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  1. They can't restrict crow sizes... it's not a domed stadium... those damn things will fly in regardless of the their size... I know serious subject and I apologize but I've had a couple of beverages while enjoying this sunday afternoon on my deck.
  2. "Jim Palmer's Beard". Sounds like a great name for a Podcast.
  3. I almost always agree with you, but in this case, I'm quite sure when God whispered the rules of baseball in Abner Doubleday's ear all those years ago there was nothing about 7 inning double headers and runners starting on 2nd. (He probably did say something like "yeah, you can designate somebody else hit for the pitcher if you want.").
  4. Respectfully, can someone change the title of this thread? It hurts my eyes every time I see it.
  5. BRobinsonfan


    Wow... this post didn't age well.
  6. Great article... can't wait to see these guys in Baltimore!
  7. It would be great if more businesses operated with the honesty and integrity of pawn brokers and automobile extended warranty sales staff.
  8. Bless your heart. You've been a brave little soldier haven't you?
  9. That's where I'm at on Jannis. It's easy to pull for a guy who's labored so long in the minors who finally earned his shot. If he can be the 2021 pitching version of 2004's David Newhan that would be great... but it's more likely we get 2005 David Newhan than 2004. As Tony said, a sub 5 ERA in a rebuilding season will provide some value. At the very least, he'll be fun to watch.
  10. It's pretty economical too! https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Tack-Competition-Grade-9oz/dp/B004309NLK#customerReviews
  11. If Means comes back from this injury and pitches to a 4.85 ERA he will still have the lowest ERA on the staff.
  12. It's way too early for Ichiro comparisons and talk of being a franchise player. But Mullins is performing well and justifying, at least for now, the "heir apparent" status bestowed on him a few years ago. This could just be an extended hot streak, or he could be a valuable piece of the puzzle moving forward. Either way, the odds of him becoming the second coming of Ichiro Suzuki are almost nil.
  13. I know some guys are gonna have to place their hopes on the Veterans Committee.
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