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  1. Busch Stadium is now probably behind Camden Yards in terms of hosting the All Star Game. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/10/13/playoff-baseballs-lost-juice-cardinals
  2. That study looked forward and estimated the impact of climate change on bird populations. Even more disturbing is what has already happened. This study used a combination of data sources to estimate the change in population size of birds in North America since 1970. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/366/6461/120 The headline conclusion was that overall bird abundance has declined 29% since 1970. That was the year I was born. That's 3 billion less birds hopping and flying around us than when my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital. An even more sobering stat than the number of home runs the 2019 baseball Orioles allowed. A range of other studies have documented similarly staggering declines for other organisms over that same time period. This article mentions some of them: https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2019/09/19/north-america-has-lost-billion-birds-years/ In some strictly academic senses it is kind of interesting to be watching a mass extinction first hand. Otherwise, it kinda sucks.
  3. I wonder if it has gotten less hard in recent years....and a bit closer in terms of variability to estimating arb numbers. There seems to be fewer wacky contracts and an overall suppression (at least in the middle of the road guys). I suspect the same computer is informing arb positions as well as FA initial offers.
  4. Even the ball’s sphincter gets tight during the playoffs.
  5. Meoli had a good article about the technology expo at last year's winter meetings that came to the same conclusion. The Expo featured K-Motion along with a range of other companies offering tech. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-tech-expo-winter-meetings-20181214-story.html
  6. If it was a random game in June he would have shut them down. He is the poster child for the idea that anti-clutchitude exists. There is a much bigger chunk of counter evidence that suggests it doesn’t. Then there is Kershaw. Why????
  7. I almost started a thread titled: Kershaw.The first post was going to be “why?” Then I saw your post and I walked away from the ledge a bit.
  8. That's a conundrum. Do you pay a lot to make sure you get a good God, or do you pay nothing to make sure get an incorruptible idealist?
  9. I am in favor of having an appointed God who just decides things. They would be a somewhat fickle God in that they would not correct every vaguely ambiguous call in every game. At the same time they would be a just God in that they would prevent outrageous injustices from occurring during the most critical situations. I am dubious that technology has provided us the truth and that we refuse to use it. According to Baseball Savant, in 2018 48.4% of challenged calls were overturned. That means in the majority of cases, at least two people looking at super slow-mo views from multiple angles came to completely opposite conclusions. For the sake of getting the other 48.4% of calls "correct" we now have to wait for every exciting play to be adjudicated by a bureaucracy before we can decide whether it was actually exciting or not.
  10. My default other teams are the Dodgers and Tigers (I have baseball scars).Outside of those two It takes me a few innings or games into the playoffs before I pick teams. And the teams change as things progress. I like to pick a team in each game to root for. I find it more fun than being purely agnostic. It is the best of both worlds: root for a team to win but not really care if they don’t! So far I am/was a fan of the: A’s Nats Braves Rays Twins I know this is sacrilegious, but I am most lukewarm about the Twins. I don’t know why, but I can’t get excited by them. Plus a dark part of me wants the Yankees to add to their glory so that when we (in some distant, perhaps dystopian future) humiliate them it will be that much sweeter.
  11. In the top of the 9th of the same game Nick pulls a Mighty Casey.
  12. I had missed that Darren O’Day was back pitching. He was effective in today’s game (10/6) if you give him credit for making Harrison Bader go temporarily insane and try to steal third.
  13. Why is it called the millennial generation when the cohort ends with 2000 birth years? That doesn't make sense to me. When we played Toronto recently I said that Elvis Luciano was a millennial!!....which seems more fitting even if it is wrong. In contrast baby boomers are defined as folks born between 1946 and 1964. That is, the birth date aligns with the cultural milestone....horny post war people. But the birth date of millennials doesn’t correspond with the new millennium but rather with the height of Spandau Ballet???! They should be called the "this much is true" generation. Or perhaps the "always in time but never in line for dreams" generation. In case you need your Spandau fix:
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