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  1. Sad. The behavior of the mom and just as bad, the kid being proud of it.
  2. D.J. Stewart and Nunez's jump in salary for 2021 are the reason he's not here. Schwarber hasn't been any good for 2-3 years. That fact and D.J. Stewart are the reason he shouldn't be signed. I don't believe Elias said there won't be a full time DH. I believe that's a job that can be earned.
  3. I don't talk in absolutes like some people I know. I thought it was unlikely.
  4. Actually, the biggest news of today is how a team accused of being forced to slash 200K from their allotted 2020 amateur draft spending was allowed to spend 72K on 3 supposedly super long shot, insignificant prospects, in the minor league phase today. Say what!!!!
  5. You're a funny guy. None of has a clue about the ledger sheet for today. Most are reasonable enough to admit that. Pop, Fenter, and the two guys we picked up are all wildcards. You've already determined that Elias screwed up. Both of the guys we picked up are 99.9% going to start out as relievers with the Orioles. Watching someone get bent out of shape over the rule 5 draft does provide some entertainment value so thanks for that. lol
  6. RH relievers. The most replaceable asset in baseball UNLESS they are elite.
  7. If they had been drafting 10 and got Kerstad anyway they wouldn't have had the pool money to draft Mayo and Baumler. Just saying.
  8. Haha. You're the same guy who wants to trade Santander for 2 6-12 ranked prospects. You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. Elias isn't trying to fool anyone. He's pretty transparent that they aren't spending on payroll, are trying to improve the talent pipeline, and will sacrifice present day wins to do that. Trading Santander would seem to mesh with that. Are you going to argue that trading Santander for prospects will improve our chances for more wins this year?
  9. We shouldn't assume but I think Hess could probably eventually average 95 and touch 98 as a reliever if he converted full time to relieving. Touching 98 these days as a reliever is no big deal. His fastball must have little movement and his secondaries poor.
  10. You said Diaz should return to AA because he hasn't earned a promotion to the next level. Would you have promoted Mancini to the majors based on a .775 OPS in his one full AAA season?
  11. Under your strict guidelines, would you have promoted Trey Mancini to the majors in 2017 after he posted a .775 OPS at Norfolk?
  12. Chances are that neither will but the more guys Elisa aquires increases the odds. A lot of these guys, Kevin Smith, Stallings, Peek, etc., are very similar profiles. Guys who can pitch and maybe a velocity bump away from being something more.
  13. Tony will put him somewhere close to #30 or not at all.
  14. If Iglesias had hit .220 with a .620 OPS, I'm not sure the Orioles would have re-signed him for 3.5M and gotten what they did, SSS or not. What he did with the Orioles helped his value, IMO. You are correct, that any hot streak by Severino could have a greater effect on his value as some teams might believe he's turned the corner or the light bulb has come on. The Angels didn't acquire Iglesias thinking he's a .373 hitter but I think what he did last season certainly makes them more confident in what they are getting.
  15. Didn't Iglesias just have an atypical strong year (with the bat)?. Just saying. Severino is 27, I believe, and he had a strong start last year. He's capable of putting up a good 2-3 months.
  16. He hit very well the last month up in AAA but I agree that it's a reach to assume he would be ready to produce. But I wouldn't discount it. He's got a shot.
  17. I'm not saying it's an endorsement, just that it sounds like he thinks he can handle the position well enough. “Yolmer Sánchez is a very good player and I can see him helping us in a number of ways,” Elias said. “He can move around all three infield spots. He’s a plus defender, certainly at second and third, and probably a pretty good shortstop. We have a little less info to go on there. But from what we’ve seen, we think he can help at that position as well. Take from that what you will. I take from it that Elias potentially could see Sanchez as quality ML defensive SS.
  18. Wow! How did we get to someone claiming Sanchez was a GG caliber SS? Tim Anderson was a top prospect. Yolbert Sanchez was not.
  19. Sanchez's career has been almost entirely with the White Sox whose top prospect was Tim Anderson. Then they played together at the ML level. So I guess I'd have to see how much that influenced him playing 2B for them. Elias' quotes suggest that they see him as a viable SS defensively.
  20. I don't know what their goal is. I know that they have given approval for Elias to get the international system up to speed and they hired a GM who has the reputation of building a system. I see that most everything he's done is consistent with that. By the way, to play Devil's advocate, I'm sure many of Tampa Bay's moves over the years didn't look like they were prioritizing winning at the time.
  21. In other words, you're taking into into consideration before totally disregarding it. Got it. lol I remember when the O's had a higher payroll than the Yankees and afterwards one of the worst teams money could buy. They spent on payroll. They just ran the organization horribly. Now they are doing things in a much, much better way. I can stand the pain. Keep creating depth in the system. Elias has a plan. I can wait.
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