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  1. It isn’t good for sure. I’d argue he wasn’t really expected to beat any of them when he was at his previous schools. This gets into the fact that we really don’t “upset” anyone that is better than us. And yes, that frustrates the hell out of me too. Again, I’m not arguing that he is a great game coach. He clearly isn’t. I’m simply saying it is more gray than black and white. I’d place Turgeon in the top half of the B1G coaches, but not nearly at the level of the top 1 or 2.
  2. Layman, Huerter, and Fernando all developed while they were at MD. Was it due to Turgeon? Who knows, but they definitely got better and significantly raised their stock while at MD.
  3. Literally NOBODY has written that Turgeon is irreplaceable. I know I certainly don’t think that. My opinion about Turgeon (and most things in life) is much more gray than black-and-white. You were the one throwing out black and white statements like “losing to Penn State is a fireable offense”. Now, maybe you don’t really think that, but that is what you wrote. If we could get a Brad Stevens type, I’d help Turgeon pack. I just don’t think that is in the cards. I know you absorb written information better than that so what is writing stuff like this all about?
  4. No, I didn’t see a problem with our offense. The nuts and bolts of how we were attacking Penn State is what I mean. That doesn’t mean I think we played well on offense. We had a very poor offensive night. For sure. In many ways. Sorry, I wasn’t clear earlier.
  5. B1G FG percentage: 2018-2019 4th of 14 teams 2017-2018 5th of 14 2016-2017 7th of 14 2015-2016 2nd of 14 2014-2015 7th of 14 Not great over the years, but certainly not awful. This year has been awful. We are currently 13th of 14. And again, this is mostly just the difference between Wiggins and Ayala at this moment. We have sucked at turnovers for years. We are 6th in the league right now after the 20 TO game last night which isn’t great, but is certainly better. B1G TO data: 2018-2019 12th of 14 teams 2017-2018 14th of 14 2016-2017 6th of 14 2015-2016 11th of 14 2014-2015 9th of 14 http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/statistics/team/_/stat/assists/sort/avgTurnovers/group/7 http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/statistics/team/_/stat/assists/sort/avgTurnovers/year/2018/group/7
  6. Big Ten standings: 2018-2019 5th of 14 2017-2018 8th of 14 2016-2017 3rd of 14 2015-2016 3rd of 14 2014-2015 2nd of 14 These are the only years MD has been in the B1G. Turgeon was the coach for all these years. I struggle to see how this makes us “also rans”. Can someone else explain? I’d expect us to be 2nd - 4th this year, which would be our 4th double bye in 7 years.
  7. I’m going to post this again in hopes that it actually gets read. Turgeon has a better conference record and overall record than Gary Williams. Now, granted 7 years is different than 22 years, but this still matters in the overall evaluation IMHO. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maryland_Terrapins_men's_basketball 2011–12 to present Mark Turgeon 7 186–92 (.669) ACC/B1G: 61–45 (.575) 1989–90 to 2010–11 Gary Williams 22 461–252 (.647) ACC: 194–157 (.553)
  8. I agree with this. We do tend to win when we are supposed to win and lose when we are supposed to lose. The toss ups go mostly 50/50 IMHO. I agree it isn’t as exciting when we can’t go into games against “better” teams thinking we have a good shot at an upset.
  9. Actually, I don’t agree with that at all. Our opponents consistently shoot a lower percentage than we do. I can post the year over year stats if you want me to, but I think you know it to be so. Is that just an aberration? If their possessions “are so much easier” than that shouldn’t be the case, should it? If so, I’d think anyone who believes the opponents possessions are easier would need to explain how that consistently happens. I don’t love Turgeon’s offense, but I also don’t think it is nearly as bad as it is made out to be. What is more I rarely see any substantive assertions of what can be done better on here. Just a lot of generalities. Now, I’m not a college level basketball tactician so I’d be the first to say that I don’t have any better ideas in general. I didn’t see any issue with our offense last night. I saw some awful passes in the first 10 minutes, about 8 missed shots inside 5 feet, about 5 missed wide open jumpers, and lots and lots of raking of arms on drives that weren’t called. And they played well on offense IMO. When I see is stuff like this, I just roll my eyes because it just isn’t true: “he won’t play more than 6 people” - Last night, we got our doors absolutely blown off from the 16 minute to 10 minute mark in the first half. Guess who played those minutes? Hart, Sorrell, Scott, and Mitchell all got minutes in that range. Of course, it was the first true college road game for 3 of those 4 guys and Penn State basically played their experienced seniors the entire game. I can’t imagine why freshman in their first road game would struggle against the 3rd leading scorer in Penn State history. ”we should never lose to Penn St” - The oddsmakers had that game anywhere from +2 to -2 last night depending on the location. Clearly, everyone knew this was a tough game. 6th game in 13 days, first true road game of the year against a senior and junior laden team that is a likely NCAA tourney team, this wasn’t a “bad” loss. It wasn’t even unexpected IMO. Now, last year’s loss at Penn State in the last month of the season by like 15 was a bad loss and absolutely ridiculous. When people can’t acknowledge the difference, it makes me think they aren’t being very rational. If Wiggins and Ayala shoot decently, we will be very good. If they don’t, we will make the tourney but not really be a factor. It is pretty much that simple IMHO.
  10. This is the wrong argument. He wrote that losing to Penn St was a fireable offense in his eyes. The premise is that a loss to a team that was worse than another was in and of itself so indication that the coach was beyond redemption. My response was this happens all the time to way worse teams at home. Penn St has a good shot of making the NCAA tourney this year. They are a junior and senior laden team who best EVER player, Lamar Stevens, is now a senior and playing well. On the road, early in the Big 10 schedule, and this isn’t a surprising loss at all, let alone an inexplicable loss. This was always somewhere in the 50/50 range. I don’t know if we play them at home this year, but we will likely beat them by 10-20 if we do. Your argument is that Turgeon isn’t as good of a coach as Izzo, Coach K, or Calipari. I would hope nobody is arguing that. Of course he isn’t. Those guys are legends for a reason. If we can get one of those coaches or a handful of others that are clearly better tacticians and still great recruiters, I’m all about that. Lets do it tomorrow. I don’t think that is in the cards. Some of you don’t have the history, but for literally YEARS Tony came on this same board and complained that it was time for Gary Williams to go, recruiting had passed him by, MD was underperforming, etc... I made the point back for literally YEARS that Gary recruited poorly because he wouldn’t play the AAU game but he was one of the finest tacticians the game had ever known and he did a great job getting his guys ready to play. I further pointed out that someone like that doesn’’t come along very often so we shouldn’t assume we will somehow get a good/great recruiter who also was awesome at the game management and prep. In other words, watch what you wish for and understand what you’ve got. All that written, I also felt it was time for Gary to go by the last two years. He was just clearly over it. Tony told me my concerns were unfounded over and over and named coach after coach that was young and up in coming who should both be able to recruit and come close to Gary in the actual coaching / planning. Most of those names have since faded out because a lot of “hot coach” syndrome is just a streak rather than a truly amazing coach. There are only 4-6 legends for a reason (remember when Billy Donovan was the best young coach out there?). Anyway, Turgeon was hired. Tony was initially reasonable satisfied with the choice. Then, within a couple seasons, he decided that Turgeon was terrible too but for different reasons. And Turgeon is certainly nowhere near the same quality game coach as Gary Williams. There is no doubt about it. I will say the same thing now I wrote then and many times since: IF there is a coach who is clearly an upgrade in overall ability to bring MD championships, by all means lets go try to get him the same way we would a good player. I don’t see it happening. This team is now floating about where they should based on pedigree and local talent IMHO. Pretty much a lock for the NCAA tourney most seasons, top 25 1/3-1/2 of the time, with an occasional run deep in the tourney. The tourney run hasn’t happened yet, but honestly we can all see that it has built to a better situation over the last few years after Gary left the team largely devoid of talent and this is likely the shot for a deep run. Anyone who thinks that MD should be more than that based on some sort of “we deserve X” mentality isn’t looking at reality IMO. We are never going to be Duke, UNC, Kansas, or Kentucky unless we get very lucky and land a legendary coach and I don’t know why they would come to MD if they became available. There are problems with the Athletic Director, endowment, and overall structure outside the team that would prevent someone with the ability to go anywhere from coming to MD. That is just the way it is IMO.
  11. I’m pissed about the loss, but we needed it IMHO. You could see that some of the team acting a bit lackadaisical at times in the first half for a couple weeks. They can’t just turn it on. Hopefully this will end the first half nonsense. If not, we’ve got a bigger issue.
  12. I totally agree with that. My opinion is that Stix never plays at speed on the offensive end. He always seems a little slow. I think he worries about player control fouls which of course is a huge weakness.
  13. The first 10 minutes of the game were just ridiculous for turnovers for sure. The Terps has 12 with 11 minutes left in the first half. It was crazy. That certainly wasn’t the refs fault (though there was some grabbing on a few of them). They turned it over 8 times the last 30 minutes which is about right against a team like Penn St (they lead the Big Ten in turnovers created), but the first 10 minutes was ridiculous for sure.
  14. Texas Tech is beating Louisville by 11 with 50 seconds left IN LOUISVILLE. They must have an awful coach. A #1 team losing to an unranked team at home. Oh the horror....
  15. If Wiggins and Ayala can shoot just as well as they did last year from here on out, not even better, we have a shot at Elite 8 or Final 4. If they continue to shoot a very low percentage, we will struggle to get through the sweet 16. The Mitchell freshmen just aren’t ready for primetime on the offensive end at this point so we will need some shooting from the wings or they will just double Cowen and clog the lane on Stix.
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