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  1. 1) Dustin Askley #2 2009 2B/OF Played 6 seasons in the majors. Career stats 241//304/367/671 College: U of North Carolina Career stats 412/487/648/1135 2) Rickie Weeks #2 2003 2b Played 14 season in the majors Career stats 246/344/420/764 161HR. 132 SB College: Southern U, won 2 NCAA batting titles comping the best career betake average in college history and earning the Golden Spikes Award as the best college player. As a sophomore in 2002, he batted .495 with 20 home runs, winning the NCAADivision I batting title. The next year, he batted .479 with 16 home runs, winning a second straight batting title and finishing his career with a .465 batting average (254 of 546), highest in NCAA history
  2. Response to your "not good enough for half of the OH at 1:2" comment. OH questioning even the #1 or #2 pick is justified. History shows they either pick has only a 50% chance of having a good major league career. Generic or not its true.
  3. Some times it works out. Some times it doesn't. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_first_overall_Major_League_Baseball_draft_picks
  4. However the owners are saying that the March agreement did not address if there were no fans in the stands. That fact will make the owners lose money and they want to renegotiate the terms of the season pay for the players.
  5. Your post made me look at the leading hitters in the MLB last season. Bryan Reynolds, Tim Anderson and Whit Merrifield all had mid teens HR power, few triples and still had over 800 OPS. So I think you are right. I was underestimating Martins ability to have a high OPS. I guess I will have to adjust my thinking on Martins offensive production.
  6. That is not what I think Olney is pointing out. Sure the virus has caused a delay in the season and restrictions on how they will play in July and after, if they play. But what Olney is pointing out is that the two sides are far apart on the money issue of how the players are paid for the season. And that may cause the season not be played.
  7. Sounds like you are thinking that the virus is the reason for no baseball. Olney is saying that it may not be the virus but money that causes the season not to be played.
  8. Its a choice and a valid opinion. From what I have read Martin profiles as 15 HR, 15 SB, 300/350/400/750 in 600 AB in the majors. An average 2B or CF. That does not sound like a #2 overall pick to me. Not when Lacy and Hancock are there for the taking. Its not like Martin projects to hit 40 HR or steal 40 bases a season. He appears to be a singles and doubles hitter. His speed is above average but not blazing. His pluses to me are that he is a smart player from what I have read. Has good instincts for the game and leadership qualities.
  9. The topic is if there is not MLB baseball this year.
  10. Just listened to Buster Olney frame the issue between the players and the owners. Boras and Tony Clark want prorated pay for the players. Owners say no fans in the stands means a 50-50 split of revenue is needed. They are digging in on their positions which threatens the 2020 season. Who is to blame if there is not MLB baseball this season? https://1057thefan.radio.com/blogs/inside-access-with-jason-la-canfora-ken-weinman/espn-buster-olney-mlb-owners-vs-players-2020
  11. Rendon dropped to #6 because for a ankle injury that required surgery late in his college career. He was always thought to be a good fielder at 3B when healthy. He was a power hitter and Freshman of the year in college by BA.
  12. I agree that Martin probably is drafted in the top 4 because of his bat. I just don't think the O's need a good hitting 2B more then they need a top of the rotation starter considering how hard it is to find quality starters to pitch in Camden Yards.
  13. Could you expound on the defensive expectations for Vanderbilt's Austin Martin? I've seen it mentioned that he had throwing issues this spring. Is that a concern going forward? What level of defender does he project to be at third base, second base and/or center field? -- Ben W., Oxford, Miss. While no one doubts that Martin will hit, there are questions about where he'll wind up defensively. Scouts had hoped to see him at shortstop this spring, but Vanderbilt went with freshman Carter Young instead. Martin opened the season at third base, didn't look good throwing there during the first weekend and shifted to center field. Martin has had some arm-related injuries and there are times when he looks tentative making throws, so some clubs do have concerns. He has twitchy athleticism and soft hands, but his arm could limit him at third base. He's more of a solid than a plus runner, so he projects more as an average-to-solid defender in center field and could be better than that at second base. --------- Not the arm for 3B, not the speed for CF. Best position 2B. I don't want a 2B for the #2 pick. Just another reason to take Hancock or Lacy.
  14. While I don't know that Zimmerman has passed Kremer, I do agree Zimmerman needs to be available to the team this season.
  15. I don't see them sitting out the 2020 season. When the O;s were to play a full season with a rotation that includes Wojo, LeBlanc and Milone plus an injury prone Cobb, I thought Akin and Kremer would go to the minors and be promoted during the season. But if there are no minors in 202O, I think both Akin and Kremer need to available to the team. So they have to be included in one form or another this season. The details on how the roster is to be formed are not clear yet but these two starters seem likely to be included somehow this season.
  16. I think it would be hard to argue with if Elias picked Hancock or Lacy. Both project as top of the rotation starters. Camden Yards is a hitter's park. Its very hard to get FA pitchers to come to pitch in Camden Yards. Its also very expensive to get a top of the rotation FA pitcher to sign with the O's as a mid to small market team. So the O's probably have to grow the arms. Pitching is the most important element of a playoff team. On the other hand, FA hitters will sign with O's to play in a hitter's park. Especially if the O's have a good pitching staff. Martin is a very good OBP hitter who could play at several positions. But its easier for the O's to acquire a good hitter than a good starter. I hope the O's go for Hancock or Lacy to go with Rodriguez, Hall and Means. That sounds like a winning formula for the 2023 playoffs.
  17. If there is a MLB season and if players are given the option to play at half pay or stay out because they don't want to risk catching the virus. Davis has already been paid about 119M in his MLB career. HIs half payoff 2020 would be 11.5m. His 2021 and 2022 seasons will pay him 46M. Is it worth it to him and his family to play in 2020 with the virus risk or could he forgo the 11.5m and be safer at home? Some would say who cares if he plays or not. But with Mancini on the IL it may open up first base for Ryan Mountcastle. It could mean a ton to him.
  18. I am looking forward to MLB baseball in July. Even it some of the best players opt not play. Even with not fans in the stands. Even if the O's are the worst team in baseball.
  19. A little Mancini, a little of how baseball starts again, a little about whether he wants to manage again. https://pressboxonline.com/2020/05/04/former-orioles-manager-buck-showalter-on-what-makes-trey-mancini-so-special/ Scroll to the bottom and listen.
  20. Trey said in the press conference that it had spread to three lymph nodes and they were removed.
  21. My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Had some pretty radical surgery at Johns Hopkins and has been cancer free for many years now. I expect that she will out live me and cancer will probably not be what gets her. I understand the lymph system pretty well from a laymans stand point. And yes I have had aunts and cousins that have died from advanced cancer and its a terrible thing. I agree with Weams that Trey's is regional. The American Cancer Society says the survival rate for 5 yrs for early stage three colon cancer is 70%. We would want it be to 100% but that is better than that 40% that Weams stated. Its sounds like Trey is taking the 6 months of chemo to gave him the best chance of not have any reoccurrence. I wish Trey all the best.
  22. Trey said in a press conference today that he is early stage 3. Expects a full recovery.
  23. Thanks for pointing at the article. Though I didn't like what it said.
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