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  1. Unlikely but I had Henderson at 3B, Hernaiz at SS, and Ortiz at 2B all at Delmarva. Carmona back at Aberdeen.
  2. I thought there was a good chance we'd see most of those names in the GCL, particularly Infante, Bellony, Romeo, the other OF we picked up from the Red Sox, and Placencia. Those would be my best bets among hitters. Cruz and Rolle 50/50 and Acevedo at less than 50/50.
  3. Velazquez checks all of the boxes that Martin does PLUS he can play cf PLUS the O's seem to prefer developing Martin futher with everyday AAA at bats. I think he's close to a lock.
  4. 2 years in GCL and he wasn't a HS pick. I assumed he was a hard thrower with control issues but maybe he wasn't such a hard thrower after all.
  5. Dyar Miller played at Rochester and, I believe made his ML debut as an Oriole. I believe he had one or more years as a decent reliever in the majors.
  6. I think this is what they decided. Not future nuggets and no roster flexibility.
  7. The O's actually had a small Nicaraguan pipeline with Dennis Martinez and a couple others and later the Aruban pipeline with Ponson, Kingsale, and others. The drafts were terrible but I hoped HS outfielders like Keith Schmidt, Eric Alexander, Dallas Williams and Rick Elder would become stars. Even Pat Gillick struck out with the immortal Daren Hooper.
  8. You don't replace a reserve outfielder with a starter. If Mountcastle is coming up, it's to start. So someone like Davis, Santander, or Mancini gets benched, traded, or put on the IL before you see Mountcastle. You don't have those guys plus Hays in CF AND call up Mountcastle. Smith having an option also means you can send him to AAA to start the season if you wish.
  9. When will that be? We don't know the issue with Santander. Hyde talks about as if it's something he's working through this spring and not a chronic problem.
  10. He and Eddie had a great opening day and then Cal didn't hit a lick after that game.
  11. When does Smith play? Assuming no injuries, he doesn't start or platoon. He offers no defense and little speed so he's a LH PH off the bench. If he doesn't start, I see him DFA or in AAA to start the season. DFA 5 instead of 4 is not that big a deal. It might not be Smith though.
  12. Right handed relievers who throw hard are aplenty. What's the difference between Tate and Kline? Phillips and Tate? Carroll? At times, Hess as a starter had a very nice breaking pitch. Put him in the bullpen full time and his fastball is probably sitting 95-96 with a good breaking pitch. Tate is something like 26 and hasn't proven himself in AAA. He didn't dominate in AA to the extent that Kline did. I"m not saying Tate can't be a serviceable ML relief pitcher. I just say it's a tossup between Tate and about 5-8 other guys we already have. There is nothing SPECIAL about Tate.
  13. Nothing to lose by playing him in the majors? I'm not sure. He still K's a lot last year in AAA and that carries over even moreso when he's in the majors. I still think there is room for improvement at AAA without watching him sink in the majors. He might never be anything but I don't think more AAA hurts him either.
  14. Sisco has little to no trade value. He's still young and he can still get better. He put up great numbers in a limited number of AB's in AAA last year. We have nothing to lose by letting him try to get better in AAA. He needs to hit better even if he stays at catcher and he needs to hit a lot better if they try him at another position (3B?).
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