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  1. If Mullins is removed from the 40 man, he will absolutely be claimed. It wouldn’t be close. He may not be our best option in the future, but he would be in the 32-36 range for me to protect on the 40 man based on talent, age, and ceiling. He would be an easy protect for me although I believe Hays has the better chance of being our CF in 2020-2021. Still too much talent to just lose for nothing when we have much easier cast-offs from the 40.
  2. I think I have seen enough of Fry.
  3. I still believe he will be protected, but I no longer think it is a no brainer based on the baserunning comments after Game 2. Those comments reflect a manager who is very tired of dealing with McKenna’s issues and who felt quite comfortable being open about it IMHO. That makes me wonder what is happening behind the scenes.
  4. With all the good prospects we’ve got, I was pretty surprised that Herb got the nod.
  5. Point taken. No need to engage with those who like to howl at the moon.
  6. This is getting comical at this point. Please look at the stats in the minors and majors for Severino and for Sisco. Then please tell me you know longer think what you wrote above. Sisco’s performance this year matches Severino’s performance this year for all practical purposes. Severino had a 500 OPS last year in the majors at the same age Sisco is this year. Severino never performed anywhere near Sisco levels in the minors. Not close. You are letting your frustration completely overwhelm logic. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/severpe01.shtml https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/siscoch01.shtml
  7. Cool, great thoughts. I think I will stay married with my lovely wife of 24 years,, but keep a look out for Jennifer Aniston just in case she suddenly moves to Orlando and decides she wants me. Your scenario is probably a few orders of magnitude more probable in that my scenario has about a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of occurring while your scenario has about a 1 in 10,000 chance of occurring. Young catchers that are ML ready with better credentials than Sisco don’t come available for nothing, but I am sure Elias will get right on scouring around for that possibility. Since we are devoting time to low probability stuff, shall we talk about the chances of them drilling for and finding oil in center field at Camden Yards, too?
  8. 27 games over 500 in aggregate if my math is correct. I can’t remember the last time that occurred.
  9. Please read that to yourself and tell me you realize how silly it is. If he finds a better talent for less than ML minimum ready to contribute at the ML level, Elias would do that instead of paying Sisco more to do less. No kidding. I hear rain is wet too. The point is there won’t be anyone better available for ML minimum. So, your statement is like me saying if I go on a date with Jennifer Aniston, she will definitely marry me. The date won’t happen so I will never be wrong but so freaking what.
  10. You’re wasting your time with that one IMHO. He is too busy spouting nonsense to listen.
  11. Wynns is not a ML catcher in my opinion and it isn’t particularly close. He is below replacement level.
  12. Sisco is an odd one to figure out to me. I love what I see when he hits but it doesn’t really translate to the results I would expect. He came through the minors with a great reputation for getting the barrel on the ball. I’ve seen that but I’ve also seen a lot of swings and misses in the zone which makes little sense. He has a very good command of the strike zone, but still strikes out a lot. Just odd. That homer last night was actually pretty impressive. He took a letter high fastball on the outside corner and backspun it 385 feet over the left-center wall as a lefty. He didn’t even catch it full and it went. There should be some value in that bat at some point. Regarding his arm, the frustrating part to me is that he is 5-10% from having a solid arm which you would think could be developed with the new techniques, yet it hasn’t developed at all in 3 years from what I can see. Regarding the throws last night, the throw to second was awful and really showcased how short the arm is at the ML level for a catcher. The throw to third wasn’t actually bad and I disagree with the official scorer. Ruiz should have had the error. The throw didn’t hit the ground, was shin high, and just on the outside of the bag. It just clanked off his glove. Ruiz blew that. It wasn’t a great throw by any means, but that ball should be an easy catch at this level.
  13. Stewart can legitimately hit and run. Both skills are there. I think the outfield stuff is about the higher light standards and high flight paths in the bigs. Buck used to talk about that a lot. I think he will be a solid defender. All in all I like what I see with this guy.
  14. Posted 17 hours ago I was actually pretty impressed by the two walks. He threw some nice pitches to two nasty hitters and they spit on them but he didn’t give in. The 3-1 splitter to Rendon was especially impressive. Then to come back with the AB to Cabrera was outstanding. outside, top of the zone for strike one, inside up for ball, outside bottom of zone for strike two, then outside top of zone for the K. all fastballs when Cabrera had to be looking for that splittly, especially with two strikes. nice job by him and the catcher with the sequencing. Posted 17 hours ago The important thing to understand with both walks is he was throwing the ball where it was called and under control. You don’t “challenge” a hitter like Rendon with just velocity. He can hit anything hard. It has to be in the right spot. There was a reason Brocail went out to talk before Rendon. He wanted them to be aware that power alone wouldn't get it done. I was impressed by how he approached those two hitters. He lost both battles but lived to fight another day, stayed focused, and ultimately won the war. Nice temperament and understanding of the bigger picture. These were my posts in the game thread last night. I stand by them.
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