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  1. Sounds like someone with an agenda against Elias. We are not privy to why some signing/non signing decisions are made but factors like money, character, position need, and development of current players in the system may influence what theO’s do. My guess is that NL VP probably should not throw stones in his own glass house. Has Elias been perfect? No, but a rebuild takes some time. For now I think the majority of O’s fans are patient.
  2. McCoy at 2b/Utility is also potentially in the mix for playing time.
  3. I would rather have kept Fenter and Pop over the two guys we chose today. Oh well, hope things work out and we get them back!
  4. Not sure why the O’s picked this guy. Higher rated guys still on the board
  5. Soriano RHP from the Angels or Diaz 3B from the A’s look interesting to me.
  6. coe76

    Nunez DFA

    Kind of expected to see Nunez go. Ruiz and Wynns may be next. A few pitchers might need to contact a moving company too. Also wish we had not lost Alvarado to the A’s after not re signing him. I feel he may be an effective BP arm.
  7. No Mason McCoy or did I miss it?
  8. As a high school coach I try to drill into my kids heads that they should hit the ball where it is pitched. Outside pitch go the opposite way, inside pitch turn on it, middle go middle. Real power is rare at my high school level so an all fields approach works best. I ask them, which is better, a double to right or a double to left. Most say one to left. I tell them, who cares, it is a double. React to the pitch and drive it. Players at the pro level obviously may have a different approach. I think we all agree a hitter should use the approach that maximizes their potential.
  9. C of C Sorry, I misinterpreted your comment. My bad. Appreciate your insight that you provide on the picks
  10. C of C. You sound down on the Iowa OF. Any reason why?
  11. coe76

    Garabez Rosa

    I have watched the stats on this kid for three years and have been dumbfounded by the lack of attention he has gotten both online and seemingly by the O's brass. What seems to be the issue with him? He has played multiple positions this year and has hit well. Flaherty cannot hit his IQ so I would hope the O's would look at a reasonable utility alternative. Any insight is appreciated.
  12. My guess is these guys have a shot at re-signing: Beato Bundy Stoffel Rosa Borbon Everyone else just had pedestrian stats and could probably be replaced easily.
  13. Ivan Hernandez is listed as signing with the Angels as well.
  14. Not sure if anyone else caught this but in the 9th when it became obvious the Giants were not really going to give Trumbo a pitch to hit Palmer said, and I am paraphrasing here, " yeah, but they still have to throw a pitch to Schoop. An 0-1 count later, boom. Not the first time it seemed like Palmer could see into the future. I just enjoy listening to his analysis during a game. He and Earl may have had their issues but Palmer obviously paid attention during games.
  15. Thought I had read somewhere that we had signed Rios and Gruener as well. Any confirmation?
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