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  1. All things fairly equal, I lean towards position. Martin preferred if he's there at 2.
  2. RZNJ

    Maikel Franco

    Two different things. Length of contract vs. controllable years. I don't think anyone expects a multi year contract to any FA.
  3. Now Rolltide can go back to how Elias bungled it by publicly announcing, in September, that he would non tender Villar in December. Unfortunately, that quote only appears in his imagination to which no one else has access. Bzzzzzz.
  4. Now. Now. You have been pushing this quote, your version of proof, that Elias said he was non tendering Villar back in September. All you did was read into something he said and ASSUME what you wanted it to mean. Even Frobby, as impartial as they come, says the quotes you provided don't make it clear. I have said it's possible Elias was offered a bit more at the deadline. Anything of real substance and Villar would have been moved. Elias quotes on that are more clear than your non tender non story. You may be a negotiator but you're no detective. Bzzzzzzzzz.
  5. 1) I still have not seen the quote where he said he was not tendering Villar back in September. It's not that important except you keep insisting he did and I see no such quote. The only quote I noticed was where he said he felt no pressure to trade him which is GM speak for "I don't intend to give him away". Unfortunately, there was never a market for Villar and he eventually got very little. 2) You keep telling me I'm making assumptions but that is exactly what you are doing. You are assuming some team offered something decent at the deadline. My common sense tells me if that was the case, Villar would have been dealt. You prefer to assume Elias didn't know he would later non tender Villar, if it came to that. I don't work in the Warehouse and neither do you. The difference is you have all of these theories regarding the budget discussed in September and that's when Elias first realized he was under pressure to deal Villar. I am using common sense. Try it.
  6. You assume Elias felt no pressure to trade Villar because after the deadline he said he felt no pressure to do so. That's ridiculous. If nothing else, Elias is a guy who thinks things through. You said he showed his cards back in September regarding a non tender on Villar but now you are suggesting he didn't know he would have to non tender Villar at the trade deadline absent a trade. You are taking both forks in the road as long as it fits your narrative.
  7. Which reminds me. When I was 8 years old the family went on a camping trip to Montreal. On a bluff overlooking the St. Lawrence river I stumbled upon an Oriole-Tiger game on my transistor radio. Must have been WBAL. All I remember now is that Earl Wilson was pitching for the Tigers. But I digress ... I kind of changed my mind on Russell even before this gentleman's post. I had thought it was possibly a one time incident less than a pattern of behavior.
  8. Don't know much about him but I always liked the vibe he gave off as a manager in the dugout.
  9. Your opinion matters but the market matters more. I hope you are right.
  10. He did not not make a deal because he was under no pressure to make a deal. He didn't make a deal because no one offered him future value for Villar. He basically says that right in the quotes. Could he have done marginally better than what he eventually got. Maybe. Common sense tells us it wasn't a significant difference. Elias knew he was eventually be up against a deadline.
  11. You say you are a negotiator, right? When Elias said he was under no pressure to deal these guys he was trying to give the impression that he wasn't desperate. lol Have you ever heard the phrase "GM speak"?
  12. It's funny but I never did see the "announcement" that he was non-tendering him back in September. What problem do you have with 1)? It's the opposite of what you accuse him of in 3) Showing his hand.
  13. I certainly believe there is more scouting/analysis going on now. Mostly the analysis.
  14. On paper, we didn't get much for Bundy. Teams generally have no problem giving up #17 prospects and 6th round draft choices. Some of these guys sound interesting. Top 30 guys don't mean much to me when you are talking 15-30. Just look year to year at teams top 30 lists. Sure, occasionally you get a surprise and a good story. We'll see. The main focus is that the team will suck next year, Bundy, Villar, and probably Givens and Mancini don't fit into the future plans and you might as well have a 55-60m payroll than a 75-80m payroll if you are going to suck anyway. I am on board with Elias. We disagree on Villar. If anything good was offered at the deadline, Elias would have taken it. Teams didn't want Villar at 10m and give up something. Teams were going to wait for the non tender deadline. By putting Villar on waivers he found one team willing to give him a warm body. The Marlins apparently have to keep their payroll at a certain level for appearances. 10m for a super utility guy on the Marlins makes no sense at all.
  15. Everyone thinks ML move but it's mil singing and the main reason is to fill in the roster at Norfolk with the outside hope that lightening strikes.
  16. I said Mancini was an .800 type OPS player his first two years. That's a fact. Frobby and now you have pointed out that his rookie here defined by other stats is closer to the 2019 season than the 2018 season. Kudos. I didn't think we'd get much for Bundy. On paper, we didn't.
  17. I am more inclined to worse vs. worst.
  18. I think we'll see at least the two Cubans, IF Yorkislandy Alvarez and Of Kevin Infante. The two guys from the Cashner trade, Romero and Prado. On initial performance I think Placencia the ss and Rolle, the 1B look like good bets. Tough to say how aggressive they are with guys like Bellony and Acevedo. Good bets from the pitching side are Hector Lopez, Jesus Chavez, Cesar Angomas, and Carlos Del Rosario. We signed, what, 27 guys? We have two DSL teams but I would suspect that will force the release or promotion of quite a few players.
  19. Just talking talent, I think this is in the ballpark of what we could expect.
  20. In a heartbeat. No one would come close to that. The Encarnacion, McKenna, Stowers was a good one. That made me think. I think Elias would certainly do that one.
  21. Okay. It's semantics. Elias is willing to take back a fringe prospect as opposed to he doesn't care if that's all he gets. Same thing to me. The main impetus is moving the money.
  22. Luke, you know I am a fan of your stuff but Cadyn Grenier has "flaws in his bat" is a huge understatement. Without looking it up, it seems like he struck out close to 40% of the time. I don't see him reaching AAA.
  23. How is that baseless? He's dumping salary and taking what he can get, even if it's minimal?
  24. First off, you are valuing him off his best season. He wasn't close to those numbers his first two years. If that's his new norm there is value there. No one is going to bet top prospects that that is his new norm. Also, offensive numbers across baseball were inflated last year so you have to take those numbers with a few grains of salt. His best position is 1B and he's probably average at best there. If the Orioles are able to trade him and take back one prospect it's possible they might get one guy around a top 100 prospect.
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