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  1. B.A. University of North Carolina at Wilmington M.A. Harvard University Ph.d. Duke University (Did not finish)
  2. Well said. Was it a underhanded thing for your friend to do? Sure. Do you have a right to be annoyed? Absolutely. But you brought some of this on yourself by bringing him into the picture in the first place. I'm beginning to think he sensed that you would lack the nerve to approach the girl yourself and decided to take matters into his own hands.
  3. It's not complicated. You just make it complicated. Friend: "Dana likes you." You: "Does she 'like me' like me or just 'like me?' Friend: "You should ask her out." You: "I really like her too." Friend: You should ask her out. You: "I really don't run into her that often. I'm gonna get my buddy to talk to her." For the love of God man....ASK HER OUT!
  4. Um.... why not make a statement by actually asking her out?
  5. You did.. check out the game thread on 6/17. Does that refresh your memory a little?
  6. Are you kidding me? You were complaining about Roberts swinging at first pitches and not being patient enough just a couple of games ago? Get real.
  7. So it's o.k. to swing at the first pitch if you hit a home run? How can a team "collectively swing at a first pitch?" I mean - how could they fit around the plate?
  8. Did I ever tell you my idea for a "Jump to Coclusions Mat?" :-)
  9. Hey, it's the 9500 (with the beverage holder) and it's made with union labor and I didn't buy it at f*%king wal mart!
  10. She'll be the one escorted in by uniformed security clutching a restraining order and looking nervous.
  11. That's twice in one thread that you've mentioned yourself being naked. There's not enough mental bleach to get rid of this horrible picture I now have in my head. Pasty, thin, short guy with lots of homemade tats. Oh the humanity! :-)
  12. Heavy sigh. How long have you known me? My political affiliation has nothing to do with my undying guilt - that's from being raised Catholic. (Crap, now I feel guilty for saying that) Hah!... an attack on my liberal credentials. Very ungallant SB. No Limousine liberal here. Just a few highlights. I helped operate the Emergency Winter Homeless Shelter at University Luthern in Harvard Square for three years Helped found (and lived part time at) Family House Project at 83 Dakota Street, Dorchester - Transitional Shelter Project entirely staffed by Harvard Students Helped found S
  13. Wow! SB and I agreeing on something. Wait... what is that extremely cold feeling under my feet? Is that snow I see outside?
  14. But unlike our lovely friend here, I'll bet Uma doesn't know what Jeff Fiorentino and David Newhan do in Baltimore anymore than she knows what Jules Eskin and Martha Babcock do in Boston.
  15. I have to give SB this.... but he'll wear you out on the way to the table so that you more or less collapse in exhaustion into your seat by the time you get there. He and I don't agree on much beyond that we agree we don't agree on much. :-) But I'm confident that we also both agree that, in these troubled times, when so many jobs (and the hopes and dreams of all those effected) are being shipped off shore - now is not the time to outsource precious dates to foreign lands - particularly Australia! (Sorry Yuds)
  16. The way to 2632, as Cal Ripiken knows, is not by dissing talented vets who've paid their dues and bragging about your potential. It's through quietly going out there day after day and doing what needs to be done for the love and joy of the game. Her screen name isn't "BarryBonds4Ever" after all. :-)
  17. Why you impudent little pup. Don't be surprised if you end up with a jock strap full of ben gay the next time you suit up.
  18. Wow! And you make that offer in public. She must be incredibly flattered.
  19. As the wiley veteran allow me two observations. 1) Never call a woman you don't know "babe." 2) You gotta earn the right to bat clean-up. It ain't handed to ya. (He said as he reached for his sunflower seeds)
  20. Geez... dinner and dancing! Wow. I would have never come up with something like that. Where do you get these ideas Obi-wan?
  21. Rookies.... geez. This is why a team needs some veteran leadership. :-)
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