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  1. <p><p><p>Thank you Weams</p></p></p>

  2. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  3. In fairness, she was being asked to give her opinion. I think it's been pretty well documented that a number of players on the team, Adam Jones in particular, feel the absence of Cruz and Markakis has had a negative effect on the team.
  4. Could the presence of one or more players effect the performance of other players on the team? Seems like you could figure that out. One way would be to simply ask the other players. I think those questions have been asked and they have been answered.
  5. Many people argue that if a variable can't be measured objectively then there is no reason to discuss it's impact. What some of these people forget however, is that there is a perfectly acceptable subjective method, used by many statisticians, that has been very useful in determining a given variables impact,the use of anecdotal information. I.e. Surveys, questionnaires, interviews,etc. This information has been available throughout the season. Highly respected members of the team have stated on many different occasions and in many interviews that the loss of Markakis and Cruz has had a serio
  6. Better late then never.
  7. W I said almost the exact same things about Clevenger and Givens last night. Parra has great energy and now that he has found his stride he is really helping the team. I love him in the dugout too. I can't pull for a guy more than I am for Henry. I hope tonight's blow gives him the confidence he needs to become a fixture in left field. I love this guy.
  8. That was the worst year in Baltimore sports history. Not only did the O's lose to the Mets but the Bullets last to the Knicks, and the Colts lost to the Jets. I was in Vietnam that year. Lost a lot of money to the New Yorkers. Could've been worse but I didn't think so at the time.
  9. Davis' contract in 2016 = Norris, Wieters, De Aza. 22.1 million. All replaceable players.
  10. Although CD was pretty much in the dumpster when we found him but I get your point. It will be about replacing his production if he goes. How do you replace 40/100. Not with Christian Walker that's for sure.
  11. One factor in CD's favor in this market is position scarcity. Not another first baseman in his class among the 2016 free agents.
  12. Yeah Kansas City should dump their entire roster. None of those guys have won a WS. Why would Houston want to keep any of those bums. Not a playoff in the bunch.
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