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  1. How about the pettiness of MLB to take away the headshots on the teams MLB.com pages. What a bunch of douches.
  2. This insinuated that you thought they mattered. Finisher had a sarcastic response that he has good spin rate and I was joking right back with him. You seem to be implying that im Not buying into spin rates (and bashing people who do) and my point is that they don’t matter for Lyles at this point.
  3. It’s unclear if they are scrapping it altogether or just for now.
  4. I think you definitely believe that Lyles is going to be better entering 2022 vs Harvey entering 2021. The question is, will Lyles be better in 2022 than Harvey was in 2021? Lots of reasons to think he won’t.
  5. Rangers had a very good team defense. He pitched in a pitchers park and a division full of pitchers parks. The AL West is inferior to the East(the East scored 300ish more runs) if you switched the 2 pitchers in 2021, it’s possible Harvey puts up similar numbers to Lyles and Lyles puts up similar numbers to Harvey.
  6. It’s not unfair because there are outside circumstances that worked against Harvey that worked for Lyles. Anyone comparing him to Harvey absolutely has a leg to stand on.
  7. Oh darn, I was so wishing you would keep up this captivating conversation of you calling me for something that wasn’t even true. I so look forward to the next conversation. I’m sure it will be as enlightening as this one.
  8. Yea, you will give them all the excuses you can while also ignoring that other organizations had to deal with the same issues and didn’t fall completely on their faces.
  9. Lol..ok sparky. You still can’t articulate how I was wrong. It’s a simple question. The onus is on you..or you can continue to embarrass yourself. That’s up to you.
  10. Forget Diaz then…there are a host of other players that are in the upper minors or majors that they have failed to develop. CoC is right…if you are going to praise them for good things, it’s also open season to praise the bad and let’s face it, at the ML level, its been mostly bad so far.
  11. Lol.I’ll take your non answers as you knowing you are being a troll and don’t really have a leg to stand on. Im trying to ask you what I was wrong about, since you (in a very dickish manner) felt the need to involve yourself and yet you can’t answer the simple question.
  12. Well, if we are going to rule out what the Orioles have not shown an ability to do, Tony should shut down this and we should all start rooting for a different team because they haven’t shown the ability to do anything at the Ml level.
  13. Good answer. I never made any real proclamation there. I just said it’s worth a gamble for NY. So, by me saying it was worth it for the Yankees last year, that means I’m wrong about it not being worth it for the Os right now? Im wrong for pointing out another years worth of data matters? I’m wrong for saying that the situations involved matter? Why are they wrong?
  14. I don’t see how it makes sense that we should spend big on FAs in areas we draft well. That seems to be counterproductive. The position player salaries are crazy too. I would rather have ERod at 5/77 vs what a lot of the position players got. You use your depth to trade for pitching.
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