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  1. So you are calling John Means a turd. You have not changed a bit.
  2. Your kidding right. Bowie and Delmarva pitching improved greatly last season. Probably one of the reasons Holt was made Director of Pitching for the majors and minors. Geez. You need help.
  3. "It’s nice to see because (my changeup is) one of the pitches I worked on in spring training, and to get some swings and misses, especially with two strikes, isn’t something that I’m used to,” said Means, who also made use of the Edgertronic high-speed cameras that the Orioles brought to camp. "More of execution and release point. Chris Holt is kind of like the changeup guru. We were working on it a lot in spring training and he was showing me what I was doing wrong with it and what I need to be doing with it and it’s been working well.” https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/john-means-thrives-with-change-of-pace/ Don't you watch the same team I do? Why am I the one that remembers this and you don't?
  4. Worked in the minors last season. He did help Means if I remember correctly.
  5. Larkins didn't have Holt coaching him until now.
  6. If you don't know that if a team has a group of good hitters it makes it hard to pitch around batters, I can't help you.
  7. And MacPhail traded Brett Jacobson and James Hoey for Hardy. That is basically a wire claim.
  8. They can throw strikes. Their pitches have good movement. Hyde is showing faith in both players. Hyde is using Sulser as a closer which shows he will give him every chance. Lakins is not that old. He just turned 26 on June 26th. In baseball terms this is his age 25th season.
  9. Based on what I have seen from both pitchers and that they are under the O's control for a long time.
  10. Younger version of those players. CF- Hays, RF- Santander, Not two Hardy but Iglesias at SS, Nunez has already homer 31 and drove in 90. If they surround him with better hitters he could improve - 1B. Mountcastle, Rutschman in the system. Plus Alberto, Ruiz, Severino, Sisco
  11. If Holt can work with him in Bowie those things can be addressed. I think that is the goal.
  12. I can't see the O's trading Means. They need more like Means not less.
  13. That should be the off season goal. Duquette did it in the 2011-2012 off season. Elias needs to show he can do that.
  14. No that is how Tony shows evidence.
  15. So you are agreeing that Ruiz is showing improvement. I also think it was telling that he was missed in the field during the Marlin games. Its a nice analysis and one that I am not capable of doing. That does not mean I can't see the improvement that Ruiz is making or anyone of the other Orioles as well. I could tell you Ruiz is make more solid contact like late last year. That he has put on some muscle that probably makes the ball go farther when he squares it up. I can also say he looks more confident. I will leave the detail analysis to you and others that are better at it then I am. But I come to the same conclusion. Different is you don't believe you have enough data to say it will last. I put the other factor on confidence, add muscle and the fact the the O's don't have anyone else that can play 3rd as well which means Ruiz gets more chances to play.
  16. I think there are more players here that can play on a contending team, Santander, Hasy, Alberto, Ruiz, Nunez, Iglesias, Mountcastle. The two catchers are hitting. Surprising but maybe Long and Hyde have found something here. Means, Sulser, Castro, Scott, Lakins, Harvey probably all have futures here. Cobb is a present major leaguer. Wojo, Leblanc and Milone look like they can be good for 4+ innings which works this year but not next year. If the O's have this many players that can contend then the question that follows is where do the starters come from? That is an off season question. If the offense and defense is solid then its easier to find pitchers that can help. But I don't think Elias sits on his hands and waits for Rodriguez and Hall to be ready. There will be Akin, Kremer, Zimmerman, Lowther and Wells But it falls on Elias to go get some starters to supplement what they have. This past off season he got LeBlanc an Milone. Next off season he will have to spend a little more and get some other established (better) starters. Watching the development that is happening I don't think waiting to contend in 2023 is where the team is headed. Its really about how to make the 2021 a team that can win 90.
  17. Yes, I agree. But nothing is final. When looking forward its all projections. I think the important thing is to recognize the improvement.
  18. That was last year. I think there is improvement this year.
  19. A lot depends on how long they can keep him on the IL. I can still see them putting him through waiver to get him off the 40 man roster and to Bowie if he can't stay on the IL very long.
  20. Pitching is in demand at the deadline. Probably even more this season because more teams will be in contention for playoff spots. Elias is not going to be asking for major league players in return. He is going to be asking for prospects that fit his evaluation criteria. Players like Bradish who seem like nothing special to most but who Elias added to the 60 man roster because he sees something in him. I think Elias has shown in the last year that he believes in his evaluation criteria even when it go against what the rest of the league thinks. He proves that in the draft and in the Bundy trade IMO. And he is proving every day how he can take players that other teams quit on and make them successful.
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