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  1. Only way Mets take Davis is if we take cespedes and cano, throw in some money and a prospect. And even at that I don’t think they want to put Alonso in the outfield.
  2. So Orioles comps, Diaz=Markakis, Mountastle=???Larry Sheets?Aubrey Huff?
  3. Yeah .637 Lifetime ops against Ryan is hardly wearing him out but 8 for 19 with 3 doubles against Goose Gossage is something else
  4. The other thing about this it seemed at the time that it was a given that Machado would definitely become a free agent. I'm pretty sure the hope is from the Cardinals that Goldschmidt will fall in love with the St Louis Cardinals organization and fans and he will stay with the Cardinals as they will and have in the past not been afraid to pony up some serious offers to extend or bring in free agents. The Cards may not be looking at it as "just a rental"
  5. I'm thinking we may see a reunion of some Houston Astros connection with the new front office. Bring in Spig Negdal (sp) as AGM or in charge of analytics. Go with Carlos Beltran as manager as he really embraces the analytics line of thinking and could make that connection with the new younger players with the Orioles. Bring in Richie Dauer to coach 3rd base and infield defense. And perhaps Eduardo Perez to be the hitting coach or bench coach. I think that would be a great start to a analytics driven coaching staff.
  6. They will have to restock depths of the minors with quantity at this point. We've said many times that there are a lot of bargain basement signing bonuses that were given out to guys who became stars. But there was still no excuse to go full court press on one of these guys. However, we may be better off hoping tocatch lightning in a bottle on signing 30 guys rather than hoping all 3 of these guys make it. Nobody knows for sure about ay f these 3 or the 30 or so we may end up signing. On another note, the average fan and/or family of four and even the above average fan is going to care one bit about what we did or did not accomplish in the international market. A lot of fans that fill the seats have no idea about the international market and most know very little about the MLB draft, Rule V draft, etc. The main thing that will determine attendance is win-loss record and nothing we would have done this year in the international market would have effected the win-loss record for 2019 or 2020.
  7. You know who seems to have a great deal of knowledge and good communications skills that has coached and I think would be a tremendous manager---Eduardo Perez. Listening to him on ESPN radio and broadcasting games, he certainly has that something extra.
  8. Can we put Jones through waivers and let him go if he is claimed? Or as a 10-5 player does he have the right not to be put on trade waivers?
  9. Encarnacion is 14th on the Braves list and they have a deeper system than we do. I'm betting he sits between 10 and 15 for us. Zimmerman is not in their 30 but his numbers look solid. Let's see what he does when he jumps up a level. Phillips has some ability and Cumberland is a baseball player and we certainly need more of those guys, not just guys with raw skills but guys who know how to play the game. I think we did ok as we vastly overrate Gausman. I like Gausman but I think we have seen his peak. Of course he will pitch better for the Braves. He is in the NL rather than AL East and in a better pitcher's part and is a second half pitcher but Gausman has never made an All-Star team and likely never will. One of the guys we got just might.
  10. Al Bumbry - 11th round Steve Finley -13th round Gregg Zaun - 17th round
  11. Gray was 7 games over .500, had a 3.61 FIP and was 26 years old prior to the trade. Gausman is 9 games under .500, has a 4.14 FIP and is 27 years old. All signs point to Gausman getting a lower return than the A's got for Gray I would still see who we could get but I'm not certain it would be enough to justify it.
  12. Any chance we can get Mejia from Indians for him?
  13. Will Angelos nix the deal if Diaz is involved? IIRC, doesn't Angelos have an issue with Cuban defectors or was that under Fidel's regime?
  14. I agree that Cobb should be signed at $13 per year. It would put us at $148 million. Right now we are 16th in the league in team salary (completely average). Average team salary is $137 million and in the AL East it is $156 million and we are fourth in salary in the division. We need to be at least higher than the league average and likely higher than the division average to compete in the coming years. So, yes a rotation in 2019 of Cobb, Bundy, Gausman, Harvey and Cashner would be great. Our bullpen is solid even if we trade Britton and let O'Day walk after this year. Although we would likely need to sign an arm for depth. With young catchers and young outfielders if we can jettison Trumbo and either trade Jones (not likely) or resign him at a team friendly deal, why can't we extend Machado ($28 million) and Schoop ($20 million). Our team salary still would be $172 (before arbitration) even if we were forced to keep (Jones, Trumbo, O'Day and Britton). Trade any amount of those guys to take care of arbitration for other guys. Heck, if you get somebody to give us anything for Trumbo and O'Day, we could use that on arb increases and still bring back Britton and Jones (lower salary on Jones)
  15. While you may be right and I like the idea of Dyson and his outfield defense, there are a few things about CarGo worth remembering. Last year was a down year. The previous three years he played to about .730 on the Road. Also remember Camden Yards is not your typical ballpark as compared to his road ballparks he had played in last year or prior three years. Also three of his road ballparks for close to 30 games per year are Dodgers Stadium, AT&T Park and Petco (3 of the toughest stadiums to play in). Camden Yards and the AL East parks would play well for him and he would be about .780 or higher. I would pick his range as anywhere from .750 to .850 overall. His defense is better than Trumbo although that does not say much. That said Dyson may be better because of his defense and the price of his contract which would offset what we have to pay for a Trumbo dump. And I've always like Dyson even though he is not a HUGE difference maker. But it would also put Mancini at DH which could be a good thing.
  16. Sign Lance Lynn 4/68 Sign Alex Cobb 4/64 Trade Darren O'Day to New York Mets for Matt Harvey Trade Mark Trumbo for utility infielder/middle reliever. Sign Carlos Gonzalez for 1/13 Salary at $127 million right now. Goes up to about $160 million. Sisco/Joseph/Wynn Davis Schoop Beckham Machado Mancini Jones Hays Gonzalez Rickard/Gentry infield utility Cobb Lynn Gausman Bundy Harvey Britton (after midMay) Brach Givens Castro Bleier 2 of Cortes/Hart/Wright At break we decide if we go for Wild Card or trade Machado, Jones and Britton. We can always resign Jones at a friendlier deal and trade Machado for whatever we the best prospects we can get. It doesn't have to be two ML ready pitchers if we have Cobb, Lynn, Gausman, Bundy and H.Harvey & Hall potentially close behind.
  17. Maybe this is less about manny and more about our future without him. Seeing if Beckham can play 3rd well gives us options next year. If he does well there we can go after either a shortstop OR a 3rd baseman next offseason. It gives us flexibility. Or when manny leaves maybe Schoop plays short and we have an option to look for a second baseman.
  18. Would it be crazy at this point to go and get both for the amount it would have cost for fowler this year? Between left field, right field and DH is it possible to get Jackson, Alvarez, Trumbo and Kim 120 starts each. With pinch hitting and defensive switches they would likely all get 135 games and close to 500 plate appearances each. Heck, in a pinch Alvarez could play a dozen games at 3rd (yikes) and machado could play short if we need the offense in those games. The flaherty could slide in for defense if we want to rest hardy
  19. Also really should count the $9 million we "spent" on Trumbo since that was basically a salary dump trade
  20. Perhaps most Orioles pitchers (Chen included) outperform their FIP by wide margins is because the Orioles fielding has been among the top 2 or 3 I the league the last few years. If Gallardo and Chen have equivalent FIPs and are similarly aged, I would think that Gallardo would outperform Chen simply because he is pitching in front of better defense this season.
  21. Jim Gentile Boog Powell Frank Robinson Melvin Mora Miguel Tejada Rafael Palmeiro Chris Davis Brady Anderson Eddie Murray
  22. Like him or not doesn't Paredes fit into the mix somewhere? I order them Rickard Reimold Paredes Alvarez
  23. I think I deserve a bit of rep for suggesting this two days ago even though my premise was based on #50 pick rather than #29
  24. Was I mistaken that we would also give up our 2nd round pick if we sign two QO guys?
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