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  1. Did Akin get hurt? What the heck happened to him?
  2. Isn't it funny how most of us expected the Orioles offense to be terrible this year especially with Mancini being gone. The Orioles have been a very pleasant surprise this year. I'm looking forward to next year.
  3. Since Stewart was a high draft pick, I really hope he pans out. I think the Orioles should have Trey Mancini play first base once he comes back. Stewart could rotate between DH and the outfield.
  4. Talk about a class act. Holy cow. Nice job Richard.
  5. With the coronavirus out of control, will the 2020 season be shortened, postponed or cancelled? The NBA has already suspended their season.
  6. It is comments like that why I won't miss this message board.
  7. On November 1st, I finally got married for the first time in my life. I am 34. Now that I am married, my priorities have changed and I won't be following the Orioles as much as I used to. I can totally understand Tony why you would want to shut the site down and reshift your focus some place else. There are more important things in life than baseball.
  8. I am not real thrilled about the Orioles exposing Sedlock or the other pitcher. You hate to lose young pitching especially when the Orioles pitching is so bad. The Orioles have several guys on the 40 man roster who could be bumped off. Why not bump them off instead of risk losing two pitchers?
  9. I sure hope that she wasn't involved in the cheating scandal. Mike needs to be careful who he hires from the Astros.
  10. What's the hold up on the coaching staff? Why haven't the Orioles announced the coaching staff yet? Who are the candidates to join the coaching staff?
  11. Whose idea was it to make Hunter a reliever? Hunter is an absolute beast as a reliever. I see an All Star in the making. It is about time that the Orioles are finally reaping the rewards of drafting him.
  12. I absolutely love this thread. I get so tired of all the negativity. If all you want to do is whine and complain about the Orioles then please go follow another team. I feel better now.
  13. If the Angels made him an offer, you would think that he would choose them. Maybe Oakland has an offer out as well.
  14. Were you surprised Scott that Brandon allowed him to throw so many pitches?
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