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  1. Strikeout numbers are a little down but still more than a K per inning
  2. I wouldn’t call Manny an excellent offensive player.
  3. Well, most players aren’t “equal parts glove and bat”…in fact, iM not sure anyone is. But they have guys who are good enough with one of them and even better with the other. And some of it is we are still finding out where guys can play long term.
  4. Apparently that was scheduled.
  5. I was wondering if Adley would do something?
  6. I’m guessing the big name guys are ok because of signing bonuses but it’s a joke. Seriously, this is the life blood of your organization and you can’t get them a freaking room? I would offer up my house if I was closer but I’m close to an hour away from Bowie, so that’s not all that helpful.
  7. Please delete this thread..site was acting slow on my phone and I accidentally posted this twice.
  8. This is an embarrassment. Multiple tweets.
  9. Interesting: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31639015/tampa-bay-rays-say-ace-right-hander-tyler-glasnow-partially-torn-ucl-flexor-tendon-strain
  10. None of this means they are saving it for some rainy day. It doesn’t work like that.
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