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  1. When healthy Hays has out slugged Mountcastle. The question is can he stay health. Hays had over 500 Slugging at Aberdeen, Frederick, Bowie and the O's. Mountcastle has only done that at Norfolk.
  2. Last season Alberto had a 609 OPS vs righties. If he doesn't improve that substantially he will be platooned. I think he gets the opportunity to show he can do better but right now I think he is a platoon vs lefties. Wilkerson came through the minors as a 2B. He had a 783 OPS vs righties last season. His 783 OPS vs Alberto 609 OPS vs righties is too big to ignore. Wilkerson, Sisco, and Severino are all platoon numbers from last season. Alberto is a career platoon number vs lefties.
  3. I have Alberto platooned vs lefties. And he drops from a 948 OPS vs lefties to a 816 OPS. That is not repeating last season. That is his career MLB numbers vs lefties.
  4. The pitching will be the down fall of the O's in 2020. But there are some things to look forward to on offense. Elias may not platoon the way I want them to in order to maximize of the offense but this swag shows what could happen if they did. The team's power and batting average is pretty good but the OBP and stolen base are poor which holds down the runs scored. Note: I see Hays and Iglesias missing significant time due to injuries. Mountcastle gets called up a month into the season. 2020 batting averages Name AB R H HR RBI SB Avg OBP SLG OPS *Hays 470 72 132 25 76 7 282 322 510 831 CF Last 3 year AB and averages. Misses some time with injuries *Wilkerson 460 65 121 20 56 5 264 311 472 783 2B/OF Platooned vs righties after the first month; 2019 numbers *Mancini 602 106 175 35 97 1 291 364 535 899 RF/DH Duplicates 2019 *Santander 600 73 156 32 93 2 261 297 476 773 LF 2019 number extend to 600 at bats -Mountcastle 500 60 146 22 72 1 293 338 488 826 1B Spends first month in AAA then duplicates Mancini rookie year *Sisco 430 76 95 23 57 0 223 339 432 772 C Platooned vs righties 2019 numbers *Nunez 541 72 132 30 90 1 244 311 460 771 DH Duplicates 2019 *Ruiz 415 44 94 22 66 0 227 304 462 766 3B 2nd half average extended over a full season. Platooned vs righties *Iglesias 466 54 126 7 54 9 271 306 389 695 SS 3 year averages *Alberto 220 28 76 4 18 2 346 362 455 816 2B/3B Platooned vs lefties; Plays everyday for Mar/April but does not hit righties well. Career number vs lefties *Severino 170 25 46 10 39 0 273 323 490 812 C Platooned vs lefties *Davis 70 6 13 3 9 0 191 286 350 636 1B Plays for first month until Mountcastle is promoted then defensive back up *Urena 264 22 67 2 15 3 253 300 324 636 SS/3B Platoon 3B and backup for SS *Smith 50 6 12 2 7 1 252 311 423 734 LF backup for 1st 2 weeks -Stewart 150 21 36 6 23 3 241 323 422 745 LF/RF/DH On the Norfolk shuttle. Career numbers -Williams 192 21 55 2 12 3 286 325 382 707 CF recalled when Hays injured; Career numbers AB Runs Hits HR RBI SB AVG OBP SLG OPS ToTal 5600 752 1482 245 734 38 265 322 459 781 In the AL 11th 5th 6th 7th 14th 5th 9th 5th 5th * Begins the season in the majors - Begins the season in the minors or on the IL
  5. Diaz is a ways off. I doubt we see him in Baltimore in the first half. Depending how he does at AAA and if he can stay healthy or not. It could be much later in the year or next year before he is promoted. He has to show he can fulfill his potential.
  6. Sounds like there is a reason that Dwight Smith Jr is still on this team. I thought that the O's would give Davis the first month of the season to see if the changes he made over the winter would help him. But he made no changes. Just worked on strength. ST will be enough time to see how Davis is doing. By Opening Day it looks like Mancini will be at 1B most of the time. Santander in right and Smith in left. Davis on the bench most of the time. When Mountcastle is promoted then Smith can be optioned.
  7. I added Brady Rodgers to the OP as non roster invitee that will probably compete for a spot in the rotation.
  8. Rodgers sure looks like a starter that will be in O's ST and competing for a spot in the O's rotation. Good signing.
  9. I think that's six pitchers were invited.
  10. They are on the Baysox roster but ST will determine where that play this season. They have both played a AAA in the past.
  11. Martin, Canelo and Mora are all listed as SS. Rondon has played 574 games in the minors at SS. Easily his most used position.
  12. Looks a little crowded at Norfolk. Rylan Bannon, Richie Martin, Dilson Herrera, Jose Rondon, Malquin Canelo, Angelo Mora. Once Mountcastle is promoted Norfolk will need a 1B.
  13. I doubt the O's would pay over 1m in salary for a starter.
  14. I doubt Eshelman is in camp. I think he cooked his goose last year. At this point he is minor league organizational depth. I think he ends up at AA or released. Blach has major league experience so he might be invited but he was terrible for the O's last season. 11.32 ERA for the O's and 16.88 for Norfolk. I hope we don't see him in camp but we might. I think Elias will want to see Baumann and Lowther in camp. JMO.
  15. Totally different. Smith is a marginal player that was acquired after being DFA'd. He has to proven himself over a longer period of time in the majors. Rutschman is a #1 draft choice in the whole draft playing at low A ball. The number of at bats needed to move up are low if he is succeeding.
  16. I think he did by hitting for an 894 OPS at Aberdeen.
  17. Rutschman had a 594 OPS at Delmarva in a small number of at bats. He has not even proven he can hit at that level yet. He is still getting use to wooden bats IMO. I know most fans want Rutschman to begin the season at Frederick. But I still think he has things to prove at Delmarva. I hope he moves up fast but I think he should be given the opportunity to succeed at each level before moving up.
  18. From what I have read, Means works out at the facility for several days each week. I read that Hess got his program from the same facility and took it home to work out. That seems like a different level of commitment. I hope it help Hess but my expectation is low that he will make the kind of jump in performance that Means did. The only reason the Hess comes to camp with a shot at the rotation is that the rotation is weak. Otherwise I think they would be converting him to a reliever from day one. I still expect Elias to add a starter.
  19. Wells and Zimmerman strikes me as the kind of guys that have to earn everything they get. Wells is the 20th prospect on Orioles.com and Zimmerman is not in the top 30. With the pitchers I have listed there will be 27 pitchers in camp. I don't think they get an invite but I could be wrong. I do think with a good first half at AAA both those pitchers have a chance to be called up in the 2nd half.
  20. Other then the 40 man roster. Here is my guess. Catchers: Rutschman, Holaday, Martin Cervenka, Davis Pitchers: Baumann, Shepherd, Valdez, Lowther, Hunter Cervenka, Zastryzny, Rodgers Outfielders: Williams, Diaz Infielders: Herrera, Bannon
  21. Because the O's would still send Rutschman to the minors for a year so the O's could promote the pitching they need in the majors at the same time Rutschman was called up. If all teams had the same revenue from all sources they would all compete on the same level. All be able to afford the same free agents and draft choice and international signing. It might take a year or two to stabilize but there would be no tanking.
  22. I don't think that does it. All they have to do in make every teams revenue equal. Easy.
  23. On the other hand, I don't see either one as a good reason to invite Rutschman. The reason is to get him accustom to the major league personnel and environment. That is true in spite for Wieters and Guasman not reaching their potential.
  24. The bold would seem like an argue not to invite Rutschman. I am glad he has been invited though.
  25. I am willing to bet we do not see Donnie Hart in a ones uniform this coming season.
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