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  1. Me either. Just the major moves. Don't get me wrong. On balance I give Dan a lot of credit for the O's five year run of competitive baseball in spite of many obstacles. But he made some bad moves too like most GMs do.
  2. He traded a first round draft choice for Jimenez. And another first rounder for Gallardo. I know they were't straight trades but that was the result.
  3. I am not going to argue with you about what you or anyone else thinks. I didn't say Mountcastle works out this the team before he joins the team. Any yes I have no way of knowing the exact date that Norfolk leave Florida which is a pretty picky point in the whole scenario.
  4. Norfolk breaks camp in Florida and will head to Norfolk for their opener on the April 9th. I said Mountcastle goes to Baltimore instead. But the O's are not even in Baltimore on the 9th. There are playing the Yankees in NY on the 9th. They don't get home until the 10th when they play the Pirates.
  5. Please point me to where I said he would be working out with the team. I don't believe I said that.
  6. Player development seemed to have been Duquette's major short fall with the farm. He could draft pretty well but seeing what Elias has done with player development over the last year points out how poor Duquette was in that area.
  7. I never said that. I said he does not play a day for Norfolk. Probably a poor choice of words. I meant he never plays a regular season game with Norfolk. He probably plays a few ST games for them.
  8. I don't think that the International league ST schedule has been released yet. But I would think they will play ST games until a day or two before Norfolk's opening day.
  9. The current CBA doesn't expire until Dec 2021. A lot can change in two years.
  10. There were more changes in the last CBA then that: https://www.mlb.com/news/details-of-mlb-mlbpa-labor-agreement/c-210125462
  11. Its probably about the same. The current labor agreement was signed in late 2016. In 2014-2015 there were discussions of the issues between the owner and the union. See a sample: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/12/mlb-salaries-labor-contract-negotiations/419889/ Now that the owners have deceased the number on long term agreement the cry will be the same as before the current agreement was signed. Meanwhile Trout, Stanton, Harper, and Machado all have contracts on 300m or more. Alex Rodriguez 275m was the highest in 2014.
  12. In 2014 the Astros began the season on April 1st. Springer was called up on April 15th. Back then players had to spend 12 days in the minors for the club to get a 7th year. The Astros didn't have a game on the 14th so Springer was called up 1 game after he qualified for 7 years. Here is a article on the call up. https://www.mlb.com/news/houston-astros-outfield-prospect-george-springer-called-up/c-72209994 No grievance was filed.
  13. If the O's want a 7th year of Mountcastle he has to stay in the minors until April 10th. But there are not regular season minor games until April 9th. So I think he gets sent down around March 26th, plays some minor league ST games until the 10th and is recall to face the Pirates on April 10th. No taxi squad.
  14. Its all about the money and the way Elias presents it to the pitchers he wants. He he tells them that he has prospects at AAA that probably will spend the first half there then the AAA 6 year pitchers he wants to attractive will have 3 month to prove they can play in the majors even if they have to start at AA. Elias can offer them a 400-555k salary to entice them to the O's organization. Also there are one or two open in the starting rotation and maybe three opening in the pen they can compete for in ST. I think Akin begins the season at AAA and has to pitch well to get a promotion to the O's rotation. That is the open spot in the rotation. I think Brooks will be in ST competing for a spot in the majors because he pitched well the last 6 weeks of the season after he was stretched out. I think Ynoa comes off the 40 man roster and may be offered a AAA contract to be a reliever.
  15. The thing about Mountcastle at 2B is that I have heard or seen nothing for the O's about him playing there. Only LF1B/DH. So you can hope for it but so far there is nothing to make it seem like it would happen. Alberto defense at 2B got better that better has the season went on. Alberto had dramatic splits this season making it seem like he didn't hit righties well. How he was not like the at AAA last season. I expect that the O's will work with him on hitting righties in ST. And i think he gets a chance to be a everyday player next season. Wilkerson all hit righties but not lefties last season. But hit lefties in the minors. Ruiz has not hit lefties in the minors or the majors. He is more a platoon candidate IMO.
  16. I don't believe Mountcastle will play a day in the minors in 2020. I believe Mountcastle not being with the team on OD is all about service time. I think it will become apparent, if it isn't already, in ST that Mouncastlle is ready to hit in the majors. He has to be assigned to the minors for 15 days to get a 7th year before he is eligible for FA.. That means he will not be called up until April 10th. The Tides don't open up their season until April 9th. I think instead of Mountcastle going from Florida to Norfolk he will travel to Baltimore to get ready to play the Pirates at Camden Yards. on the April 10th. I know Elias said Mountcastle will start the season in the minors to work on his plate discipline and fielding but he will work with the major league staff on that for 6 weeks in ST. His bat will speak loud IMO and he will be with the O's on the April 10th. Its not smart for Elias to talk about service time because of league rules. But that does not mean he can't change his mind based on what he sees in ST.
  17. N No alternative? Alberto and Wilkerson both play 2B. Villar plays 2B if he is still with the team.
  18. I am open to creative thinking. So who do you suggest? Must make the major league minimum. See if you can come up with better than Peoples and Rea.
  19. The O's used 15 starters this season. Seven had more than 10 starts. The O's can use all the starter depth they can find. Cobb is a big question mark coming off hip surgery. And if he is good he will be traded in July. Bundy's arbritration cost will go up in 2021 so he also may be available at the deadline in July. Akins has never pitched in the majors so we do not know how effective he will be. And Wojo and Brooks are no sure thing. So signing additional starters is a necessity IMO.
  20. If Hyde stay with the way he has been managing Mountcastle will play LF/RF/1B/DH in ST.
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