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  1. This is what happens when you aren’t good. Just have to focus on what’s going well.
  2. Perfect example of why Velazquez shouldn’t be in the 40 man roster conversations. He is a dime a dozen guy.
  3. Yea, he hasn’t really been that good.
  4. Gotta love how he bounced back last night. His rough start the other night wasn’t totally his fault, so for him to get past that first mental hurdle and perform as well as he did against that offense is pretty impressive to see. The pitch count got elevated but he threw 67% of his pitches for strikes and had a 30% swingstr%. Outstanding numbers.
  5. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/examining-the-chris-davis-situation.html Roch mentions the idea that Nunez could be nontendered. I dismissed this before as I think it’s a poor idea BUT I could see the team doing it. As I mentioned with the Castro situation, non tenders are expected to be at a record high and if a team feels they can get similar production for 1/5 of the cost, they will do it. I don’t think the team should do that with Nunez but I do feel some players need to be gone/traded, so it is something to look for. Even at arb1 money, he isn’t going to make a lot, so I would think you could find some team that will take a 30 homer/800 OPS bat making a few million dollars. Not everyone has enough options to just step right in and give you production close to that.
  6. It makes sense. We may not like it but next year is a 120 game season, the Os save X amount of dollars and then can release him. The only issue, of course, is that by keeping him, you risk exposing a young player to the rule 5. It’s possible that you lose a player that gives you enough cheap production to make up for whatever money you would save by cutting Davis...ie, if you save 7 million by cutting Davis but lose Alex Wells to the rule 5, you could end up with a situation where Wells could have easily made up that 7 million with very cheap production. As long as they don’t lose anyone of real consequence, I’m good with that. But you can’t keep him just to save money and then lose 1 or more young players because of it.
  7. Well it’s not just CO...we have DH/1st/CO bats, not to mention a potential issue with too much depth of pitchers who need to be on the 40 man.
  8. Some trades need to be made, there is no doubt about that.
  9. I think it’s fine to say that Hays has been injury prone thus far. I also think it’s fine to say we need a more immediate back up plan (which Mullins is turning out to be it appears) than we hope. I think it’s unfair to say we can’t count on Hays going forward.
  10. Yea, that’s my guess too. I don’t even know if it’s legal in MLB. It happens all the time in the NBA but don’t recall it ever happening in MLB.
  11. I’m good with that. There are likely hundreds of players that never even get a chance because of injuries sustained in the minors. I have a friend who was drafted and made it to AA..had to have TJ surgery and never was able to be the same again. Far more examples of that than the Molitors of the world.
  12. I still wonder how possible/probable a buy out is. Allows them to save money but also allows Davis to walk away with more cash.
  13. I don’t have data in front of me but I think it’s fairly obvious. Remember, I said athletes. Their bodies are so essential to them and when they start to break down, it’s hard to turn that around and be good enough to compete at this level as you get older. Your skills diminish as you get older as it is. Baseball may be a little different because it’s not a physical sport but football and basketball are. But I would bet most guys who just keeping hurt over and over also don’t end up staying in the league either. Their injuries take a lot out of them and they can’t perform at that professional level anymore. Not to mention, the pain to play through starts to become too much.
  14. Sure but that’s obviously an outlier. Most athletes don’t frequently stay injured in their 20s and then, all of a sudden, become durable in their 30s.
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