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  1. I think Sisco gets tendered but his spot is not secure on the roster. If Elias sees a cheap catcher that he thinks is better this off season Sisco could be traded or DFA'd.
  2. Elias is not uninvolved with anything to do with the baseball operations of the Orioles.
  3. I think they are in sync on the goals for the season and I think getting a high draft choice is high on the list of goals.
  4. Hyde and Elias talk everyday. What do you think they talk about? The weather?
  5. That will be interesting this off season. I am sure that will say everyone is available but who they trade if anyone is a big question.
  6. Even though the players play to win every game, Hyde and Elias have opportunities to influence wins by the players they play.
  7. Contending team next year? No. But not a top 5 losing team next year either. Once the pitching begins to improve the O's will begin to win more.
  8. I say yes. They wants to win about 33% of their games. They don't want a long winning streak because that might lose them their #2 draft pick next June. They are about 3 games behind KC and that is probably were they want to stay IMO. This could be Elias' last chance to get a top 5 draft pick. At least he has to hope that is true. The Bowie pitchers are probably going to start to arrive in the majors next July. Elias probably hope that moves the team up in the standing in the 2nd half next season. If I step back and look at the goal for September its to get the #2 pick. Playing .500 or greater like they did in July the rest of the way does nothing for them.
  9. wildcard

    Austin Hays 2019

    Elias could go either way on the promotion of Hays and Williams. It could be both, one or neither. It is probably the most interesting of the call up decisions. Wilkerson missing that fly ball the other day could influence him. Shepherd to the rotation is the second most interesting to me.
  10. In the next few days you probably will. Lets see how much playing time he gets.
  11. That was March 24th and I qualified what I was talking about. Nothing absurd there.
  12. Nothing absurd about what I said there.
  13. Maybe. Whenever people exaggerate what I post and Corn follows it with an absurd comment.
  14. Never said he was more than a 4th outfielder. In fact, I don't know that he is even that. Just a guy who was a career centerfield in the minors. Drafted on the 4th round by the Yankees out of high school in 2010. BA #32 prospect in 2013. Grandnephew of Walt "No Neck" Williams who played 10 years with the White Sox. He was called up to the Yankees in 2015 and was doing well when he hurt his right non throwing shoulder for the second time in his career. He lost a couple of years because of the injury and this year is the first time he has hit well at AAA since the injury. I don't know what he could be at the major league level but I would like to see him come up and play some in center this September. We have seen Wilkerson and Santander in center. Hays progress to the majors is slow. I think its a good time to look at him. You guys can laugh it up all you want, just like you did when I said Little Yaz deserved a chance.
  15. Mason Williams had two surgeries on the right shoulder. One in 2012, the other in 2015. That is his non throwing shoulder. Here is him talking about his rehab in 2016. It also gives a little history on him. https://www.mlb.com/video/mason-williams-rehab-update/c-848570383
  16. Assets MASON WILLIAMS Is an excellent athlete with great range in the outfield. Generates good bat speed at the plate, as well as great speed when he is on base. Sprays the ball to all fields effectively, which adds to his batting prowess for MLB. Flaws Does not always hustle on the field, so he needs to gain greater discipline and maturity in order to maximize his big-league output. Could also stand to add some bulk to his wiry frame so as to gain durability (and power). Career potential Athletic outfielder.
  17. I know that happen once this season. Doesn't mean he would have made it through waivers again without being claims. Other teams have different needs at different times.
  18. Peterson can do things that Williams can't do. Peterson can play 2B/3B/1B/RF/LF. He was called up when Ruiz left to be with his wife having a baby. When Ruiz came back Stewart was hurt so Peterson moved to left. If the O's DFA'd Peterson that versatility might be gone because he is out of options. Peterson and Williams offer that team two different set of skills. That is one of the reason that Peterson is still on the roster. If Alberto, Villar or Ruiz get hurt Peterson will be needed.
  19. Yep. The starting pitching has been that thin. For the O's and the Tides.
  20. It was a roster issue before now. Williams was not on the 40 man so someone has to go to make room. On Tuesday the AAA season is over and guys that are on the 40 man roster who were at AAA will not be needed. Blach and Eshelman are two that I see are likely to be DFA'd. And because other pitchers will be called up as the roster expands a pitcher like Ynoa who has not pitched well this season and has no options left could be DFA making more roster space for Williams. Had Williams been on the 40 man roster this season I think he would have been called up to see if he could play center better that Wilkerson or Santander. I also think the O's had hopes that Hays would tear up AAA pitching and force his way onto the O's roster as the centerfielder. But that has not happen. It looks to me like Hays start 2020 at AAA until he proves he can hit AAA pitching. Ok, Now that I have said all that Elias could call up Mountcastle and Hays and then I will say "Never mind". One more thing. Wilkerson does not hit lefties. Williams does even though he is a lefty batter. He could platoon with Wilkerson in center. That is something that others like Stewart and Smith can't/shouldn't do. And he might do better than Santander. I don't know that for sure but I would like to find out.
  21. Sorry Blach not Brach.
  22. Roch said that a couple (I take that to be two) will be called up tomorrow. I think that is likely to be Trumbo and Smith just because Trumbo is an established veteran and Smith has been with the team almost all season with an injury interrupting his time of the 25 man roster. His recent option was just roster management. I don't want to see Mountcastle and Hays called up. I want a 7th season of Mountcastle and Hays as quite frankly not earned it. No reason to promote him and have him hit no better than what he is doing at AAA. On Tuesday I hope to see the following: Shepherd has earned a callup to the rotation along with Means, Bundy, Wojo and Brooks. I am anxious to see what he can do after an effective August at AAA. I think we see Tanner Scott, Phillips and Cervenka who have all been pitching well lately at AAA and may help the pen. Cervenka is a Elias pickup who looks interesting. A lefty reliever who has a pretty good past record. Wynn as the third catcher. He may take playing time away for Sisco. I want to see if Mason Williams is a better center field than Wilkerson and Santander. And whether he will hits in the majors. I think the O's DFA Blach, Eshelman and Ynoa. The first two are pickups that did not work out and Ynoa falls in the Yacabonis category for me. A guy out of options next year who did not prove himself this year. What do you think? Its all happens soon.
  23. Shepherd is at it again. Eight scoreless innings. HIs next start should be in the O's rotation.
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