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  1. Hays put up a .758 OPS at Norfolk as a 23 year old. Just saying. I don't think he's any threat to them at the moment either but he might be a threat to either one of them by next May. Might.
  2. I think the odds greatly favor all 3 but expect many more DSL players to begin in the FCL next year.
  3. Interesting. Basallo, Maikol Hernandez and De los Santos are the only three who played in the DSL only this year. Basallo and Hernandez were the two highest profile signins. De los Santos, arguably, the top peformer. Luis Gonzalez, the highest profile signing from two years ago along with Luis Ortiz (who is not there) the pitcher, is also there.
  4. RZNJ

    Colton Cowser 2021

    I'd have to re-read the interviews. He's enthusiastic which is fine. Does he misstate things? That would different. If someone said Mountcastle had a 50 arm when he was a prospect then we'd be less trusting of that guy's opinion. So, if you are going to be crtical of Matt Blood or accuse him of drinking to much Orange Kool-Aid then where has he been inaccurate in his description of individual prospects?
  5. I'll settle for the pitching version of Mayo.
  6. Tough crowd. He simply sounded like he was explaining the injury and how he thought he got it. He didn't sound like he was trying to throw someone under the bus. It's been pretty frustrating for him and the fans. I guess you have to give it one more try at this point because, the one time when he came up in September and was healthy he had the stuff of a top setup guy or closer. Unfortunately, we've only seen it that one time but what the heck.
  7. You are simply amazing! Haha. Well I guess Walter Johnson was a flamethrower before his time.
  8. Not to sidetrack this thread but I always knew that Babe Ruth was considered a standout pitcher with a 94-46 record and 2.28 ERA. What really surprised me was his really low strikeout total of 488 in 1221 innings pitched. A different era but even with that it seems really low!!!!
  9. Got me to thinking about looking up best hitting pitchers of all-time. Of course, Babe Ruth was #1 but a guy named Wes Ferrell was #2. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/ferrewe01.shtml
  10. Right. Just thinking of guys who could do both. Can't think of any besides Ohtani who were good at both at the same time.
  11. Wieters was a closer in college, wasn't he. Brooks Kieschnick was another two-way guy in college. I think he tried both at different times in the majors. Who was the 1:1 guy the Padres drafted as a SS and then was a pretty good reliever years later with the Rangers? The Reds have the guy drafted as an outfielder/RHP who's basically a reliever now. Lorentzen.
  12. I think Burdi might turn into something eventually but it's like being the right team at the right time. You don't know when the light bulb comes on. He did strike out 10 in 4 innings at Norfolk. That always catches my eye.
  13. I'm sure he will but odds are him starting for FCL Orange and Basallo for FCL Black or vice versa assuming they have two teams again.
  14. RZNJ

    Colton Cowser 2021

    They wouldn't have been overslot if they had been taken at #5, would they? Unless those guys signed for more than Cowser, you could argue that they could have signed one of them and done the same exact thing they did. Just saying. Also, Lawler tore his labrum after being drafted, not before so, unless they had some crystal ball or medicals, it's hard to fathom how that could have been a factor.
  15. I guess so but I have no problem with the way they've drafted so far. They've also acquired pitching through trades. To me, it doesn't matter how they get it as long as they get it.
  16. I forgot Moore's name. He never quite lived up to the advanced billing. Nice job!
  17. I'm saying that they have probably drafted well overall but you made the remark about how we should draft pitching like Tampa Bay has so I thought you might want to share which pitchers they've drafted. I know they have done a great job of trading for other teams young minor league pitching but you usually need something to get something. I know they drafted Hellickson and Price and another lefty who never turned out that great. Did they draft Snell? My gut feeling is that you'll find out that they've done a great job of drafting, signing international talent, and making great trades.
  18. Tampa Bay, with one of the best team ERA's in baseball should probably have one of the best 1st inning run preventions, if not the #1 in baseball then, right?
  19. You might want to show us all of the great pitchers they drafted.
  20. You think things would be any different if Connor Greene, and most of the terrible relievers we had this year, were pitching inning 1 instead of inning 6 and 7? An opener is only as good as the pitcher who opens. Just because some random pitcher opens for you doesn't mean it's going to end up well. The opener is just a gimmick but if you got pitchers who get the job done it looks good.
  21. No, he meant like they did with Neustrom.
  22. Is there some magic formula for being an opener? Either you can pitch or you can't. I just want to see if Jorge Lopez can be an effective pitcher for 1-2 innings. If he can, I'm pretty sure he could be an opener.
  23. Casey Stengel platooned back in the 40's and 50's. Weaver did it in the 70's. It's nothing new.
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