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  1. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  2. Reimold isn't all that in LF and he has never proven that he could be anything over a full season. The experiment was something to look into during the offseason and just see what happens. Reimold would have still played out there some and not lost at bats.
  3. So then you are saying Palmer was both wrong and didn't pick up on this but yet you did?
  4. Who cares about sweating? That doesn't mean you are worn out. His velocity didn't drop. His pitches weren't up anymore than thy had been. He wasn't laboring at all. He was still finishing his pitching, particularly the off speed stuff. Palmer never mentioned iirc and he would have for sure. He was just sweaty. BFD.
  5. His offense was fine last year. Giving up on his offense already?
  6. Reimold could DH and play the OF as well...not taking any at bats from him.
  7. He is one of the only pitchers in the organization that has a #2 starters ceiling. He is also in the majors and having him be that guy changes things a lot. So yes, he is clearly very important given the needs of this team and how poor the pitching has been. BMat being poor last year was one of the things to happen to this organization(in terms of player performance) over the last 14 years. So yes, he is extremely important because you had him penciled in as a sub 4 ERA, 200 ip pitcher and if he isn't that, the team takes another step back, like thy did last year. Not really a difficult concept to figure out.
  8. New GM came in and didnt want the k's...not the best example there.
  9. Great...sub 700 OPS third baseman! Woohoo! Btw, not trying to be smart here, just pointing out the awful options. It would be great if Antonelli could get bsk to where he was a few years ago. I still wish they would have tried Reynolds in LF some in th offseason and ST.
  10. Here is the bigger question..since we all agree that we don't have a good defensive third baseman and that the best we can hope for is serviceable defense, what happens if June rolls around and we are still getting poor defense and not seeing improvement? Things could get real ugly for this team on the corners.
  11. I do agree with you that it us entirely possible that he is so mentally screwed up that he can't get back to the level he was in Zona. No one can say that can't be the case. But he still should get more time to prove that to be the case. The Orioles have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing that right now. If only we had better options...
  12. That's fine because there is absolutely no way Betimet should be the starting third baseman over Reynolds UNLESS Reynolds himself a sis to come off of third because the defensive issues are hurting him too much at the plate. That is the only acceptable reason for him to not be at third for the time being.
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