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  1. Played for a small Christian liberal arts college that is now D3. (Weams they are not that far from you.) If you could play at all you were on the team. I remember striking out my first batter on a team being coached by Larry Sheets. I threw a big sweeping curveball - strike one, a second big sweeping curveball - strike two, and a fastball on the outside corner. Out looking. This was not Sheets, he was coaching. Thought I was hot stuff though. Later in the season I learned that middle of the order hitters could launch that big sweeping curveball long distances. We had scouts look at a few of our players. Not me, of course, but it was fun knowing they were there. We all threw a little harder and ran a little faster - just in case they might notice. Later I played on the local adult league team and remember striking out a guy who played AAA. Don't remember his name. Played in the Reds system. I do remember that he was yelling at the ump that I was balking and the ump wasn't calling it. A teammate yelled from our bench what I was doing and I stopped it. By this time the guy was so hot he was distracted. I threw him a 3-2 curveball that caught just enough of the plate. I think the ump was tired of his jawing too. I really enjoyed softball after baseball was done. A favorite memory came from a Fall tournament under the lights. A guy had taken an extra base on me earlier in the game and I wanted a second chance at him (was playing right center field) . He did get on again later in a close game and the next guy up tended to hit my way. I was hoping it would come to me and I got my wish. The guy launched one that was headed for the fence. I turned and ran and caught the thing backhanded, high over my head and a little bit out in front of me just a few steps from the fence. I knew the guy would try to advance so I planted and fired to second (without really looking). The shortstop told me later that it came in on a line that he caught about head high on the bag as it was still rising. Beat the guy by a few steps on a double play to end the inning of a close game. Fired up everyone. I have no idea how the ball went right to the base. I really did not look. I just knew about where it was. I had just enough ability to create a few highlights along the way without really being all that great. That was all a very long time ago. Good times and good memories. Thanks for this thread.
  2. Did he have anything like a 5 for 1 coupon? Take his time making decisions to get the best deal? Anyway, thanks for sharing.
  3. Keebler Fudge Cookies. Chocolate cookie with creamy fudge in the middle. Used to dunk them in milk. As a teen I could eat half the package in one sitting.
  4. "I like our guys" By JTrea. Forward by Sportsguy. BTW, if either of you still read here I'm just kidding around.
  5. Agree with Frobby about showcasing this Spring. And if a team feels like he is a starter, then perhaps his salary is not as much an issue than if he is a reliever.
  6. I prefer the results that Dan has gotten so far. The "just do something" approach backfires more often than not. A few years ago Andy MacPhail noted at the end of a slow winter's meeting day, "We had the chance to do something stupid today, but chose no to do so." Winning the Winter meetings is fun and all, but I'd rather be winning April-Oct.
  7. Wasn't paying close attention to the thread title at first. I read it as "Scott Boras gone". :0
  8. Just set this up so that Dan gets a little more time to mentor a replacement and towards the end of his contract he gets extended and kicked upstairs with a fancy new title.
  9. An older couple is laying in bed late one night. Suddenly, the lady turns on her light leans over and slaps her husband. "Ow", he said, "what was that for?" She said, "That's for 50 years of bad sex." She turns out the light and lays down. After a few minutes he turns his light on, leans over, and slaps her back. "Ow", she said. "Now what on earth was that for?" He said, "THAT'S for knowing the difference."
  10. The other day my 13 year old son asks me out of the blue, "Dad, how did cannibalism get started?" I said, "I don't know buddy, we sent someone to find out and they never came back." He laughed but wasn't done. Next question, "Well, do cannibals live alone?" "Yeah, ...eventually." How do you answer kids questions like these? He really wanted to know.
  11. What do you call it when a rancher culls a sheep from his flock? ... A laaamb inectomy. Some internet sites have insider only content. I think You Tube should do this. They can call it "inner tube". Some animals chew their cud. How would you know if they develop acid reflux? I always like to have a cup of chai tea after a session of tai chi. A couple decides to quit the corporate world and start their own business. They are well known for entertaining so they decide to start a restaurant. After extensive planning, opening day comes and hardly anyone shows up. Perplexed, they ask a friend for feedback. What did we do wrong? You guys are great, the food is great, the atmosphere is great, and I think it's cute that you named the restaurant after yourselves. But, think about it...who wants to eat at a place called the "Sam & Ella Cafe" (I know it's Sal monella but work with me). All of these are original lame jokes, although I heard a comedian later do the tai chi joke. I didn't know whether to feel proud or violated.
  12. Not so sure about that. I realize a Boras statement requires a grain of salt but he says this in a MLBTrade Rumors bit: Boras feels that the qualifying offer system has "basically prevented them from free agency," opining that the system has instead placed both players "in jail." He offers criticism both of the system and of those who feel that his clients simply made a poor decision by not accepting a qualifying offer. Says Boras: "Everybody talks about these players turning down these (one-year) qualifying offers like they're village idiots. The reason is, they don't want to be in the same position again next year. If I'm a good player, I'm going to take the prospect of free agency. If I'm one of these players, I'm not on the train to free agency -- I'm on the ferris wheel of multiple qualifying offers. It is circular. There is no escape hatch to the system." http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/pagetwo.html It says earlier in the article that neither Drew nor Morales has any intention of taking a one year offer at this point.
  13. I believe the supplemental picks (competitive balance picks) are related to market conditions rather than wins and losses.
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