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  1. One thing's for sure - if they make Armstrong work they're just better, man. No way around it.
  2. The Orioles are definitely taking the long road here. That 2012 team was built on a few prospects who developed but mostly trades, free agents and a couple of shrewd pick-ups here and there. What the club is doing now is trying to develop a talent pipeline through the farm system. That takes much longer but it will make them a perennial or nearly-perennial contender if they can pull it off (see Tampa, Oakland). The 2012 method was good for five years but look where it left us.
  3. i wouldn't deal Means now. His trade value should be the same in the offseason and a lot more players will be available than you have now.
  4. Somebody needs to talk to Gutierrez about pitching. That arm is so strong and accurate.
  5. Well, has he picked up a little trade value? Not much out there right now.
  6. After John Means' no hitter the Orioles were 15-16. If they can hold on here, this will only be their 15th win since. If they can complete the shut out it will be their first since the Means' no hitter.
  7. Haven't seen much of Gutierrez but his arm at 3rd looks amazing. Strong and accurate. I wonder if he'd be open to giving pitching a try.
  8. One thing about this pitching being so horrendous, it's probably effecting these position players they're trying to evaluate as well. I mean, it's only human nature for your focus to drift a bit when you're hopelessly out of the game night after night.
  9. Same thing as the 1st half and next year and probably the year after that. Evaluate the prospects and put the pieces in place.
  10. The old St. Louis Cardinals in the '80s built their team around a big ballpark with line drive, gap hitters and speed so moving the fences out can benefit the club if they get the right kind of hitters. It sure seems like that's what Elias was focused on in this draft so we'll see if they make the move with the fences.
  11. I have to wonder with them drafting all these fast, line-drive hitting OF'ers if they're not planning to actually re-configure the park and move the fences out.
  12. Obviously he's going the draft the bats, trade for and go FA for the arms route but I hope he realizes getting a difference-making free agent pitcher to come to Baltimore is going to be virtually impossible, even with a strong, young line-up.
  13. Too early to draw any conclusions about Hays, especially given his injury history. I'd leave Jones down and continue to evaluate Hays, Stewart, Santander. I know we're all tired of the rebuild but they can't get impatient and end up losing a solid every day starter.
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