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  1. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    I and others have already agreed that is largely money driven but it's a combination of the money and what Nunez brings to the table. If Nunez was an average or slightly below average 3B, they would gladly pay him the 2M or whatever. They believe he's easily replaceable, whether that be Stewart being the DH or a rotation of players into that spot while players like Valaika and Mullins give starters days off in the field. Again, I agree the O's are being cheap. No argument there. I just don't have a problem with their cheapness with this move.
  2. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    Your tone of authority when you are clearly in a fog is admirable. Anyone who thought his arbitration number was a bargain, as you suggest, could have offered a warm body to secure his services before he hit the open market. What won't make sense is if any team offers him 2M or more now that he's available to any team that wants him.
  3. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    If Mullins continues to hit for an 800 OPS against RHP, he'll get a lot of AB's. Agreed.
  4. Packy Naughton and David Parkinson. Two LH starters who might be able to stick as relievers. If the O's go for anything I think it will be something like this.
  5. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    Mullins will get AB's. I just don't see him starting everyday in CF if everyone is healthy. However, I believe Mullins gaining everyday AB's is certainly possible and that would pretty much take away Stewart's role as Mountcastle would move out of the OF and either he or Mancini would DH.
  6. So, lets bring in a replacement level 3B and hope he improves but lets totally disregard the 3B we have of improving? Yeah. I got it. Then when the replacement is just ok after 500-700 AB's we can replace him with another replacement level 3B. If you can't be an all star within your first 500 ML AB's you gotta go!
  7. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    So, you say that the difference in Stewart money and Nunez money is insignificant in baseball terms and then say the move is 100% because of money. How's that cake? You agree that Iglesias has value and Nunez has very little. You seem to be agreeing with me. I agree that there is risk from a depth perspective as Hays, Santander, and Stewart have had trouble staying on the field at different points.
  8. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    To start the year I suspect we'll see Mountcastle in LF, Mancini at 1B, and Stewart at DH. After that it depends on what Diaz does in AAA and the others are doing in the bigs.
  9. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    It's not 100% money driven and how can we be arguing bout Stewart's lack of defensive value when we are comparing him to Nunez? If Nunez was a better player they would keep him and pay the 2M. How else do you explain them resigning Iglesias for 3.5M? They see value there. They have simply determined they can get similar value to Nunez for 1M or more less. Yes, it is very much money related but certainly not 100%. Overall Stewart and Nunez, based on Stewart's limited career, look to provide similar offensive value. Stewart has the added bonus of being left handed and making a lot less money. Nunez's platoon splits against LHP are ordinary for a RH hitter so a 2M platoon player doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the Orioles. If Stewart is indeed platooned (his career OPS of .683 in 60 AB's and minor league splits (which another poster alluded to) don't make this a sure thing either. Point #2. Is there a team in baseball who will give us a warm body for Nunez got his production and relatively inexpensive salary? What, if anything, we can get for Nunez will somewhat prove that this is not 100% money related. If it was, another team would jump to get him, wouldn't they?
  10. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    Right, but Stewart and Mullins get fewer AB's with Hays and Santander starting. Also, all 3 bats you have listed are RH. I'm not arguing the point that Nunez offers some level of relatively cheap production. He does. It's just that what he currently offers doesn't hold a lot of value. My only concern, voiced by Frobby, is that a player, at 26, and after 2 years, may have another level in him. The Orioles obvious don't feel that way about Nunez. If Nunez is what he is, I have no problem giving his AB's to Stewart and Mullins. If he has no trade value at all, then I can live with releasing him and saving 1.5M, or the difference between him and someone making the minimum.
  11. RZNJ

    Nunez DFA

    Obviously, it's money related but it's also roster related. They believe, and I believe, that they won't lose anything with the extra AB's Stewart and Mullins are likely to get with this move. Good point by SG for keeping Nunez for depth for now but the better point by Frobby. At 26 years old Elias apparently feels Nunez is what he is. A 750-820 OPS go with no defensive value and extremely streaky. Is it worth 2M to make sure that's all he is?
  12. I have a theory. No better than your average CoC theory. I believe pretty strongly that he did them. Why stop? Well, once he bagged his big contract, he may have felt the health risks and the low risk of getting caught were not worth it. Perhaps he had a health scare or just being married and having a young family made him reevaluate the health risks. I know that he lost a lot of body mass over the last 5 years. He says he was slow to change his swing because he had prior success. Then why lose muscle and mass purposely if that's the way you were when you had all your success? No idea on Brady. He still hit like 24 homers after the 50 homer season. He may have used but that seadon was an aberration either way. Like Davey Johnson in 73. If you believe Brady used, I don't think the seasons after the 50 homer season necessarily mean that he stopped.
  13. Hobgood was a reach but he had arm problems from early on. Same as Chris Smith back in the day. Hard to accurately judge a player who was never 100%.
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