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  1. And he missed a lot of last year as well. I mean, there has only been a few years of his career and you can point to him missing chunks of each season due to injury in most years.
  2. It depends on what else he brings to the table. Average-ish defense, low OBP, mediocre speed and good but not great power isn’t a tough combo to find.
  3. I think people are going too far on the “plus defense” aspect of things personally. But sure, if he can play plus defense and slug 480-520, he is definitely valuable. Him being valuable isn’t really the question. It’s how valuable is he.
  4. Doesn’t he also have to prove he can have a good OBP?
  5. Exactly...and while they operate with different financial constraints, they also had a barren MiL system at the time too. But they made the right decision to trade guys, develop what they did have well and got right back there.
  6. Yep...and all of those fan bases have been fooled that it must take as long as it does.
  7. Why would you expect that he can play a lot of games? Although, in asking you that question, I don’t know how you are defining a lot of games.
  8. It’s even more incredible that they have fooled the fan base into thinking it’s ok.
  9. OBP and his inability to walk enough is arguably a bigger Achilles heel.
  10. Far fewer could mean several things. Being injury prone is arguably the worst of the those things.
  11. Lopez is terrible. The idea that they are even considering him is a joke. Just flat out laziness and being cheap.
  12. No..it impacts future salaries. The Os are right for standing their ground. And the flaw in Frobbys analysis is ignoring injury history. The Os will definitely play that angle up and talk about how much time he misses.
  13. All of these guys are garbage. The idea that we are still adding guys like this and that they legitimately have a chance at the rotation is disgusting.
  14. Well of course it will but it definitely has long term impact, that’s per of the reason teams fight for these things.
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