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  1. Yeah... check out baseballafterdark.com 😂
  2. Improving on the "hot swap" relief pitcher idea. Perhaps the bullpen could be moved to an underground chamber directly underneath the infield/mound area. When the starting pitcher is pulled, the mound would descend into the cavern and the relief pitcher, standing on the bullpen mound he's just warmed up on, would ascend via hydraulic lift, Phoenix-like, into position and ready to pitch. Crazy you say? Or so crazy it just might work. Think about it.
  3. Yeah I was thinking this myself the other day. In the past I haven't been a fan of the bunt because of sabermetrics. Bill James once said "the bunt was usually a waste of time" plus Earl Weaver never thought much of it either. But I have to admit when you don't see it that often it's kind of exciting to see it being employed more often. Here's an interesting article from 2018 that suggests the bunt could be making a comeback because its an effective strategy against the shift. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2018/07/10/analytics-killed-the-bunt-now-a-new-data-driven-strategy-could-bring-it-back-to-life/
  4. He's 7 for 9 so I think that makes it .183 when he's not attempting to bunt for a hit. Still not great but SSS.
  5. 60 ABs is not a lot to judge his performance on but I'm glad he's finding ways to get on base in his limited playing time. Does he have the green light to bunt or is Hyde calling all these?
  6. Al Bumbry always had a special place in my Dad's heart. They were both in Vietnam at the same time (they never met) and my pop always admired and respected his service. Back then, when we were stationed in Germany, we got our baseball news via Stars and Stripes. My Dad would always be up first and would have read the box scores before I had gotten up. Whenever Bumbry had a good game he could't wait to tell me about it. Still remember him following me to the breakfast table so we could look at the box scores together.
  7. You had to mention L*w F**d? Seriously? Doesn't that summon up some demon curse from the pits of hell? Aren't we dealing with enough already!?!
  8. Meh... it's a small sample size... I think Chris can turn it around with enough regular AB's. Just kidding.
  9. Doesn't everyone? I didn't always but I found it in the "Link-O-Rama for the Baseball Junkie" thread.
  10. It was a Tempurpedic®
  11. I apologize for the above three posts... I'm in a mood today.
  12. How is that going to be marked on the score sheet? "Reached base via a bad decision by the Commissioner of Baseball?"
  13. I'm an atheist but this needs to be said. This season is an abomination before God and all that is holy.
  14. Since we're putting imaginary runners on second base and shortening games, why not just eliminate the pitching staffs entirely this season and put the ball on a tee?
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