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  1. RZNJ

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    More day to day interactions with Luke on the site. That's all. Whatever.
  2. RZNJ

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think his floor is never having any kind of ML career. A realistic outlook, stated by Luke, is a 4th OF. His ceiling is a ML starting CF but it is a long shot. Two years of not hitting in AA. I don't think anyone is going to carry him for a year in the hopes that he hits. Just my opinion. I think it's just another case of thinking that other teams covet our prospects. I would not protect him. BTW, the writeup does not mention his 2019 season where he repeated and showed little progress. It looks like it was written preseason. I wonder if the authors' summary would be any different now.
  3. RZNJ

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    McKenna might turn into something someday but I don't see protecting a guy who hit .240 in his 2nd try in AA and who most experts, including ours, projects as a 4th OF. Teams pick Rule 5 guys for either present value or future dividends. I just don't see anyone picking McKenna if he's left unprotected.
  4. Thanks for the good work.
  5. RZNJ

    Joey Ortiz

    Drew Rom started at Delmarva as a HS player in his first full year. I could see Hernaiz and Henderson in Aberdeen but I think performance in the GCL doesn't suggest that they are no brainers for Delmarva either. In addition to Ortiz, the 19 yo Carmona is in the middle infield picture as well.
  6. RZNJ

    Austin Hays 2019

    Unless Hays is injured I'd like to see him in CF for September. Stewart in LF. Santander in RF.
  7. RZNJ

    Mike Baumann 2019

    If Baumann can develop an average changeup what, if anything, keeps him from being in the same conversation as Hall and Rodriguez? Mid to high 90's. Holds stuff deep into games. At least 3 ML pitches.
  8. RZNJ

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    No. He's no lock to be promoted. I'd call it 50/50. Mullins and Diaz figure to be in Norfolk. Non prospects figure to man at least 2/3 of the Bowie outfield.
  9. RZNJ

    Prospect Mailbag

    Using only players who haven't been on the 25 man ML roster, show me your fantasy future ML 25 man roster with all 9 positions filled, a DH, bench, 5 starters and a bullpen.
  10. I thought the current Heyward was Heyward lite.
  11. RZNJ

    2019 Draft - Best Debuts

    Really? He may have an excuse and it's all SSS but it's only natural to say his results are a bit disappointing. I think you can say that without disparaging his prospect status or his future.
  12. Taking age and level into account. Try to ignore draft status. 1. John Rizer 2. Toby Welk 3. Darrell Hernaiz 4. Adley Rutschman 5. Gunnar Henderson 6. Dan Hammer 7. Houston Roth 8. Zach Watson 9. Griffin Mclarty 10. Jake Lyons
  13. RZNJ

    Gray Fenter

    Exactly. But he throws mid 90's+, and was pretty unhittable in AA. My point is the shine hasn't come off of these guys yet. Perhaps we shouldn't protect any of them. Alvarado looks pretty good in AA. So what?
  14. RZNJ

    Gray Fenter

    You mention Klimek. In addition to Fenter, I'd say Sedlock, Alvarado, and Peralta all look potential RH setup guys. That doesn't even count Baumann. Hannifee may also project as a reliever. We also already have Kline on the 40 man. Is it really worth protecting any of the Rule 5 eligibles in this group? Is there anyone who is clearly a cut above?
  15. RZNJ

    2019 GCL Orioles

    I suspect you'll see him in Delmarva next year. College guys should have no problem in the GCL it's good to see that almost every college guy we drafted did well down there. Delmarva will start to separate the men from the boys next year. There aren't going to be nearly enough spots for all of the candidates next year in Delmarva.
  16. Is there a reason Flores isn't likely to be back?
  17. The shift giveth and taketh away. The anti shifters seem to only notice the giveth part. Harold Reynolds cracks me up when he only points out when a shift didn't work.
  18. Again, I see Stewart in LF, Hays in CF, and Santander in RF. If Mountcastle can play an adequate 1B he fits in better there with Mancini at DH. Nunez being the odd man out for now. However, I would keep Nunez and rotate him in at 1B/DH/3B. Mountcastle can still get time in LF. Hays has to sink or swim in CF. Diaz has to perform in Norfolk next year and be next man up. Mullins and McKenna have something to prove next year just to get back into the conversation. Dwight Smith? I can't see where he fits in.
  19. RZNJ

    DJ Stewart 2019

    That certainly makes sense. What about Nunez? 3B? Trade? Bench?
  20. Don't forget Joey Ortiz. He hasn't had a good season at Aberdeen but he's a college player drafted one round before Hernaiz. I would guess that he's going to get a lot of middle infield time next year at Delmarva. Hernaiz strong debut may make them consider some kind of 3 man rotation between 2B-SS and maybe 3B-DH.
  21. If you believe this is the new and improved Villar then you tender or sign him to your type of deal, assuming he's willing. If you think he's likely to revert back to pre-trade Villar you see what you can get.
  22. It's easy to do when it's not you. No one can say what they would do in his shoes. I'd like to think I would approach the team about a buyout. Also, if he used steroids to have success and the contract and then stopped using for some reason then he should do something in regards to some relief for the team. He sure as hell isn't as big as he used to be.
  23. It is nice to see. Absolutely.
  24. I'm impressed.
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