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  1. Wow... 18 years to get 12 PA's... no hits and 1 walk. At least he got on base once and scored a run. When I was a kid there was nothing I loved more than playing baseball... I thought what could be better than to be able to play baseball for a living... even if it were a meager living. I guess that's why I feel such an affinity for guys like this.
  2. I'm a sucker for stories like this. I hope he gets in some more games... his determination certainly can't be questioned.
  3. Take off the plate appearances where he failed to get a hit and he's batting 1.000
  4. In 6.2 innings pitched we've gone from he's a mop up guy at best to he's a high leverage, late inning potential closer. God I love early in the season baseball!
  5. Yes... but lemon laws exists in order to compensate consumers for products that repeatedly fail to meet reasonable standards of quality and performance. Perhaps major league baseball needs a lemon law? 😂
  6. You know who was a pretty consistent 30+ home run hitter? Mickey Tettleton after he was traded to Detroit hit 30 or better 4 times. 😭
  7. I don't know.... he was hitting over .800 earlier in the season. He's been slumping badly as of late and has now slipped down to .455. If he doesn't turn things around soon he'll be back at AAA in no time.
  8. Sisco and Severino are the Lew Ford of catchers.
  9. I know it's an incredibly small sample size - but I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. Journeyman pitcher suddenly learns to pitch at age 35? I know he'll come back to earth at some point... but I'll be pulling for him all the way.
  10. You could be right... I wouldn't mind seeing how Bannon could perform at the top of the order. I like his .obp.
  11. Well not to quibble, and, Hyde may have forgotten, but Ruiz played 1 game at second in 2019 and in 2020.
  12. I usually wait to see how @DrungoHazewood votes in these polls and then vote the same way, but I got tired of waiting for him to vote so I went with between 66-70 picking 68 as the most likely final win total.
  13. This is a great question... first, I'm excited to have a 162 game season to look forward to. But that wasn't your question. I agree with Trey Mancini for the reasons you stated. 2nd is finally seeing what Austin Hays can do given a full season. 3rd is Bruce Zimmerman. He seems like he could be the real deal. It would be nice to have another solid young pitcher (along with Jason Means) to anchor the rotation.
  14. Lew Ford single handedly killed this franchise.
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