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  1. And in Milwaukee... If we're playing Milwaukee in September... he's going to be lights out!
  2. What's the incentive for them to spend a few million on a couple of veteran pitchers if their focus is still on accumulating draft picks? The current system doesn't incentivize incremental improvements very much.
  3. I've said it before, I'll say it again. You have a rich, full life Frobby! 🙂
  4. That should be a defensive metric for catchers. Can you imagine the scouting line? "Plus arm, frames pitches well, superior strike rate, but needs work on putting down fingers if he is going to stick at the Major League level."
  5. You're new here. You'll get used to it.
  6. I was, but even with your corrections I'm still confident that Coggins/Blair/Baylor played together more than Mateo/Mullins/Hays have.
  7. You were just wrong when you said they hadn't played together. You're welcome.
  8. In 1974 Coggins played in 113 games and Blair played in 151. In 1973 Coggins played in 110 games and Paul Blair played in 146 In 1972 Coggins played in 16 games and Blair played in 142. So... they played in about 239 games together.
  9. In addition to his K rate and his swingstr% you neglected to mention him having a good name for baseball. Lol. I think he'd be solid signing if the price tag is not ridiculously high. Just the fact that he averages 6 innings a start would be a huge improvement for us.
  10. I have an autographed picture of Dwier Brown who played John Kinsella in the movie that a friend got me for my birthday signed "Hey Mike, Wanna Have a Catch?"
  11. True story... I once broke up with a girl because she hated Field of Dreams. I love the movie and wanted to share it with my girl friend at the time. The end of the movie always puts a lump in my throat... "hey Dad, wanna have a catch" gets me every time. Anyway, I look over at her as the credits are rolling to get her reaction... she looks at me and says "Baseball players walking out of a corn field. Michael that's the silliest thing I've ever seen." My reply was swift and reflexive. "Joanie, you have no soul. I think we should see other people." And we did. Man, dodged th
  12. Brooks Robinson is my all time favorite player, but trying to be objective about it, I went with Palmer. The whole team is bad, but our pitching is next level bad. It would be amazing to have a TOR starter every 5th day. It would help the bullpen from being overworked and might just possibly allow to carry another bat on the bench.
  13. This is one of those stories that makes me fall in love with baseball and the Orioles all over again. This weekend, Mo Gaba will be inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame. He wasn't a player, but a young "super fan" who died too soon at the age of 14 from cancer. He was befriended by Trey Mancini through a shared bond of their struggles against the disease. But he was also befriended by Oriole great Adam Jones, who kept in contact with the young man and his mother even though he was no longer with the Orioles. I think that speaks volumes about the character of both Jones and Mancini... an
  14. They can't restrict crow sizes... it's not a domed stadium... those damn things will fly in regardless of the their size... I know serious subject and I apologize but I've had a couple of beverages while enjoying this sunday afternoon on my deck.
  15. "Jim Palmer's Beard". Sounds like a great name for a Podcast.
  16. I almost always agree with you, but in this case, I'm quite sure when God whispered the rules of baseball in Abner Doubleday's ear all those years ago there was nothing about 7 inning double headers and runners starting on 2nd. (He probably did say something like "yeah, you can designate somebody else hit for the pitcher if you want.").
  17. Respectfully, can someone change the title of this thread? It hurts my eyes every time I see it.
  18. BRobinsonfan


    Wow... this post didn't age well.
  19. Great article... can't wait to see these guys in Baltimore!
  20. It would be great if more businesses operated with the honesty and integrity of pawn brokers and automobile extended warranty sales staff.
  21. Bless your heart. You've been a brave little soldier haven't you?
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