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  1. Your baseball origins story leaves a lot to be desired. First of all it was Abner Doubleday who came down from Mount Cooperstown... and you call yourself a student of the game? Ha!
  2. No more Jesse Orosco's. While it should definitely speed up the game I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I'm reserving my opinion until Drungo weighs in with all the statistical implications.
  3. I've been sympathetic to Davis in the past but his most recent quote pushed me over the edge. You're right that at his age he's probably not going to be able to reinvent himself as a hitter... but what does he have to lose by trying? The optics of this... like his performance at the plate... are abysmal.
  4. If I were Davis I would jump at this. He would preserve what's left of his major league legacy, still get paid the same money, and he could enjoy going to the ball park again. And what if he led the Sante Fe Fuego to the Pecos league championship?
  5. And don't forget, he would off a strong veteran presence on the club as well. :--)
  6. On Veterans Day I'm eternally grateful to all who served in the armed services, especially Tony, but since this is the Oriole Hangout it's good that we take a minute to remember Al Bumbry, one of just 10 MLB players to serve in Vietnam. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/nov/9/al-bumbry-former-oriole-learned-lessons-vietnam/
  7. I'm okay with Martin too... especially if he puts up the kind of numbers he did in the second half .284/.321/.392
  8. Oh yeah, I understand the population difference and all. I was just surprised that a minor league team anywhere could draw so well.
  9. I'm stunned to find out the Las Vegas team draws 650K + per year (9,300 per game). Our Sally league team in Charleston, WV averages 1,700 per game and around 118K for the year.
  10. If his last name weren't Yastrezemski we wouldn't be having these threads.
  11. He is averaging 1 HR for every 424 plate appearances... but he's still young.
  12. Dwight’s catch would not have looked so spectacular had he gotten a better read on the ball. 😁
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