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  1. Eve Rosenbaum talks about how she got into MLB. What she did as an international scout and the commitment it takes to do her job. This interview is 14 minutes long.
  2. In my view: Hess? Is being converted to the pen. He has a 3.00 ERA, 225 avg and a 1.08 WHIP in 24 IP at Norfolk. He could be DFA'd if Elias finds someone better. Has option. Smith? I think he could go in the next day or so but at any rate I don't think he makes it through the off season without being DFA'd. Has option Wynns sounds like Elias wants to keep him for now. If Elias finds someone better as you suggest he could go. Has option. Mullins probably tries to re-establish himself at AAA. Depends on how he does has to how long he stays. Could be a 4th OFer with the ability to back on CF/LF. Has option. O's need good relievers. Bleier has been good when healthy. He was injured early last season but did better toward the end of the season. I think he stays for now. Doesn't have much trade value right now. Has option. Kline has a good arm, is cheap and I think he may start the year at AAA unless he does great in ST. I don't think they give up in his arm yet. Has option Phillips is on the bubble. Has done what he need to do at AAA but hasn't had success with the O's. Whether he stay depend on who either Elias brings on. Has option. Yes, Davis will not be cut. Elias as expressed support for him in view of his contract. I believe there is a low chance that the O's make a trade prior to setting the roster for the Rule 5 draft.
  3. Those ton of veterans better to ready to sign for a 560K salary because that is about what Elias is going to be willing to pay.
  4. Who do you think the O's OD left fielder will be?
  5. IMO Wilkerson is the likely left fielder to beginning the season until Mountcastle is promoted. Mancini likely at 1B. Stewart probably not ready to start the season. Hays and Santander at the other two OF positions. Wilkerson had a 783 OPS vs righties in 2019. If the O's have enough 26 man roster room for someone to platoon with Wilkerson that might work well. Alberto hit well against lefties but not righties in 2019. During the first month I think Alberto gets the opportunity play vs righties and lefties. By the second month he may be platooning if he does not improve vs righties. If Villar is traded maybe with Wilkerson. Wilkerson came through the O's minor leagues mostly as a 2B. 2B is probably his best defensive position. I am not in favor of DFAing Wilkerson.
  6. The O's really needs to add near term starters. And to sign them Elias may have to offer a 40 man roster spots. I see Armstrong and Fry vulnerable to being left go in order to sign some guys that offer more innings. Wojo types. Kyle Moore says Fenter has three plus pitches. As bad as the O's need starters I can't see them exposing a guy like that to the draft. Even if he ends of being a multi inning reliever if he has three plus pitches he is too good to expose IMO. If the O's had the room I would protect McKenna but when I try to fit him on the 40 man with the need for starters, long relievers and adding Mountcastle I run out of room.
  7. My guess on who is protected: Mountcastle, Akin, Kremer, Sedlock, Fenter Exposed: McKenna, Alvarado, Klimek, Muckenhirn, Cumberland McKenna inability to hit AA pitching probably means he will not stay on any teams major league 26 man roster all season. His age and speed may cause him to be claimed. Having Mullins on the 40 man makes McKenna more likely to not be protected. DFA'd to make room for the Rule 5 draftees: Hanhold, Smith. Armstrong is a close call and probably does not stay of the 40 man over the winter. JMG.
  8. So then you are agreeing at it is unlikely that Villar will be trade by Nov 21st?
  9. Nov 17th 2018 The Houston Astros traded Trent Thornton to the Toronto Blue Jays for Aledmys Diaz. Nov 19th The Cleveland Indians traded Gionti Turner (minors) to the Tampa Bay Rays for Chih-Wei Hu. The New York Yankees traded Dom Thompson-Williams (minors), Justus Sheffield and Erik Swanson to the Seattle Mariners for James Paxton. Nov 20th The Boston Red Sox traded Esteban Quiroz (minors) to the San Diego Padres for Colten Brewer. The Cleveland Indians traded Ignacio Feliz (minors) to the San Diego Padres for Walker Lockett. The Chicago Cubs traded Jason Vosler (minors) to the San Diego Padres for Rowan Wick. The Miami Marlins traded Brian Schales (minors) to the Minnesota Twins for Nick Anderson. The Pittsburgh Pirates traded Tanner Anderson to the Oakland Athletics for a player to be named later. The Oakland Athletics sent Wilkin Ramos (minors) (December 1, 2018) to the Pittsburgh Pirates to complete the trade. Its a lot easier to trade pitching and/or prospects than a 2B one year from FA projected to make between 8m and 11m next season.
  10. A trade this week? With Stewart out to begin the season and Mountcastle probably beginning the season in AAA, Smith seems likely to stay at least until one of the two are with the O's on 26 man roster.
  11. You could be right but I don't see it that way. I don't see Villar non tendered. I believe Elias can trade him even if the return is not real big. I would think the return will be young prospects. The O's need Bleier to help stability the pen. I think he will bounce back in 2020 to he pre 2019 form. Sulser looks intriguing and should compete for a bullpen spot this spring.
  12. Elias answers questions on the GM Meetings: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/11/elias-provides-a-summary-of-the-gm-meetings-and-more.html Interesting points: 1. “I think the amount of time that we have the player under control is a big factor. As you saw with Andrew Cashner, when it’s just a couple of months left of control and we clearly weren’t going to the playoffs, obviously the bar is very low to make a trade because you don’t want to hold a guy into free agency and get nothing in return. That’s a big factor for us as we kind of figure out where that threshold is.” Sounds like Elias will take the best trade he can get for Villar IMO. But I don't think Villar is non tendered. 2. “I think that while we like our catching group right now - we like (Chance) Sisco and (Pedro) Severino and (Austin) Wynns - we’re probably going to look for a fourth catcher for that mix. You can’t have enough there. And four is the number that you want to go into spring training with. That’s something we’re working on. And I think anything else we’ll take a look at a little more opportunistically, but it’s those positions up the middle. Sounds like Wynns will stay on the 40 man roster and Elias will add a catcher on a minor league contract to share time with him at AAA. 3.“I think in terms of center field we might like to add a minor league free agent type that can give us some center field depth with the hope that Austin Hays is healthy and has a good spring and is ready to seize the job on opening day. But you need a backup plan there and some competition in case he’s not.” Sounds like Mason Williams or someone similar of a minor league contract. 4. “We need to make our Rule 5 additions prior to that deadline and I don’t necessarily see why that would go right to the 5 p.m. deadline on the 20th. We’re going to have some internal meetings and get squared away. I think we have some really easy decisions to make there, but then there’s a couple that probably warrant some more conversation.” I see adding 5. Mountcastle, Akin. Kremer, Sedlock and Fenter. I now think that McKenna will not be added but will be signed to a minor league contract and exposed to the draft. Kyle Moore's comments on Fenter having 3 plus pitches makes me think he will be protected.
  13. For me there is a lot going on right now. The O's will probably add 11 players to the roster and several of them will happen soon. 6 minor league from the O's system: Mountcastle, Akin, Kremer, Sedlock, Fenter and McKenna. Kyle Moore says Fenter has 3 plus pitches right now. And he will move fast next season. How do the O's not protect him? McKenna is considered by some as the O's fastest and best athlete. With all the teams rebuilding how can the O's not protect him? 2 Rule 5 slots. The O's may need 8 clear spots the next week. Then 2 guys from the 6 year minor league or waiver wire. The other 8 are players for the future. These last two are needed for 2020 to fill out he rotation and long relief. Elias will also add other pitchers in the minors that can put up innings. One for a defensive SS. Sometime this off season. So if the O's are at 35 players on the roster they need to clear 3 more spots this week and 2 more whenever the 6 year minor league or waiver wire are added. Some of these pitchers will be available soon or may be available in the next week as teams clear their rosters. Guys that may be coming off the roster are Hanhold, Hess, Armstrong but then it gets harder to make room. Some say Wynns but I see Perez is unsigned. So maybe Wynns will be kept. That seems like a lot going on to me.
  14. From MLBTR: Brooks gets a salary increase of 124K. I think it was Brooks not having any options left that was the reason Elias let him go. The O's would have had to commit 555K to him whether he pitched well or not. Elias probably believes there are pitchers he can pick up that will do as well and that still have options.
  15. Opening Day: Means, Bundy Cobb, Wojo, 6 year minor leaguer May: Means, Bundy, Cobb, Wojo, Akin July: Means, Baumann, Kremer, Akin, Wojo Bundy and Cobb traded in July. September: Means, Baumann, Kremer, Akin, Lowther, Zimmerman, Wells
  16. Elias must feel he can do better with other 6 year free agent and waiver claims.
  17. I doubt Elias is looking to start the season with a pitcher that is considered up/down. He is more likely to give Akins more time to develop in the minors if that rating is correct. I would think he will bring in stop gap starters to compete for a starting role at the beginning of the season.
  18. Well you are at odds with Tony on that if he was the one who rated him as a 40 on the minor league board.
  19. Elias' mantra has been to not rush prospects. Let them develop in the minors and bring them up when they are ready. Tony/Luke rates Akins currently as a 40. That rates him as a below average chance to be successful as a starter. If Elias agrees with that he will probably send him back to the minors to work on some things before bringing him up. Tony made the point that until Elias evaluates Akin in ST he/we will not know exactly how ready he is. So its a question to be answered in ST. But Elias can not count on Akin being ready for the majors to start the season. Elias has to add cheap starters to ensure the O's have enough starters to get through the season.
  20. Sounds like Brooks is about to come off the roster and Akins will probably start the season in the minors. So the 6 year minor leaguers that are signed will be competing for the 5th rotation spot from what it looks like right now.
  21. If Akin begins in the minors then the starting rotation is Means, Bundy, Cobb, Wojo and TBD. And Elias will not spend for TBD. So it will be 6 year minor leaguer or someone making under 1M. That is the way I see it.
  22. It was brought up that there is some indications that Alvarado, Klimek and Murkenhirn have been signed to minor league contracts. Do you think there several others minor leaguers signed that Elias is not announcing?
  23. I am on the fence on whether Elias trades Villar. On the one hand Elias says if does not increase the talent in the organization he will not do it. That rules out a Johnson like trade. On the other hand Elias has expressed that budget is important which rules in a Johnson like trade. I just don't know what happens.
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