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  1. Probably would be in gold glove consideration if they had done that.
  2. I'd rather have 2 teams with good records in the DSL and FCL but if it's a choice of one team with a good record and two teams with bad records, I'll take the two teams with bad records. Things are turning around at the two lowest levels. All in all, more good stories than bad this year. Biggest disappiontments? Yusniel Diaz? Hall's injury? Ortiz and Servideo injuries. On straight peformance, how many poor stories? Diaz? Adam Hall? Who else? Good stories? Too many to mention.
  3. I happen to believe that Wells has got the best chance out of all of them. The most important element to any pitcher, IMO, is fastball command. Akin has it at times. I think Wells is probably the best of the bunch in that category but I just think it's going to take some patience with him as he gets comfortable and gains some consistency at the ML level. Last year, Akin could dominate an inning or two when he was on. Again, it's all about spotting his fastball. That's what sets John Means apart. He's the most consistent with spotting his fastball and other pitches as well but m
  4. I agree that Servideo might be pushed over Hernaiz because of age. You call Hernaiz a below average hitter at that level but he did almost everything better than Servideo other than walk a lot. Servideo didn't hit and showed zero power. I hope Servideo develops. I would return him to Delmarva and look to promote him quickly if he looks good.
  5. Servideo only had 92 PA at Delmarva. He also struck out 26 times. His OPS of .801 is inflated by a great walk rate. He might be pushed up because his age compared to Hernaiz but I think Hernaiz makes the most sense from a straight accomplishment perspective. Hernaiz had 410 PA's at Delmarva this year. He only struck out 70 times. While his OPS was 690 compared to 801 for Servideo the difference is entirely in the OBP. Hernaiz hit .333/.358/.690. Servideo .489/.311/.801. Hernaiz slugged better and struck out less. Servideo was great at taking a walk. I'd reward Hernaiz f
  6. My hope is that he tears it up in Aberdeen next year.
  7. I thought Mundy, technically, was promoted to Bowie. I care about any of these guys who might emerge as top 20 guys. I'd rank them as. Haskins Young Peek Sparks After that, longer shot guys would be Hall Lyons Bowens Cespedes Brandon Young finished the season very nicely. 0 walks 13 strikeouts in his last 8 innings. He really had one bad outing early on at Aberdeen that skewed his overall numbers a bit. He'd be my #1 Aberdeen player to keep an eye on next year.
  8. Watson could go either way. Nice season but the walk/strikeout numbers indicate an area he might be better off working on at a level that he has some sort of comfort zone.
  9. Impressive finish to the season. I think he returns to Bowie but you good certainly make the aggressive push up to Norfolk next year. It's probably either he or Grenier and there's little doubt 1) who is the better prospect 2) who is more likely to do better in AAA. The only reason Grenier would get the nod to Norfolk before Westburg is because of age, AA AB's, and what they want to do with Westburg. The decision won't be made on what's best for Grenier but what's best for Westburg.
  10. I meant to put this in the minors section last time. Here are some guesses what things will look like from AAA down with a majors roster thrown in. Baltimore Norfolk Bowie Aberdeen Delmarva GCLB GCLO 1B Mountcastle Nevin Mundy Teter Higgins Cruz Mordan 2B Urias Vavra Ortiz Norby Servideo Romero
  11. Rutschman Rodriguez Hall Cowser Kjerstad Mayo I think there are 6 really good cases there. Henderson Stowers Westburg Possible but not as likely as the top 6, IMO. Who else? Next guy on my list for a chance at the top 100 sometime next year would be Pinto.
  12. RZNJ

    Coby Mayo

    Gunnar had done nothing before this season. Going into next season, Mayo is going to have an amazing 30 games at Delmarva.
  13. RZNJ

    Colton Cowser 2021

    I'll be the rain cloud today. Cowser is doing very nicely at Delmarva but in his case, a 1:5 pick should be tearing it up down there. He looks good but the lack of doubles and homeruns is something to keep an eye on. The extra base output is extremely low even for a pitchers park. I'm sure he's got the power but maybe needs to tweak things a little. Norby, IMO, has been a little disappointing. The strikeouts are high for someone who was supposed to be one of the top pure hitters in the college ranks. I'm surprised he's striking out as much as he has. Trimble has really failed t
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