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  1. I think the reason that manny people are so taken aback by this scandal is that it dissipates the illusion that baseball is slightly better than everyday life. It’s the same when there are drug scandals, revelations about the exploitation of 14 year old kids in impoverished countries, and when rich owners extort cash strapped cities. I think many of us want baseball to be a haven from the greed, hubris, pride, venality, and selfishness of everyday life. We just want to see magical curveballs, majestic speed, unselfish teamwork, fun, joy. Back to reality.
  2. This sounds awesome. If I could, I would fly out and make a long weekend out of it. I think I went to a wedding at that church once. All the Gettysburg side of the family has moved away, but I could probably get my cousin in Philly to hang with me.
  3. What is it with amoral Houston organizations screwing CA over? I suspect there are audio tapes of Hinch and Cora chuckling about Darvish not knowing what was about to hit him.
  4. Something like half of all the honeybees in the United States get trucked to northern California in early spring to pollinate the almonds....and the almond rental fees make up about 1/3 of all US beekeeper's revenue. Eating nothing but pesticide tinged almond pollen for a few weeks is probably not the healthiest thing to be doing, then again I grew up drinking nothing but soda and I turned out all right.....🤨
  5. Yikes. That sounds gnarly. I would need a drink or ten after that. I was just musing the other day about whether people get randomly mugged like they used to. The world seems awash with disposable crap that hardly seems the hassle of fencing. What can you get for some schmuck's 3 year old iphone? I suspect even MLB players visiting the family in the DR don't carry all that much cash on them these days. All things considered, I suspect mugging ain't what it used to be. That said, people be nutty everywhere. My wife's brother (who is a scary insane looking giant mountain of a man) got mugged at gunpoint in Chicago ages ago. He gave the dude his Binny's card.
  6. Awesome news. Congratulations and best wishes!
  7. For all the shortstops I’ve longed for...
  8. Yep. Most of the things that leagues are formed to do are anti-competitive and in violation of all the laws that exist to promote free markets, capitalism, etc.; since the Flood Act, that has included MLB. Collective bargaining provides a shield for all of the league stuff (i.e a draft, international allotments) to happen. Threatening to lift the shield is a powerful chip to hold. But usually collective bargaining kinda works....until it doesn’t.
  9. I agree. My unease with the robo-Ump is the assumption that it will give us definitive truth. I suspect people will gripe about calls, promote conspiracies, and find something to question just as much in the robotic era as in the Joe West era. Plus, I would be happier if they published the error rate so that I could know when to say yeah that was an awesome strike 3 pitch!!!!!! (Within the 95% confidence interval!!!!!!!’ Heck yeah!!!!) I like parts of my life to be fuzzy and human, like the games I watch.
  10. Cold rain is the worst. It’s the weather in western Oregon for half the year. It’s also why I am in Puerto Vallarta at the moment 😆
  11. I'm not denying the cheapness, but anything inside a convention center is about as interesting to me as attending a committee meeting on committees. Do they keep convention centers as sweltering hot in the winter as they are frigid in the summer? Outdoor events are fun.....or they make you hard like Cal Sr. Either way they are better. The O's should just have a double booth at the Christmas Village.
  12. This is off topic, but I was looking up last year's sprint speed rankings and is Ender Inciarte really as slow as Adam Jones (both at 26.8)? I guess Ender was injured most of this past season. Prior to that his sprint speed had been consistently a bit more flashy (28.0, 27.9, 27.2, 27.9).
  13. Apparently Randy Bass got paid $350K in 1986 to shave off his beard for a Gillette commercial. Think of the bubble gum endorsements Adam could rake in!
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