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  1. I'll bet this guy will argue that Tony Batista was a great hitter and that we would do well to have him at third base. Isn't that true OldFan?
  2. ... but if you had to guess... i.e. be the one making decisions on who to gamble on... the guy who performed well in the minors or the guy who barely hit his weight.... who would you pick? ... since you can't give every player "a long enough shot at the ML level" you have to exercise some judgement. I'd rather bast my judgement on past performance... I guess that's the difference between the two of us.
  3. Blyleven needs to be in!
  4. Did he call the batter out or did he merely signal strike three?
  5. Let me clarify. I only drove it for a couple of days - it felt cheap and and the interior and finish were poorly done. I didn't have anything mechanical go wrong with the car - it just felt exceedingly cheap
  6. Let me clarify. I only drove it for a couple of days - it felt cheap and and the interior and finish were poorly done. I didn't have anything mechanical go wrong with the car - it just felt exceedingly cheap
  7. Wedge, I have the money to buy pretty much whatever I want new - but I almost always buy a used vehicle. So many people acquire cars on a 2 year lease now and turn them in. Nothing wrong mechanically with them - and cars are build so much better today than the were 20 years ago - 20 or 30k is nothing milage wise. I just don't like taking the "hit" for driving off the lot with a new one just to get that new car smell. Anyway - its a great way to get a lot of car for a lot less money. Most of them will still be under warranty as well. I'd encourage you to look at the Civic - there's a
  8. I've rented the Chevy Colbalt - its a piece of excrement!
  9. Since you think Trembley is doing "a great job" you no doubt will expect him to move Tejada to full-time DH when he comes off the DL... right? (I'm pretty impressed with Trembley too by the way - but I expect he'll be penciling in Tejada at short like he should)
  10. Now that's funny! You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to TGO again.
  11. Looks like I picked a bad week to quite sniffing glue!
  12. Yes we were - By suggesting otherwise, Custer has stumbled awkwardly in his narrative like a clumsy runner rounding first.
  13. And played right field as well - no errors - not bad for DH. I always thought he was the type of player Billy Bean would like.
  14. And there you are ladies and gentlemen - your 2007 Custer!
  15. Here's mine: http://www.myspace.com/flyboywv
  16. The problem with the solution you describe is that while you can walk out the door - the guy/gal working behind the bar can't. And in practice - unless there's a ban - bar owners rarely want to give up the 25% of patrons who spoke.
  17. When are the best times to catch some wild life on here. I check in every couple of days at different times but have yet to see anything other than a few birds/bats.
  18. I'm not convinced they were lied to... yet. I mean - what were these people thinking when they glued the sex toy to the guy with one arm and put hair all over the face of a 12 year old boy and did the "running of the jew?" It sounds like sour grapes to me.
  19. So wait a minute - are you telling me that all potassium is equal to that produced in Kazahkstan and that Kazahkstan really didn't invent the trouser belt and tofee? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eKmZiWcjS0 That's just crazy talk! :-)
  20. So wait a minute - they weren't happy they paid them a pittance to bring farm animals inside their home? How exactly did this go down? BORAT PRODUCER: Hey, we want to pay you $3.50 to put that cow in your living room? Is that o.k.? VILLAGER: Well, o.k., but I'm not happy about it. I mean - it's not like these people where forced at gunpoint to do this. If I ask you to paint my fence and offer you $3.50 to do it an you agree - you've got no complaint - maybe you feel like you should have been paid more - but if you agree to do it for $3.50 then where's your beef? What were these pe
  21. It's satire - I don't think any of us really believe that people in Kazakhstan drink fermented horse urine (do they???). He just uses these stereotypes to expose our own prejudices and short comings. He's a modern Jonathan Swift.... and he's hilarious! :-)
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