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  1. Well, it’s obviously a SSS anomaly too. The game is all about getting 15 outs from your starter now.
  2. Right...that roll is fine for him. He doesn’t have to get everyday at bats. Him sitting and not playing for a week doesn’t matter. But Diaz, who has a higher upside and is more likely to be a main piece of the future, should play everyday.
  3. 32% swingstr% today. Great number.
  4. He is on the taxi squad. My guess is no. We just have such a glut of OFers right now. McKenna makes sense because he doesn’t have to play. You want Diaz playing everyday. Give this another 4-6 weeks to shake out. Mullins is slumping and Hays is about to get hurt again. So, we will see where it goes from there.
  5. Santander out 2-4 weeks (it won’t be 2 weeks) with sprained ankle. At least he avoided a serious injury.
  6. The idea that you get excited when your pitcher actually gets a hit tells me everything I need to know
  7. There’s probably more but yea, they have this belief that you need to be a master in the theory of relativity to understand the strategy of NL baseball.
  8. But the strategy!!!!! Lol Pitchers hitting is so terrible.
  9. No but some people just always find ways to be on the IL...whether that makes them injury prone or not is semantics. All that matters is that they aren’t available on a relatively regular basis and that’s a problem.
  10. He will be out at least a month I bet. Shocking that he would get hurt!
  11. Well, as I said, the best case scenario...how often do best case scenarios work out? Despite the stupidity of some of the posts about Kjerstad, Elias knows what he is doing and has been an excellent scout in his career. He obviously believes the guy is talented and has a high upside. He played in the best conference in college baseball and arguably on the best team (they have been ranked #1 for most or all of this year). He shouldn’t need a lot of MiL time. No one has denied his power and perhaps if there is a full season, he’s not looked at as “a reach”. I’m not worried about power. I want to see if he can hit for a good average and keep the Ks relatively down. If he does that and the power is there, he will move quickly. The caveat is 2 things: 1) how healthy will he be? 2). If anxiety issues exist (we don’t know if that’s true), does this bout with myocarditis mess with him mentally and is that something he can’t/won’t get over? Those would be my biggest concerns with him over anything else although #2 may not even be a concern although I guess even if he doesn’t have anxiety issues, you never know how something like that can play on a persons mind.
  12. It would be nice if he got over it but he doesn’t have to. If he can give us 5 IP of 3 ER or less baseball when he goes out there, that will be fine. It would certainly be nice if he can get a few more outs but right now, sign me up for 150 IP and of 4.5ish ERA baseball.
  13. That in a SSS, one game can make a player look much better than he is. Chris’ point isn’t that we should take away Mullins 5-5 game, just that we need to recognize that any time we are dealing with extreme examples (like judging a player on 20 at bats), we need to remember that SSS mean nothing. Mullins is off to a great start regardless but if he goes 0-5 in that game, he is hitting 258. If he goes 2-5, he is hitting 290. So few hits can really skew stats early on.
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