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  1. I am sure there have been many of them. Pedro Alvarez comes to mind. Tommy Davis in his later years. Terry Crowley.
  2. A bench player is someone who fills in for a regular when the regular needs a break or is injured. That is what Davis' role is at this point.
  3. I don't have enough information to be sure on this one. For all I know Mountcastle is as good a defensive outfielder as Stewart.
  4. Oh but he will be a bench player. Mountcastle pretty much assures that there is not a starting spot for Davis if there is no one injured after April 10th.
  5. Now who is swimming up stream? You know Davis will likely be back but you say my argument is losing steam. Sounds like an emotional argument on your part rather then a factual one. I think as fans we have get over making a big deal out of keeping a bench player on a losing team.
  6. So you would throw the Angleos Brothers under the bus over a bench player on a losing team? I doubt Elias even asks the Brothers to DFA Davis. There is no real need for him to do that for a losing team. The O's will not win in 2020 without better pitching and the Bowie guys will spend the 1st half at AAA. Elias will save his bullets with the Brothers until it really matters is my guess.
  7. 4) OK, a friendly bet right now. No money just a bet. I say Davis will begin 2020 on the O's 25 man roster. What say you? Note: My opinion is held by a majority of the Hangout. 68% say he has not played his last game with the O's. https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36366-will-this-weekend-be-the-last-time-we-see-chris-davis-in-baltimore/
  8. 1) Davis has said the O's are already mapping out a new plan for him. 2)There is no crowd. Mancini 1B, Nunez DH, Mountcastle LF, Stewart is a back up OF. Davis is a bench player. 3) One bench player does not prevent the O's from showing the fans the future 4) Keeping Davis saves 555k for his replacement. Other than that we completely agree.
  9. There are some here that don't believe that.
  10. Elias is trying to make the payroll has lower as he can. That way he can use the money to build the organization. A good example of that is Carroll was injured all season. He was on the 40 man roster but had been optioned to the minors and was earning a minor league salary. If Elias wanted to use that 40 man roster spot all he had to do was call up Carroll and put on the 60 day IL. But that would have cost Elias probably 450k to do that. Less has the season went on. But it never happen. Elias believed saving the money was more important than the roster spot. I doubt the Angelos brothers were involved in that. I think that shows that Elias on his own will save money were he can. Keeping Davis on the roster saves him 555k for the player that would take Davis spot. While the O's are losing I expect that to continue. The roster spot becomes more important when the O's start to win.
  11. We have had his discussion more than once. How often do Hyde and Elias talk and what do they talk about? Here is the answer: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/hyde-on-the-bullpen-progress-and-rebuild.html
  12. Mountcastle may get most of his playing time in left. So he may have little to do with Davis who may be a bench player.
  13. If Davis is on the team next season all it tells me is the Elias does not think the team is ready to win. If they were ready to win Elias probably would not use a spot on Davis. If Elias believes the team is not ready to win then there is not reason to eat that contract.
  14. They are out of date. I have been keeping the list for a while. The asterisks were the players on the 25 man list at that point. The bold were the players I thought would be with the team next season. The list overall list is the those players that I thought would be on the 40 man roster for the Rule 5 draft.
  15. Probably those that did a very good job were not terminated. Was Alan Mills terminated? Was Gary Kendall? Mike Griffin was re-ssigned as dsakflk
  16. I have a hard time criticizing Elias for how he handles minor league player instruction in view of the O's minor league teams performance this season.
  17. Since Elias' focus in likely on 2022 and not 2020 I don't think we can count on the O's offense being league average. The addition of Hays and (Mountcastle on April 10th) should improve the offense but Villar may be traded. Losing Villar will set the offense back.
  18. Great talent but an injury waiting to happen. That diving is likely to put him on the IL.
  19. Yes, he went 0 for 20 something. But he broke out of it about 4 games ago. They talked a lot about it on the game board cast. But I know you are not watching.
  20. Good points. You have me thinking and doing more research.
  21. Armstrong has a 1.48 WHIP, Fry !.41 WHIP. What is strong about that? Wojo is 31 and has 5.38 ERA. I would think the Elias thinks he can do better.
  22. If they are not protected they become FA. So no that does not matter. I think the O's could offer them minor league contracts but I don't doubt the O's see them as guys the have to be on the roster at Rule 5 time.
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