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  1. I think in ST Wilkerson plays all over. 2B/SS 3B/LF/CF/RF. I think O's mgt will want to know how he plays at SS in the ST to see if he can play well enough to give the starting SS a day off. His best position is probably 2B. Before Mountcastle is promoted Wilkerson probably sees action in the corner OF position. He may also be Hays backup in CF. He probably also gets to hit against righties and lefties in ST. But he is going to have to show he can hit lefties to play against them in the regular season IMO
  2. Outfielders for opening day: Hays, Santander, Wilkerson, Mancini, Smith Mountcastle to join O's on April 10th. Stewart to get his bat going in AAA to begin the season. There is no shortage of players that can step in for Stewart.
  3. I think there is room to protect one. At least right now. I think if any one of them gets picked its a loss considering the state of the pen. I can't pick which one would be protected. I don't know them well enough to do that. The 40 man roster is tighter than people realize. I think there are three spots open. Two starter/long relievers and one SS/3B guy. After that the O's will have to cut someone that could help them to pickup someone else.
  4. Looks like Smith stays on the 40 man roster.
  5. OK so lets look at the pitchers that Elias as acquired through the waiver wire or purchased for cash or FA. Age are at the time they were aquired. There are 13 of them. Armstrong 28 Brooks 29 Eades 27' Hanhold 25 Tayler Scott 27 Sulser 29 Wojciechowski 30 Josh Lucas 28 Signed as a FA Eshelman 24 Shepherd 26 Staily 30 Signed as FA Blach 28 Karns 31 They are mostly older then the three that we are talking about and here are the 3 minor league reliever we a talking about Alvarado 25 Klimek 25 Muckerhim 24 All three are still developing pitchers. So I think there is a difference from what Elias as acquired for the waiver wire.purchase or FA.
  6. And you know that the Alvarado, Muckerhim and Klimek will not develop into quality ML relievers?
  7. Sounds like you know more about Alvarado, Klimek and Muckerhim than I do. Their numbers look pretty good.
  8. So the O's have one of the worst pens in baseball but you are not worried about losing minor league relievers in the Rule 5 draft?
  9. So if we go through the player mentioned here are the position that are expect to be effected: (BOLD means eligible for the Rule 5 draft.) Starters - (6) (2) Akin, Kremer, Lowther, Baumann. Wells , Zimmerman, Sedlock Relievers - (7) (3) Harvey, Alvarado, Muckerhim, Tate, Kline, Klimek(Tony has mentioned), Pop Catcher - (1) Cumberland Outfielders - (5) (3)Hays, Mountcastle, Diaz, Mullins, McKenna Infielders - Bannon, McCoy That would be 22 players that played mostly or completely in the minors that would see some action in the majors this year.. And (10) players that need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft. Can the O's protect them all? Should they? That's a lot of players.
  10. I don't think they spend much more then the minimum on any acquired player. Several will be on AAA contracts for less then the minimum while they are in the minors.
  11. According the Baseball Reference Calvin Pickering never played in Frederick. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=picker001cal
  12. Aquiring pitching and maybe a SS are probably the top additions IMO.
  13. The pitchers that can start for the O's next year could be Means, Bundy, Cobb, Wojo, Brooks, Colin Rea and Michael Peoples. The last four fight for spots in the rotation in ST. The ones that don't make it go to the pen as long/middle relievers. I don't know if Elias can sign Rea and Peoples but I think he will try to get someone like them. Akins, Baumann, Lowther, and Kremer will be pushing for spots in the rotation by July. Akins maybe sooner. JMG
  14. It will take a great offer for Elias to trade Mancini. Multiple young future major leaguers in return.
  15. I think Elias acquire another SS this off season.
  16. Dudroff says: https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/10/16/orioles-dont-need-extend-trey-mancini/. Elias says: https://www.masnsports.com/media.php?show_id=3682796&p= IMO It doesn't sound like Elias will take a Cashner trade return for Bundy, Givens or Villar.
  17. I think the Angels are a good spot for Joe. Its a bid market that is under utilized right now. He could help them get competitive in the not too distant future.
  18. I thought Hyde did pretty well with the media. If the overall goal was to give player chances he saw a lot of player in his first year. Elias/Sig/Hyde have a lot of information to make decision with.
  19. JMO but I think the O's will want to see Mountcastle in the majors soon after April 9th more than Smith or even Stewart. He has a higher ceiling. The O's will find a way to get his bat in the lineup.
  20. Its a day for pete sakes. A travel day. You would rather he go to Norfolk with the Tides and then to Baltimore the same day? That makes no sense.
  21. I did not say he would travel north with the O's. I said: "I think instead of Mountcastle going from Florida to Norfolk he will travel to Baltimore to get ready to play the Pirates at Camden Yards. on the April 10th". The O's are not even in Baltimore on April 9th They arrive from NY on the April 10th. And I certainly said nothing about Mountcastle working out with the O's. Your inference is not correct.
  22. Ynoa was 1-10 with a 5.61 ERA, a 1.373 WHIP. He gave up more hits and innings pitched and had only 67 strikeouts in 110 innings pitched. I don't think he stays on the 40 man roster over the winter. The O's may offer him a reliever position at Norfolk after he is DFA'd but there will be a lot of competition for the Norfolk reliever position next spring. Here are some of the candidates for Norfolk pen: Kline, Tate, Erwin, Alvarado, Eades, Cervenka, Muckerhim, .Fry, Armstrong, Hess. Shepherd, Sulser, Ortiz, Manhold and Rogers.
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