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  1. Yeah... underscores how meaningless the "w" stat can be.
  2. I see what you're saying, but what if they just said "in the last 40 years" or "since 1969." We have all kinds of discussions on here that qualify performance by things like "the dead ball era, pre-DH," etc. I think the "stat" while meaningless (it's not like the O's are grooming non-pitchers to pitch in save situations) is still interesting in the way that most coincidences are interesting.
  3. Or to put it another way... 40 more PA's than he has this year.
  4. Remember when David Newhan hit, like, .400 for a month? Good times.
  5. Using your definition, who are examples of Major League outfielders who are "incapable" of playing the outfield?
  6. Since we're not competing this year how is this guy worth $500K? This made me throw up in my mouth a little. Realistically how many games is he going to play for us and how much of a difference is he going to make?
  7. Happy 82nd birthday to Brooks Robinson, the greatest Oriole ever! When I was a kid my Dad was stationed at Fort Meade Maryland so naturally the Orioles were my team. And just as naturally Brooks Robinson was my favorite player. Every year my family would send Brooks a box of cookies on his birthday. This continued after my Dad got orders for overseas and we were stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Years later, long after Brooks retired, I was living in Raleigh, NC when Brooks made an appearance at a Durham Bulls games to sign autographs. Of course I went to the game and stood in line to
  8. Didn't seem to impact Barry Bonds nearly as much... played 126 games at age 42.
  9. He was a talented player who could just not stay healthy. Over a 15 year career he averaged on 97 games a season.
  10. It's only 15 innings of work... but I like what I'm seeing out of Paul Fry. His numbers in the minors suggest he could continue to contribute.
  11. Ah... the fragile one. I hadn't thought about him in years.
  12. Yes. This. Even is he returns to hitting .230 with 15-20 HR's a year he's basically unusable against left handed pitching. On a personal level I'm glad he's having some success... but at his age, it's just hard to see him turning into anything much more than replacement level performance. .
  13. Nice to see another starter go 7 quality innings. Having to rely on the bullpen to go 4+ innings nearly every night is not good to say the least.
  14. And he recently hit a towering homer into the upper deck at Target Field
  15. Is Centerfield in Camden Yards built over an old burial ground that is robbing our CF's of their ability to hit? Rickard is now "hitting" .183 on the year.
  16. I know you're right... but what about players like Chris Weiters - the switch hitting Jesus? .339 batting average with a .434 .obp in the minors and and .252/.315 in the majors.
  17. Maybe we should trade him "while he's hot" since apparently, teams do that all the time. 😂
  18. I think we tried that before, and, because of the market we play in, it seemed to doom us to mediocrity for years. Rebuilding is painful, and it doesn't happen in a year or two. I prefer having a plan that, hopefully, keeps us competitive for a long time to come. A return to "The Oriole Way," if you will.
  19. Outstanding! When Reggie Jackson said "If I played in New York, they'd name a candy bar after me." Gordon Beard, the Associated Press sports writer replied "Around here, nobody's named a candy bar after Brooks Robinson. We name our children after him."
  20. But you can't blame that on Elias and current management. And how else would you have the current management rebuild?
  21. For 12 innings or work? He's still allowed less hits than innings pitched. He's striking out batters at a rate of 11.3 per nine innings and his walk rate is lower than his career average. In a small sample size of 12 innings, you really think an ERA of 4.50 means that much?
  22. I'm curious, if you accept the concept that we're in rebuilding mode, then how do you "rebuild" without trading players that have potential value that other teams want? Also, just because Given's is being dangled as trade bait doesn't mean we have to trade him if what's being offered doesn't have the potential to help us.
  23. If that were true I would expect his whip at Norfolk to be under 2.00
  24. Well that's some good news!
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