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  1. Castillo is throwing some nasty.
  2. That thing just got over and it was crushed.
  3. The Rays guys said he was doing exotic stretches for a couple innings before he left.
  4. Fry threw a not so slick slider to Choi but got away with it. Then he threw the slick one.
  5. Santander!!!! In the bank!
  6. Does Castro have to face three batters?
  7. I gotta look for that, I don’t think I have tried one. I try growing melons, but you have to actually have horticultural skills to get them to work in western Oregon.
  8. I don’t normally like bunting, but when I do Hanser does it. It’s an extension of his mojo.
  9. Somewhat disturbingly, the older I get the more I talk to myself. I am one of those dudes you see in the store having a conversion with themselves about which watermelon to buy.
  10. That’s an awesome description. Have you considered doing radio play by play?
  11. This game isn’t a defensive showcase.
  12. Dr. Nips. It wasn’t clear what his degree was in exactly.
  13. Our cat died just before Christmas last year. He was like 20 years old. We still aren’t over his loss, and haven’t really thought about getting another one yet. Instead we have given all the cats we see on our evening walks our own nicknames. Only some of them seem to mind. My best wishes for your mom’s surgery.
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