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  1. We only got one group of trick or treaters all night and by the time they showed up I was in my loungewear. It kinda makes me look like a fat, grizzled Hugh Hefner. It was sufficiently scary to create some reticence in the children to take candy from me.
  2. The Caps also have die hard fans who at some point in time had an intervention orchestrated for them. As a result they stopped following the caps and lived a healthier more sane life for years as a result. In 2018 they fell off the wagon (at least for a day or two).and claimed to be Caps fans.
  3. It was the home is vastly overrated series!
  4. The baby sharks smell blood in the water.
  5. Why was Chirinos hanging out behind the plate?Do they have big on deck circles in Houston?
  6. Not enough data points for the algorithm to give instructions.
  7. I love rye! What do you suggest? Not that I can get it out here in the boonys of Oregon. But I come back home now and again.
  8. It’s a great game. The Astros hitters are tenacious. They are whacking pretty good stuff. .
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