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  1. That's what I'm trying to find out about OPACY's beliefs. I don't want to ascribe that harsh assumption unfairly. Just exactly what does he think the God of love will do with his creation? If he belives they will burn in everlasting torment forever he should just say it. If he doesn't... he should say that too.
  2. Hello? Is this on? Can you hear me in the back?
  3. I'm not sure what you're saying. Could you explain your meaning here. Could a non-Christian look at the marvel of creation, see in it the hand of God, though he call God by another name perhaps, and still "be saved?" What about Jews? What happens to them since they don't believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Please don't simply say "read Romans." Just state categorically what you believe with regard to non-Christians and eternity. Thank you.
  4. Why don't you just summarize what happens to them for me?
  5. So what happens to the native tribesman in the jungles of Borneo who never hears about Jesus?
  6. Amen to that Matt! My conservative friend. I know, like two people, who celebrate Kwanza... and they only do it in addition to Christmas... and only in a loosely cultural fashion. So I'm not sure where the division is in the holiday. Hell, until you posted the above information, I thought Kwanza was invented by Hallmark as a way to sell more cards. (I really did) I don't think Kwanza is any more divisive than Christmas. But... anyway... Merry Christmas to all.... exept Bill O'Reilly. To Bill, "Happy Holidays!" :-)
  7. Well said. And it bears repeating... especially in this season of Christmas. We can disagree with one another without being disagreeable. But hopefully, through thoughtful and corteous interchange, we can all learn something from one aother - or, at the very least, something about one another.
  8. Which goes back to my point regarding a question to an earlier poster regarding "belief in the bible." In other words, and correct me if I'm not representing your position accurately, the revelation of God does not begin or end with sacred scripture. That is one path but there are others.
  9. I'm not sure what this means. My point was that when Jesus referred to sacred scripture he would have been referring to HIS bible - the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament.
  10. Ah... but what exactly does "except through me" mean? Do you believe that a tribeman born in the wilds of New Guinea is destined to be cast into immortal hell fire after his death simply because he was never introduced to Christianity and therefore never recognized Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal saviour?
  11. If what you say about the founder of Kwanza is true what difference does it make? If Kwanza were a celebration of this persons life and violent beliefs I'd be absolutely opposed to it. But as far as I know, Kwanza doesn't celebrate violence against women or any othe the other crimes this person was alleged to have commited in your post. The Christmas tree is a thoroughly "pagan" tradition that was appropriated by the Church. Under your logic, none of us should have a Christmas tree since it's origins are pagan. What matter, don't you think, is what the current meaning is? So I say,
  12. The canon of the New Testament was not decided on until several centuries after the death of Jesus. So the Christian martyrs, who for example, were being thrown to the lions in the collesium in Rome, had no Bible in which to "to believe." FOr the majority of the history of the Christian Church, believers could not "read the bible" because it wasn't widely available. If fact, until the invention of moveable type, the majority of people couldn't read much of anything because they weren't literate.
  13. Here's a question for you. Is a literal interpretation of the Bible necessary for one to be "saved" or to be Christian? That's part of what I was driving at when I asked Scott the question in reference to his statement that he "believed in the Bible." (I included Southernbird because he said he agreed with Scott's statement) As Scott's answer suggests, many people "belive" in the Bible in different ways. The whole question of how Christians and the Church interpret the Bible and the importance they assign to it is fascinating to me. I think some Christians believe the King James v
  14. But what, in your mind, is the difference between faith and religion? Is one superior, i.e. more pure, than the other? Do you equate "religion" with the institution of the church and faith as the individual's expression of belief. If so, why? And Happy Holidays to you too!
  15. I'll take a stab at answering your question. I consider myself religious and while I find plenty of problems and inconsistencies within organized religion I find plenty of good as well. I was raised in the Catholic Church and as a young person found myself powerfully influenced and moved by the liturgy of the Mass and the rich intellectual history of the Church. I loved the "sense of the sacred" that I found in the Mass - particularly the imagery of the consecration and communion - the axis mundi if you will - the idea that what we do at mass is not simply a re-enactment or remembrance
  16. How does one know what is "of the Lord" and what is "of man." If the biblical text is made up of interpretations of the individual writers... as you suggest... what makes it different, for you, then something written by Henri Nouwen or Frank Moore Cross?
  17. Sincere question... (for you too Southerbird) What do you mean when you say "I believe in the Bible." Do you mean you believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible? Do you mean that revlation begins and ends with the Biblical text?
  18. If it was "resign or be fired" what is the distinction you're trying to draw by saying "Let me be clear. He resigned." Doesn't sound like a lot of difference to me.
  19. Sapper, there you are! Haven't seen you around much since the recent signings. Was starting to worry about you.
  20. Kiko Garcia should be on the list. I actually have a program signed by both Brooks Robinson and Kiko Garcia. What are the odds? Here is his "stats." http://www.baseball-reference.com/g/garciki01.shtml Kiko "slugged" .235 in 111 games while "amassing" a batting average of .199 in a single season of futility.
  21. For the record.... I just got home from my banjo lesson.... that's right... I'm taking banjo lessons... not any effete blue grass crap either... real frailing.... clawhammer, authentic banjo.... And I'm about half lit.... nothing like four our five glasses of chevas after a banjo lesson.... :-)
  22. Sorry SB. I thought the title of the thread was "Where did you go to college" not "what degrees did you graduate with." Good luck with that Rocket Science degree. I understand the University of Phoenix on-line has a very strong Rocket Science program.
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