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  1. Essentially, they did trade down in the first round. They got someone the consensus had around 7-10 and got him for less money and used that saved money later on in the draft. That's exactly why teams trade down in the NFL draft. Because they aren't crazy about the guys in the top 5, and want to get more picks. The Orioles essentially traded their 2nd overall pick, the 4th round, and 5th round pick for the 7th pick and 2 3rd round picks (or 2 2nd round picks if we want to be generous).
  2. I would think Hall and Vavra are not close to locks. If neither is impressive at the AA level this year and don't think they get protected and I think neither is a near lock to do that.
  3. Means, King Felix, Akin, Leblanc, Kremer
  4. Jones minor league stats don't look too good but I just read a pretty encouraging BA article that said he hit very well in 2019 in AA after he ditched suggested swing changes and went back to his original swing. Over .300 in the 2nd half and a .885 OPS in the AFL. Described as athletic and a good kid.
  5. Haha. I bet there's a big red spot on his back in the shape of his hand too.
  6. Sad. The behavior of the mom and just as bad, the kid being proud of it.
  7. D.J. Stewart and Nunez's jump in salary for 2021 are the reason he's not here. Schwarber hasn't been any good for 2-3 years. That fact and D.J. Stewart are the reason he shouldn't be signed. I don't believe Elias said there won't be a full time DH. I believe that's a job that can be earned.
  8. I don't talk in absolutes like some people I know. I thought it was unlikely.
  9. Actually, the biggest news of today is how a team accused of being forced to slash 200K from their allotted 2020 amateur draft spending was allowed to spend 72K on 3 supposedly super long shot, insignificant prospects, in the minor league phase today. Say what!!!!
  10. You're a funny guy. None of has a clue about the ledger sheet for today. Most are reasonable enough to admit that. Pop, Fenter, and the two guys we picked up are all wildcards. You've already determined that Elias screwed up. Both of the guys we picked up are 99.9% going to start out as relievers with the Orioles. Watching someone get bent out of shape over the rule 5 draft does provide some entertainment value so thanks for that. lol
  11. RH relievers. The most replaceable asset in baseball UNLESS they are elite.
  12. If they had been drafting 10 and got Kerstad anyway they wouldn't have had the pool money to draft Mayo and Baumler. Just saying.
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