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  1. 105+ losses probably and there might be two teams worse? That's insane.
  2. vab

    vs. TIGERS, 9/14

    That's a clutch loss. Remember this one if we can come back and get the 1st pick.
  3. vab

    vs. TIGERS, 9/14

    Tough break there but I'm keeping the faith. We can still lose this.
  4. vab

    vs. TIGERS, 9/14

    One base hit away. Come on, we can lose this!
  5. That's why I was perfectly happy to see the rookie ball kids Elias got for Cashner. The guys clubs are willing to give up in the high minors are usually no better than your average run of the mill minor league free agents. Even the vaunted Yusniel Diaz hasn't done much to distinguish himself at Bowie.
  6. Chris Davis should be committed to a psych ward if he quits and leaves all that money on the table. He didn't put a gun to the Orioles head to give him this contract so he's not the one the fans should be upset with. It's ownership's fault. It's also ownership's fault that they won't just admit the mistake and send him home.
  7. The Angelos family moving the team to Nashville would be a blessing as far as I'm concerned. Let them leave the name and the uniforms and the Rays or A's will be in Baltimore in no time. Imagine those organizations with some resources.
  8. scOtt

    I like your new avatar bud!

  9. Can they release him now? Finally?
  10. I'll take these kids over the type of 4-A talent they got last year for the most part in those trades.
  11. vab

    Hunter Harvey 2019

    Worked around an E-5 for another scoreless inning. Kid has quite the arsenal with pitches coming in from high 60s to high 90s. Probably could pare that down coming out of the bullpen.
  12. vab

    Hunter Harvey 2019

    Just got in his 1st game here in Norfolk. 14p/11 strikes - fastball 94-99, most 97-99. Breaking balls in the 80s. 2 pop outs/ 1 weak grounder.
  13. vab

    Ryan Mountcastle 2019

    I’ve seen two games with Mountcastle and three HRs. Just rung up another - straight away LF.
  14. Man, might be time for Mountcastle. 3 for 4 3 HR’s today. First was a laser down the left field line that might still be going if it hadn’t hit a concession stand. The second was another laser to left-center. The third a majestic shot to straight away left.
  15. Rutchsman is probably the best player now but I want the player with the highest ceiling. This team is probably two years away from being mediocre let alone good so the ETA should not be a significant factor.
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