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  1. There are 2 different discussions here. First of all, I’m good with selling off pieces and going cheaper and younger for now..of course, they did it in a half assed way and other guys should be gone. Secondly, this rebuild started with DD still here. The Gausman deal was strictly about saving money. If they cared about the best rebuild possible, you ignore the pennies and get the best players. Also, we saw the deal between the Angels and the Giants and how the Giants essentially bought a good prospect for taking on Cozart’s deal. That was right after the Bundy deal and was the Os needed a SS at the time. You then heard Elias basically say that type of deal wouldn’t be signed off on by the owners. That’s a huge problem to me. The Orioles are spending about 100M less on payroll than they did 3-4 years ago. They have flexibility to take advantage of teams that could try to dump contracts and attach good young players to it.(see David Price as an example) They can take advantage and sign a FA who maybe has slipped through the cracks. There are things they are doing that are encouraging but I see no reason to have total faith in them and give them the benefit of the doubt. Elias will have to be really good for this to work and if he is just above average, the team probably will struggle to truly contend unless things break right for them like they did from 2012-2016.
  2. As we all know by now, Mahomes signed a 10 year deal. As with most things in the NFL, the deal looks much bigger than it really is and the guarantees are no where near the 503 million. Nonetheless, it obviously has huge impact on the Ravens and Lamar. Lamar isn’t Mahomes and you likely wouldn’t bank on Lamar being elite in 10 years like you would Mahomes. Lamar can sign his deal next year. That would still leave 2 more years on his rookie deal plus however many years he signs for. I don’t see the Ravens going 10 years and no QB should get paid more than Mahomes. However, I could see Lamar getting a shorter deal but with more guaranteed money.
  3. Based off of what? Most things they have done, for the ML team and with the ML roster, points to them being cheap. Yes we are seeing them do more with Intl FAs and they are putting some money into the organization, which is great to see...but there is only so much there and there is a lot more they aren’t spending on. I prefer them to their dad but they still aren’t close to good yet.
  4. This all plays right into the hands of the Angelos family.
  5. Sad as it is to say, Bud was way better.
  6. You could have stopped after you said “maybe not”
  7. Just less concerns about inflated numbers and played against the best competition college has to offer.
  8. Yes, most places had Meyer as the third pitcher..I preferred his profile though.
  9. I would have gone Kelley or Wilcox and just not gone slot value on either pick 30 or 39 or maybe just punted the Servideo pick or something like that. I would rather have the premium talent.
  10. Tough call. Gonzalez had a big boost in his numbers from the thin air..but he did show well outside of that too. I have seen him comped to Huira. I probably slightly lean Kjerstad but would need to know more about Gonzalez’s defense.
  11. You said they had many of those players, with reference to my description of Kjerstad. They haven’t had 260/330/550, 35 homer, high K players.
  12. It doesn’t say Meyer got overslot. He got slot. I would have taken him over any other pitcher as well.
  13. The Orioles haven’t had any of those of those guys.
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