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  1. OK folks. This might be a tad early but wanted to put it out there. If you could name an all levels minor league All O’s 2021 team, who makes it this year. Guidelines are 12 defenders with no specific position defined, 14 pitchers. You can make the pitchers all starters or include relievers/closers. Just curious what folks come up with. As they say, thanks for playing.
  2. coe76


    I know they are now out of playoff contention but wanted to start a thread to highlight the late season surge they made and how important the 2021 draft picks were to their late success. Not sure if anyone kept track on the W/L record since the 2021 picks got promoted. If anyone knows please post. Just amazing how well the draftees adjusted to the new level and combined with some 2019-2020 picks to make a real run at a playoff spot. It may take a couple years but the future looks intriguing!
  3. Maybe we should touch base with Robbie Ray because it seems like the Jays know what is coming. Hmmmm.
  4. What is curious is the implication Ray is making, considering the Jays have long been suspected of stealing signs themselves! Pot meet kettle!
  5. coe76

    Paul Fry

    Hate to say this but Holty is not impressing me much as a pitching coach. I also have issues with the pitch calling by our catchers but that is a complete separate discussion.
  6. coe76

    Paul Fry

    I know Fry has been effective in the past but right now he looks very lost. Tentative, nibbling, looks almost like he has zero confidence. If you are afraid to throw a pitch aggressively you need to step away.
  7. My frustration is that in the Majors if a pitch or throw bounces off the ground they immediately throw it out. No idea if there actually are scuff marks but every player played with baseballs that had lasted almost a full game. Pretty silly way to make sure they have enough baseballs for pre game BP, which is where the game balls end up.
  8. Do the minors clubs need to cut/demote players to balance out the promotions? If so I wonder who got negatively affected.
  9. Question for those who follow the lower levels better than I do. I have noticed in many games in this particular league that there are a large number of fielding errors. Is this because the fields are of a lower quality or the fact that the majority of the players are very young. Or unforgiving scorers making hit/error judgements! Thanks for the help.
  10. Looks like the O’s are trying to catch lightning in a bottle regarding pitching. Unfortunately, it may have been a Jack Daniels bottle and the O’s braintrust emptied it before making their picks. Hope they get lucky.
  11. For some reason I feel like Law has always been hyper critical of the O’s. Some of it deserved, yes, but still, his take on the draft seems a bit snarky.
  12. My guess is Watson or Cowser. Davis looks interesting but redundant.
  13. coe76

    Jahmai Jones 2021

    2-2. Nice return
  14. McCoy, Bannon, Martin, Urias, Grenier. McCoy and Bannon seem to have position flexibility. Urias also. Martin cannot stay healthy but is intriguing. Grenier, until very recently, cannot hit. Just my opinion but take it with a grain of salt since I have not seen any of them play except for Martin when he was up with the O’s.
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