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  1. May he become mediocre overnight but be healthy enough to last all 9 years.
  2. What is the logic that he could be damaged? At worst you are arguing that his progress is delayed. Whatever ML educational AB's he didn't get in September will be gotten this year and beyond.
  3. Could have. Didn't. He's not a future HOF. I am not concerned about him being held back. He gets more AAA time and then his chance in MLB. In the long run what they are doing will not hurt him at all. Might help him
  4. Because we are loaded with 1B/LF/DH types and we need to clear that up as well as delay Mountcastle's service time, which might not matter at all, and let him continue to improve his plate discipline, which he actually was showing progress with towards the end of the year.
  5. None. Just gets him AB's. We all know he's not making the team out of ST. Moving him around makes it easier to bring him on every road game and play him somewhere. From all reports, RF is a waste of time as well. He's either going to be a LF, 1B, or DH.
  6. Love a good conspiracy theory. The other side of the coin is that it will probably get him the most AB's of anyone in camp.
  7. Huge guy. Whenever I see a guy who looks that thick in a baseball uniform I gotta wonder.
  8. Frobby stole my thunder. My list is identical to Luke's. I defer to him, but for now, Sharp, Brown, and one of the hard throwing relievers.
  9. And it's only right across the bay from San Diego!
  10. Let's take the two guys who throw 95-100 and hope they don't turn into pumpkins like Jason Garcia who rarely, if ever, broke 95 after being advertised as a high 90's guy. Our bullpen sucked last year. With the extra man and a 13 man bullpen, why not stash some hard throwers with some potential in it? I don't expect to get a starting middle infielder out of this. We can pick those types off of waivers if they pop up. I'm also okay with Martin and Alberto up the middle and would like to see if Ruiz can build off of his 2nd half last year. That infield is decent defensively if not downright average or better.
  11. Frobby, The Instigator. Pissing off people you like. Just think about how the people you don't like feel about the things your write.
  12. Well, he won't regress if he gets traded to Colorado. There he probably will hit .333 with 45 Homer's per year for 3 years.
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