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  1. Since he gave up switch-hitting last year and his prior Lefty/Righty splits seem to indicate a slash line around .280/.340/.450 with good speed and defense and a likely 20/20 guy while not quite being a 30/30 guy every year. Entering the age 27 season with those kind of numbers with a chance of having the upside of last year. Better chance he falls somewhere in between. As far as what we could look for coming back would be interesting. There are playoff potential teams that could use a centerfielder. Centerfield is not great across the board in MLB. We need pitching and infielders.
  2. I didn't realize until I was at the Baysox game yesterday that Rutschman wears #35 with Bowie. I know uniform # doesn't mean much with minor leaguers but is this a number that Rutschman selected and would like to wear with the Orioles? This led me to thinking, since Mussina is in the HOF, 2nd best pitcher in Orioles history behind Palmer, better as an Oriole than a Yankee, does Mussina deserve to have his O's # retired? I would say yes. And that would put an end to any chance that Rutschman wears #35 with the O's. Thoughts?
  3. I was at the game last night and his stuff was pure electric on many of the swings and misses. I think the combination of the umpire's very tight strike zone and Grayson trying to spot the ball by moving it just outside the black led to a few more balls that would have been desired. Four or five calls the other way on some questionable ball calls, has him sitting mid to high 60% on strikes. I don't know if he pitched to "just off the plate" by design or if he just missed spots but Rutschman did not move his glove a lot. But watching his body/build, his power stride, fastball hop and el
  4. A combined group of Cal Ripken Jr, Steve Bisciotti and Kevin Plank would be fantastic.
  5. The best bet is to build a deep, young group of players from the minors, draft and cheap, younger role players. Have 28 contributing role players and future all-stars that can be a good base and take us a year or two to be a .500 team. Then with a low payroll, and high draft choices, add what you need to be a playoff team after you see what develops. A bullpen does not need veterans. It needs young guys with electric stuff. Lots of them throughout the roster and upper minors.... Most bullpen guys 15 years ago were failed starters. Even now that is still a good place to get relievers. O
  6. So I don't like to post things politically anywhere although I will have open discussions. I respect individuals and in my opinion bad people do bad things and good people to good things. I am all for equality for all but I also do believe that respect is earned or rather unearned through evidence that it isn't deserved. I don't disrespect people for not earning my respect I just pay no attention to them. I think it is important to have calm discussions but that is impossible on a social media site. Every topic is polarizing. I have the right to my opinion but I do not have the righ
  7. This is the perfect example of why trading of draft picks should be allowed. Not for players either, just picks for picks. The O's could have gotten the player they really wanted between pick 5 and 9 most likely but they had absolutely no choice other than to take him number 2. The NFL draft trade chart shows that the #2 pick is worth 2,600 value points. The Blue Jays pick is worth 1,700 value points. The Blue Jays 2nd round pick (42 overall) is worth 480 value points. The O's would have had more coming to them. The Pirates may have been a better target as the value trade would have bee
  8. I pretty much agree with the separation of such but mostly just because I'm an Orioles fan. There wasn't as much roster carryover from Browns to Orioles as there was from Senators to Twins. I really would have preferred to go with separate Browns/Orioles. That would take out Sisler, Clift, Williams and Stone and probably put in guys like Paul Blair, Don Buford, Adam Jones and either Jim Gentile or Chris Davis. Scott McGregor would replace Urban Shocker. Pratt, Wallace, Stephens and Jacobson would be replaced by Gentile/Davis, Nick Markakis, Davey Johnson and Mark Belanger.
  9. I have my all-time teams for each franchise (actually still working on relievers). My emphasis is on 4 consecutive seasons with that franchise. I weight a few simple statistical categories which are normalized from Baseball-reference's neutral stats at the bottom of the Advanced Batting/Pitching of each player. For Position Players I use OPS, GPA (similar to OPS but more weight to OBP and in the context of batting average spread), Runs Created per game. From a career perspective, at bats, WAR and Win Shares are used. So I use a career factor (Win Shares, WAR and At Bats, WS and WAR is mor
  10. I loved a lot of the aforementioned, Singleton, Murray, Palmeiro, etc. But honestly, I thought Nick Markakis had the sweetest swing.
  11. Only way Mets take Davis is if we take cespedes and cano, throw in some money and a prospect. And even at that I don’t think they want to put Alonso in the outfield.
  12. So Orioles comps, Diaz=Markakis, Mountastle=???Larry Sheets?Aubrey Huff?
  13. Yeah .637 Lifetime ops against Ryan is hardly wearing him out but 8 for 19 with 3 doubles against Goose Gossage is something else
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