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  1. Elias is trying to make the payroll has lower as he can. That way he can use the money to build the organization. A good example of that is Carroll was injured all season. He was on the 40 man roster but had been optioned to the minors and was earning a minor league salary. If Elias wanted to use that 40 man roster spot all he had to do was call up Carroll and put on the 60 day IL. But that would have cost Elias probably 450k to do that. Less has the season went on. But it never happen. Elias believed saving the money was more important than the roster spot. I doubt the Angelos brothers were involved in that. I think that shows that Elias on his own will save money were he can. Keeping Davis on the roster saves him 555k for the player that would take Davis spot. While the O's are losing I expect that to continue. The roster spot becomes more important when the O's start to win.
  2. We have had his discussion more than once. How often do Hyde and Elias talk and what do they talk about? Here is the answer: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/hyde-on-the-bullpen-progress-and-rebuild.html
  3. Mountcastle may get most of his playing time in left. So he may have little to do with Davis who may be a bench player.
  4. If Davis is on the team next season all it tells me is the Elias does not think the team is ready to win. If they were ready to win Elias probably would not use a spot on Davis. If Elias believes the team is not ready to win then there is not reason to eat that contract.
  5. They are out of date. I have been keeping the list for a while. The asterisks were the players on the 25 man list at that point. The bold were the players I thought would be with the team next season. The list overall list is the those players that I thought would be on the 40 man roster for the Rule 5 draft.
  6. Probably those that did a very good job were not terminated. Was Alan Mills terminated? Was Gary Kendall? Mike Griffin was re-ssigned as dsakflk
  7. I have a hard time criticizing Elias for how he handles minor league player instruction in view of the O's minor league teams performance this season.
  8. Since Elias' focus in likely on 2022 and not 2020 I don't think we can count on the O's offense being league average. The addition of Hays and (Mountcastle on April 10th) should improve the offense but Villar may be traded. Losing Villar will set the offense back.
  9. Great talent but an injury waiting to happen. That diving is likely to put him on the IL.
  10. Yes, he went 0 for 20 something. But he broke out of it about 4 games ago. They talked a lot about it on the game board cast. But I know you are not watching.
  11. Good points. You have me thinking and doing more research.
  12. Armstrong has a 1.48 WHIP, Fry !.41 WHIP. What is strong about that? Wojo is 31 and has 5.38 ERA. I would think the Elias thinks he can do better.
  13. If they are not protected they become FA. So no that does not matter. I think the O's could offer them minor league contracts but I don't doubt the O's see them as guys the have to be on the roster at Rule 5 time.
  14. I don't think Fry, Armstrong and Wojo will be protected from the Rule 5 draft. There are still a few games left. Things could change.
  15. At this point I don't see the O's protecting Williams or Smith. So that is 4 opening on the 40 man roster. Starters (7) 1. Means (27)* -o 2. Bundy (27)* Starter because they need him. Could be converted to a reliever after Bowie starters arrive. 3. Cobb (32)* If healthy 4. 5. 6. Kremer (24) 7. Akin (25) 8. Sedlock (25) 9. Fenter (24) Relievers (12) 10. Harvey (25)*- o 11. Givens (30)*-o -As really hurt his trade value with the blown saves. He will be available but I doubt Elias gets what he wants for him. 12. Castro (25)* 13. Bleier (33) -o Career numbers of very good. Good bet to bound back next year. 14. Tanner Scott (25)-o Has 1 option left. Can't give up on an arm like this until he is out of option and still has no command. 15. Phillips (25) -o 16. Tate (26)* -o Has 2 options left. Has 1.67 ERA as reliever at Bowie. 17. Kline (28) -o Has 2 option left. Can’t give up on the arm. 18. Hess (26) -o Need to be tried as reliever. Has a 3.00 ERA 24 IP, 26K, 1.08 WHIP as a reliever at AAA. Has one option left. 19. Carroll - (27)-o Depending on health. If he was healthy he is just the kind of pitcher the O's would be trying to add. Has 1 option left. Has a 2.73 ERA in the minors with over a strikeout per inning. 20. Ortiz (24) Too young to give up on. Has a strong arm. 21. Alvarado (25)-o 2.66 ERA at AA. Catchers (2) 22. Severino (26)* 23. Sisco (24)*-o Infielders/DH (8) 24. Mancini (28)*-o 25. Villar (29)* - Very Available. But Elias will put a high price on him. 26. Nunez (26)* 27. Alberto (27)* 28. Martin (25)*-o May start at AAA. 29. Ruiz (26)*-o Good last 6 weeks raised his stock. 30. Wilkerson (28)*-o Can high righties. Could be platoon 2B or a UIF. 31. Davis (34)* With 3 years left on that contract and the team not expected to win. He stays. 26th man help his hold a spot. Outfielders (9) 32. Mountcastle (23)-o Probably the starting LFer. 33. Santander (25)*-o In RF. 34. Hays (24) -o CF 35. Stewart (26)*-o Extra OF 36. Williams (28) Sept will tell if he stays. Likely gone 37. Smith (27) -o Sept will tell if he stays. Likely gone 38. Diaz (23) -o AAA 39. McKenna (23)-o AA 40. Mullins (25)-o AAA
  16. His diving in the outfield is more likely to put him on the IL at some point.
  17. I think all of them will sustain there success but probably not in the same way they did this season for some of them. I don't think Alberto hits lefties as well next season. He will hit them but I hope he also hits righties better than this season. He hit righties at AAA. Mancini as established himself and will continue to be a good player. Means looks solid to me. Severino success with he bat is based on hitting lefties. I think he can still do that. I actually think he will get better next year defensively. Villar is what he is. A player with speed, durability, a good arm, some power, who can steal a base but makes some poor decisions. Defensively he is a middle infielder with good range but is error prone and does not have the best hands. That combination has been successful for the O's and if another team gives him the playing time and accepts those kind of results he will probably be successful there.
  18. There is a lot of hoopla here over a bench player on a losing team.....which is what Davis has become.
  19. I think several of the pitchers you mentioned will be non tendered or released this off season. My guess is Elias will bring in cheap pitchers from other organizations and 6 year minor league free agents. Some will be on the O's major league roster and others will be sign to minor league contracts with an invite to ST.
  20. If he is 62 and they move him to Florida, is that really a demotion?
  21. How do you know he had no major disruptions?
  22. Probably, if he was in a bigger park.
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