOoooooOOOOo.
  10. The fall of 2017 the O's had just complete a 75 win season. First losing season in 5 years. Trumbo had signed to a 3 year contract before the 2017 season. Two years and 26M left on the contract. In 2017 he had a 686 OPS. Which means no trade value. He is projected as a DH his last two years. Mercedes was drafted by the Nationals at 18. Pickup by the O's at 2014 sent to Delmarva. Good bat. Not a catching prospect though that is where he played. Overweight. By the fall on 2017 he is 24 and spent most the season a Frederick moved to Bowie 12 games at the end of the season. Mercedes is passed his 6 years to be a minor league FA. Has been available for the Rule 5 draft since 2016. The O's didn't need another DH. Didn't have any reason to protect him. The White Sox claimed him in the Rule 5 draft.
  11. 27 is their baseball age. DJ Stewart may be playing as much under control as I have seen him play. Walks and hits that are good for his OBP. He is seem more under control in the field. Urias had a good day yesterday. It would be good if he could grab onto the 2B job and give the O's in consistent infield of Franco, Galvis, Urias and Mancini. Lakins came up throwing 96 mph fastballs. Where did that come from? Pitched a good inning and was sent back. But it has to make Armstrong wonder how long he has to get himself straighten out.
  12. O's are not going to give up on Kremer as a starter any time soon. They may send him down to work on things at some point but if they do he will be back. A lot depends on who the O's have ready to replace him. Is Lowther ready? Has Akin made progress?
  13. I guess he could have ran into the fence at full speed and been on the IL for 6 weeks. Still might not have caught it.
  14. As much as I hate to say it, I think Urias plays SS in the 2nd game.
  15. If Urias hits and plays good defense at 2B, he plays.
  16. So play Valaika as the everyday 2B. Last year he hit well with a 791 OPS and his fielding pct at 2B in his career is among the best 2B.
  17. Are Doubleheader games 7 innings or 9 this year?
  18. Yes, Valaika slumped in April of 2018. But he was mostly playing as a backup. He only started 7 games all month. In 13 of those games he only had one at bat. I agree that as a backup throughout his career he is around a 660 OPS guy. But when he starts and plays regularly he hits.
  19. Somehow Armstrong got into your heart. And you have stood up for him many times as you do now. Its good to see. I don't know how this will turn out for him. It could go either way. But he has one fan leading the cheers. That can not be a bad thing.
  20. I don't like what I have seen and read about Urias at SS where is was yesterday. But his defensive numbers are better at 2B.
  21. Those career numbers are misleading. The big difference between Ruiz and Valaika is that Ruiz has gotten opportunity. Valaika has had very little opportunity. Ruiz has had 413 PA, 204 PA, 173 PA in three difference years in the majors. He has never had higher than a 713 OPS in any of those years. Valaika had a 195 PA in 2017 and had a 817 OPS. He had 150 PA last year and had a 791 OPS. Other than that he was blocked in Colorado by Story and LeMahieu. So far, given the opportunity Valaika hits. Ruiz does not.
  22. Maybe but there he is in tonight's lineup. Cedric Mullins CF Trey Mancini 1B Anthony Santander RF Maikel Franco 3B Pedro Severino C Ryan Mountcastle DH DJ Stewart LF Ramón Urías 2B Freddy Galvis SS https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/04/orioles-lineup-vs-mariners-17.html
  23. Maybe you understand why Elias/Hyde are sticking with Ruiz, now at 2B, when he has a 223/294/383/677 in 652 plate appearances with the O's, but I don't. The only thing I can figure is Elias has not found the right waiver claim to replace him yet. When Valaika's 10 days in the minors are up I would call him up and play him everyday at 2B based on his 791 OPS last year. But that is just me. Elias/Hyde don't seem to agree.
  24. Hays is a much better outfielder and hitter when he is healthy than Stewart. I hope Hays takes over LF and Stewart gives Hays, Mullins, Santander, Mountcastle days off by playing LF, RF and DH when needed
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