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  1. Sure, he was half a win to the positive over those two years combined. In 2019 he was slightly less valuable than Austin Wynns for $28M.
  2. I don't know if C was ever average, and it's certainly not thought of that way today. If C was really average than there would be as many people flunking out as there are As. I'd guess there are 10 times as many As as Fs, and that's how people think when they assign letter grades to something like their GM. B is thought of as average, C as just barely getting by. At some point during an elementary school awards ceremony I did some counting and back-of-the-napkin math as they were announcing honor rolls, and determined that approximately 75% of kids in my one of my sons' grade didn't have anything below a B.
  3. The Angels paid $240M for Jeff Manto.
  4. I think the average fan (or at least the average fan who posts on a site like this) would grade out their team's manager and GM at about a C-/D+. Like my Dad, who is a more casual fan, but believes the average professional manager/GM is about one or two brain cells removed from not being able to find their way home at night.
  5. Of course you're one of those people. How do you know there wasn't a year zero? There could have been. And I can define a century/millennium any way I want.
  6. Really a quick, decisive, gutsy move to cut him a mere five years and $140M after he sunk below replacement level.
  7. One other John Means note... there have been 57 games in the bb-ref database where a pitcher in a nine-inning game had a game score of 98 or higher. Three of them by Orioles this century: Mike Mussina, 8/1/2000, Erik Bedard on 7/7/2007 (my brother's 30th birthday), and Means. Mussina had another a year later after he'd left for the team that must not be named. And Jake Arrieta had one for the Cubs in '15.
  8. I've long thought that Vander Meer had a big advantage because his 2nd no hitter came in a night game (actually a 9:20 pm start). Night games in the Majors began in 1935, but most games were still day games prior to WWII. The 1938 Reds only played 11 night games, the Braves 22ish. That year NL batting averages were 30 points lower at night (only .239), OPSes 50 points lower. In other words, the lights weren't very good.
  9. In Oriole wins Mancini is just OPSing .705, while in losses .801. His state of mind changes with the score, and while it's admirable that he fights harder when behind it would be nice to have some insurance runs when already winning. As a first baseman he's only OPSing .678, but as a DH .994. The stress of fielding is burdening his hitting performance and should be closely monitored. Batting second he's clearly pressing, trying to set the table for others, and only OPSing .581. But in the 3rd and 4th spot he's relaxed and driving the ball to the tune of a .900 OPS. In his at bats that ended on a 1-1 count he's OPSing 1.051. But 2-2 is just .250, so perhaps when the at bat reaches that state he should be pinch hit for. With no one out in the inning he's OPSing .908. But with one out .652 and two out .705. Clearly he's becoming dispirited when the inning begins poorly. With two outs and runners in scoring position he's OPSing a fairly robust .805. But in late and close situations obviously the pressure is too much, and he falls off to .708. In high leverage situations he's crushing it at .899, but needs to work on those still important medium leverage situations where he's basically Cesar Izturis with a .657. Perhaps he should take batting practice with someone standing on first base with the scoreboard showing the 3rd inning down by one run. He's OPSing .856 in day games but .670 at night, so we should target the Cubs and their higher percentage of day games when considering trades. Also, he's OPSing .958 in interleague play, so this again directs the GM to a cross-league trade.
  10. After three or four years of being the 25th-best team in the country and not making the tournament I stopped watching. It was clear and obvious the universe is out to get us. Let me rephrase... has already gotten us.
  11. Sometimes? Every year since '83 we've packed it up in October knowing full well that the umps, fate, the Gods, Angelos, money, the press, the GM, the Yanks... they've all screwed us. Getting screwed is a fundamental part of the Oriole ethos.
  12. Two of the best games in Orioles history were extra-inning games where players had to play weird positions. Lenn Sakata and Chris Davis. But that's two games in 40+ years. I loved them. But literally 95% of extra inning games I've gone to bed before the end. Is this for the fans, or for the die hard fans, or for people who like rules to be enforced? Because the overwhelming majority of fans go home or tune out when the game goes into extras. Playing 15-inning games is primarily for accountants and lawyers and literalists who can't abide by the slightest inconsistency. And I'll repeat for the millionth time... this is really just a symptom of the pace and length of baseball games in general. The 26-inning tie the Dodgers and Braves played in 1920 was under four hours. Today we have nine inning games that are longer. If there was a 26-inning game today that started at 7:05 it would literally last until five in the morning. There would be no need for runners at second in extras or seven inning doubleheaders if they could play nine innings in two hours, as was common for a century.
  13. When the Nats start talking about Rusty Staub and Andre Dawson I want to punch somebody and then eat some poutine.
  14. Paraphrasing from a book on cricket I've been reading: "You don't change cricket to make it more fun and engaging. That's not cricket. Cricket is what it was 150 years ago. It's not supposed to be more fun. It's part of the culture. It's good for you, like medicine and religion." Yep, no reason to change baseball to make it more exciting and engaging. That's not the point. The point is even if nobody is watching it's good for you, like eating your boiled asparagus.
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