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  1. I thought maybe you were joking and then I thought "maybe he's serious"? Say it ain't so!
  2. Reportedly throws mid 90's as a starter and wasn't bad in AAA as a starter. That's an arm I think another team at least takes a look at as a bullpen piece. I don't understand how Cespedes and Vespi need to be resigned. Do they both qualify as 6-year minor league Free agents?
  3. Spring training is a small sample. One month next year in AAA is a small sample. When will good or further poor performance have any meaning to you?
  4. I think doing great would give us some hope that all is not lost. He was terrible this year.
  5. Chuck, thanks for all of the time and effort!
  6. It's not impossible that some of the coaches cuts have to do with money but it flies in the face of common sense to suggest that it's the main factor. As foxphase mentioned, the savings on these salaries are, as Ralph Kramden once said, a mere bag of shells, peanuts in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Was Brandon Snyder the guy who was available after Cincy took the outfielder we really wanted and now I can't even think of his name. Old age!
  8. Nobody has made the joke that they need the extra money because they unexpectedly got the #1 pick and the higher pool allotment? Someone is slipping!
  9. One out of every 5 pitches goes where he wants it to go. Not a fan.
  10. Not saying he was but the poster was remarking based on this comment. "Coming off a knee injury, Mayo didn’t look 100% with his movements at third base." Maybe he wasn't hurt but was tentative. Just saying.
  11. I think Ruiz had issues with his throwing the last 2 years. Gutierrez seems to have a stronger and truer arm. I like Gutierrez and I root for him but I just don't see him pull too many fastballs with authority. He's got a nice stroke to RF. I just don't see the offensive potential without being able to pull with authority.
  12. Johnny Bench was a good defensive catcher. He put up a 5 WAR season his rookie year and was basically with 1.5-2 dWar most years. That was 154 games. His OPS that first year was only .743. If Rutschman's defense is as good as they say I'm going to go with 5 WAR over 162 games and go with an OPS right around .800.
  13. RZNJ

    Kevin Smith 2021

    He seemed to have control issues all year. I figured he was another lefty that needed to rely and command because of average stuff. The walks are definitely a huge concern.
  14. All good stuff to hear but I think the best part was two different leagues managers liking Henderson's defense at SS. That was mildly and pleasntly surprising to hear. Someone mentioned a future infield of Mayo 3B, Henderson SS, and Westburg 2B. That doesn't seem too farfetched.
  15. Velocity matters but I'm more concerned with overall results than where we rank on the velocity readings. I think and hope it's possible to rank on the lower end of that scale and still be able to produce a top half pitching staff.
  16. I agree. It's a little surprising because I though these guys were the "new breed" of hitting coaches that were into the "cutting edge" technology. It seemed like they were handpicked by the current regime. It could be a lot of things. Results? Off field behavior? Clashing with players or other coaches? Complaining about pay or conditions? OR it could be none of these.
  17. Mattson had a terrible season but he came back in late September with the Tides and threw 4 innings, with 2 hits, 0 walks and 8 strikeouts. I wonder if there is a chance that he can save his spot on the 40 man over the next 3 games?
  18. Doesn't prove anything. Maybe he's the next to go. You said they hate sinkerballers or maybe the didn't want Pop because he was a sinkerballer. I'm simply stating that Tate is a sinkerballer or at least I think he is. It's not exactly a point. Just, if they hate sinkerballers, they still have one on the team.
  19. Doesn't Tate pretty much rely on a sinker for the most part?
  20. I'm not optimistic. He was horrible at Norfolk. The AFL is like going down a level so that might help and maybe a little down time will regenerate his body a little but there seems to be more going on than that.
  21. I'm sure there is data available but I would bet that Perez and some of his guys had scouted Deson/Pinto or saw them play at some point before or after they were signed by their original teams. I would bet that the great majority of DSL prospects are signed based on the eye test.
  22. He's still a total unknown. Except for you, me, Jammer, and a few others, no one cares until he's tearing up Delmarva or Aberdeen.
  23. Denoyer pitched in 3 games for the 2019 GCL Orioles. Just saying.
  24. Here's my Brad Pennington story. In 1992, in his 4th year in the minors at age 23, he ascended from Frederick (A+) to Rochester (AAA) in a single year. At Rochester, he pitched 39 innings and gave up only 12 hits. He walked 33 and struck out 56. They couldn't touch him but he couldn't throw strikes. The next year he pitched with the Orioles in April of 1993 as a short reliever. He actually got off to a pretty good start. After his 18th game as a short reliever, he had a 2.04 ERA. By the end of May he had been in 12 games but had only pitched a total of 11 innings
  25. I'd consider any player in the DSL as a "potential" breakout player next year or thereafter. Without a doubt, some like Bencosme, Lara, and De Los Santos, became a bit more intriguing this year in addition to the more high-profile Hernandez and Basallo.
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