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  1. Likely? I didn't get that. I think that's just conservative GM speak. Joey Ortiz is likely going to be SS or 2B at Delmarva. Carmona is also in the mix. However, if Hernaiz and Henderson look good in the spring, I could envision an infield of 3B, Henderson, SS Hernaiz, and 2B Ortiz.
  2. Obviously, height and vertical leap would give you a great advantage on headers but it ain't as easy as it looks and I believe the substitution rules wouldn't allow a specialty player like that to be inserted on corner kicks only.
  3. I am not a soccer fan but I would imagine, if nothing else, many basketball players would be great candidates to be goalkeepers.
  4. I'm hoping Sparks, Hernaiz, and Henderson can all make the big jump to Delmarva. Sparks has really lost about two years coming back from shoulder surgery. Manuel Daza, RHP, may not be much of a prospect but he got called up from the DSL and did a nice job in the GCL towards the end of the season.
  5. Welcome aboard! I enjoyed your introductory post very much. Looking forward to more.
  6. Is there any site or publication out there who you think is a better source?
  7. You are talking about a player who has not proven himself at a defensive position and at best is either a LF or 1B and one who has a HUGE red flag in his offensive game. And his numbers last year must be taken in the context of the huge offensive explosion in AAA last year. We hope for the best but I certainly can see why he's a fringe 100 guy in most rankings.
  8. Dominated is a much overused word around these parts. He obviously had a very good year and won the MVP but he certainly did not dominate. He was 11th in OPS. 5th in RBI 11th in home runs 3rd in doubles 1st in total bases 19th highest in strikeouts 115th in walks Very, very solid numbers. Domination? Nope.
  9. That's a catch-22 because you gotta be on the stuff in order to say it 5 times fast. Sounds like a trap to me.
  10. Younger and cheaper than Nunez and Ruiz? They aren't exactly old and guys younger and better than them aren't going to be easy to come by.
  11. I think he can step it up a bit. Of course, I don't have a crystal ball. He has a nice fluid swing and some idea at the plate. He looks adequate at 3B to me as well. I certainly would like to seem him take the next step offensively which is basically adding more power which he seemed to do in the second half. I like Nunez as well. I agree with Tony on his defense at 3B in 2018 and he did looks surprisingly awful at 1B. Love the bat when he's hot though.
  12. I think we are talking about patience and hoping that Mountcastle possesses the pitch recognition and strike zone recognition already.
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