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  1. By losing I meant, that those 2 are slated to make around 12M, give or take, between the 2 of them. They may not be able to keep those guys AND spend FA money.
  2. They may spend a little money here and there but they won’t be grabbing anything significant and they may also sign guys at the expense of losing guys like Mancini and Santander. We’ll see but I’m not expecting much. I do think, and this is just my personal opinion, that they will spend a little more on payroll in 2022 vs 2021. Doesn’t mean it will be an impact because of what they likely will sign but I do think they do some things.
  3. Like I said, some info I heard but to be honest, the info I heard goes in line with what some have thought w/r/t the broadcasting stuff, penny pinching, etc…let’s just say that it’s a sign of things to come it sounds like.
  4. What I mean is, it’s easy to say sell this or sell that or whatever but you have to want to do that. The Nashville stuff, imo, has never been real but they do have other interests that have to do with the music business. Im just not sure the kids really want to own the team. They will make their profits off of it for now but I think they need/want the money from the sale of the team. Now, once their dad dies and they are able to do more things, we will see what route they take. But for now, expect them to keep costs low and then, assuming this info is correct
  5. Well, you have to have the desire to keep it and there are issues with that.
  6. Yes but based on what I heard, the problem isn’t going away (ie, this isn’t just a 2022 problem) until they sell…once PA passes away. They won’t sell before that I’m sure.
  7. No..that’s me adding to it. IE, if they are going to be cheap again, anyone making any amount of money could be on the chopping block. Luckily, guys like Means and Mullins are still not making any money, so there may not be a “forced trade”. But if they are going to continue to be cheap until they can sell, it may be that they decide to offload guys like Means if they feel his value is at its peak.
  8. So I was told some info yesterday about ownership. Without going into details, if it is true what I heard (and I don’t doubt do that it was), they will be cheaping out again this offseason and we could see these types of players traded because of money.
  9. That’s a really high walk rate in college.
  10. Sports Guy

    Coby Mayo

    Yea that’s what I said too. He may have impressed more than Gunnar though. Just more of a question of getting enough at bats and if they feel he has shown enough to make those lists.
  11. Sports Guy

    Coby Mayo

    He’s an exciting guy to watch. I really hope he can stay at third but if not, that’s ok. Im really curious to see if he is on the radar for top 100 lists.
  12. Tough power park too though. He really does seem like Markakis.
  13. Sports Guy

    Coby Mayo

    The power he generates from the lower half is very noticeable.
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