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  1. I can't believe you didn't simulate sitting Means in the simulated spring training when he complained of simulated tightness in his forearm. Plus, the simulated pitching overall has been abysmal.
  2. I don't know... 15 and 35... that's pretty dismal. Tony, we appreciate your service to the organization but we may have to head in a different direction. 😂
  3. I'm worried that Means was injured during virtual spring training.
  4. Late to the discussion, but I thought this was interesting. MLB considered calling off the 1941 season after the bombing of Pearl Harbor brought us in to WWII. Kenesaw Landis, the commissioner of baseball wrote to President Franklin Roosevelt asking his advice about what they should do. Roosevelt responded with what has become now as the "Green Light Letter" saying "I honestly feel that it would be best for the country to keep baseball going." 67% of Americans, according to a poll taken at the time, apparently agreed with him. The full story can be read here. https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/wwii-polls/roper-polls-major-league-baseball-world-war-ii The bottom line is, we need baseball. I hope the players union and the owners find a way to do this.
  5. If Davis can continue to hit at this torrid place he could be comeback player of the year.
  6. I noticed that too... I'm dying to know if (Sim) Davis continued to perform as well as (Actual) Davis was in spring training.
  7. I don't know... I think he knew his best playing days were behind him when he slipped to a .797 winning percentage in 1876 and could only finish 53 of the 60 games he started. He could read the handwriting on the wall.
  8. Great to see the intensity that Givens is showing this year. When he slammed the ball back into his glove I thought, man, this guy really wants it this year! Are you publishing the cumulative stats anywhere? What's our record? Maybe you been posting and I've just missed it... I love following these (simulated) games!
  9. You beat me to it. Rich looked like the real deal in 1973.
  10. I played from age 5 through high school. I tried out as a walk-on in college but quite because I knew with practicing twice a week I wasn't going to make it as a student... and likewise, I knew I didn't have a future in professional baseball (as hard as that was for me to admit). While my Dad was stationed in Germany I made the K-Town (Kaiserslautern) All Star Team during my sophomore year. I was primarily a catcher but got called on to pitch occasionally because I could thrown hard. I also had a kind of "knuckle slurve" that worked as an off speed pitch with a little movement. As a K-Town all star I pitched in the Senior League European championships where we came within a game of going back to the states to participate in the Little League World Series tournament. The got the win in a game (against SHAPE if I remember correctly, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe). In seven innings I allowed 7 hits, KO'd 7 and walked 3. When I got back to the states I played on my high school team as a catcher. I started the first game of the season. The first batter got on base and tried to steal and I threw him out. The second batter got on base and I threw him out. That was pretty much the highlight of my high school career. The St. Louis Cardinals organization sent a scout to watch me play - I still have the letter - but alas, nothing ever came of it. In graduate school I played in two softball leagues. One was the SMSNMW League - aka "Saturday Morning Softball No Matter What." My biggest contribution to that league (I was one of the founding members) was the creation of the coveted "Havens Award" named after Bruce Havens - a utility player on our team who had a knack for making the simplest play look spectacular. The award (a lucite figure of a baseball player I found in a thrift store to which I glued a picture of Bruce's face) was awarded after each game to the player who had made the most "Havens' like play" of the game. The name of each winner was recorded in a notebook. The league, and the award, live on to this day.
  11. And this is why DrungoHazewood is/and always will be, the Hangouter I'd most like to have a beer with!
  12. I know Strat-O-Matic had a bigger following - and I even tried Strat-O-Matic at one point - but by then APBA was in my blood... everything else was a poor simulation after that.
  13. I'm guessing a LOT of triples were hit in that park? :-)
  14. I could not love this idea more. I grew up playing APBA Major League Baseball board game. My Dad Xerox'd about a million score sheets for me so I could keep track of each games stats. I would play full 162 game seasons with the Orioles following the real 1974 schedule (I later got an updated card set - but I knew the 74 season like the back of my hand). Might be a good time to upgrade to the modern equivalent in OOTP baseball while I'm stuck indoors. :-). Looking forward to following this virtual season!
  15. It was obviously a long shot anyway, but with his injury last season and the delay (or loss) of this season, Nick's shot at 3,000 is pretty much done. I always liked him, and while he didn't live up the immense promise he started out with, he's been a solid player for a lot of years and I admire that.
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