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  1. I remember the day I first saw Bundy against the Red Sox, September 2012. i thought this was the guy we had been hearing about all summer, something special. He pitched OK, but not special, no 97-98, not he guy that was compared to Dwight Gooden in High School. i tried to rationalize it, maybe nerves, tired from first full season pitching, but in the end it was not special. Looking back he was probably hurt then, but he started pitching the following year only to be shut down and finally had TJ. Fast forward to 2016 and that day in Dodger Stadium when he struckout like seven in three innings of relief, WOW finally he was special. What happened to that Bundy, he seemed to pitch well, 94-95 the rest of that season and there was hope of an Ace. Then last year,while good he didn't show that same velocity, now he pitches at 90-91 no room for error. Last night once he fell behind Betts with a base open he should have pitched around him like Porcello did to Manny earlier. in that spot you can't let Betts beat you. Long winded reply to say, yes I'm concerned about his drop in velocity, he is only 25. We got he one that didn't come back from TJ as good if not better. Stuff happens.
  2. That channel surfing thing can get depressing. You catch Albies and Acuna at the top of the Braves order and a host of other young international talent spread around the both leagues and wonder. The Birds are missing out and not all of these players got a huge signing bonus. Is it the money for the players or they won't spend the dollars on Scouts? Take away the international players from some of these teams and they don't look quite as good either.
  3. The only way you sign Adam Jones for 2-3 years is with a plan he that he is a DH for a good chunk of that time. Hays gets off to a slow start and we forget about him? This team has to hope he is the long term answer in right field. Mullins in left field, where does Mancini play, DH or 1st? How about Trumbo, DH is getting kind of crowded, as if it isn't already. Can't have lame duck GM making these moves along with trades that should be made shortly. Maybe able to compete for wildcard by 2020 if right things done this season.
  4. Should get things figured out soon, way the season looks trade deadline very important. Who is going to have the hammer in trades for Machado, Jones, Britton, Brach and whoever else will bring back good value.
  5. Got to max out on these guys now, FO has no plan.
  6. It's about this team getting better and having a future.
  7. Manny is gone, offer Schoop 6years at 100 mil, if that doesn't fly, call Cashman. Send both of them to NY for Torres, Florial, Sheffield, Adams, Andujar and one more arm for sure.
  8. oldfan

    Ronnie Welty

    Tony, Baseball America seems to like this guy, any word from your tour on him?
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