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  1. I mark the inflection point of global society to 1991 when Topps stopped putting bubble gum in its packs. It’s been nothing but global warming, Enron greed, and the internet ever since.
  2. Bless Michael and his family. I knew him distantly through this board. He still managed to give a lot of happiness and joy to my life. I can only imagine what he gave to those who were closer to him.
  3. I know this is a tortured analogy, but I had the same reaction to the WikiLeaks “revelation” that the NSA was sifting through the entire internet to find interesting stuff as CoC’s reaction to the revelation that pitchers were using modern technology to cheat.
  4. Country Joe always adds spice to a game
  5. I like Severino's catching gear. It has an orange Ninja Turtle vibe.
  6. I'm watching on it (but I am in Oregon).
  7. The relationship between the owners and players has gotten so toxic that they couldn't even agree to a reasonable one month delay to the season to get all the players and personnel vaccinated....plus a bigger chunk of the fans. It doesn't bode well for them coming together on things that more directly involve a lot more money. https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/02/04/government-recommends-delay-mlb-2021-season-covid-19
  8. That’s what the Israelis and Palestinians said.
  9. Michael: I only met you once in person a few years ago, when the stars aligned and I was able to attend an OH game. But when I did you made me feel like I was meeting an old friend. Stay strong, and I look forward to seeing you again soon at another game!
  10. Castillo is throwing some nasty.
  11. That thing just got over and it was crushed.
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