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  1. Again, your assumption is that if you trade away players x,y and z, that means we can’t contend. That’s a poor assumption to make.
  2. If this isn't considered a deep draft, there is no reason to go underslot.
  3. Well, you aren’t putting all your eggs in his basket. They could pay him #1 money and still be able to draft a lot of players they like.
  4. Well, he was never going to stick at second. He is terrible over there. He has a big 2019 and struggled last year and early this year before being sent down. Obviously the sample sizes are small and he turns 25 in August, so he has time to get back to where he was. His OPS is very high since being sent back down.
  5. You pay him. If he is the best talent in the draft, as a lot of people think, you draft him and sign him. I would rather have elite talent than a few good guys. Besides, he can demand what he wants but when push to comes to shove, my bet is he doesn’t walk away from 6.5-7M.(which is lower than 1st pick money but higher than 5th pick money)
  6. Well, Huira could easily be the best hitter on the team if we got him. That being said, the deal I was thinking was for Turang and Huira..but we likely would need to include another piece..maybe Fry. Something along those lines.
  7. True because he’s a good defensive player at a premium position. I don’t think he’s a great offensive player but he is a good to very good one. He has a chance at the HOF, it will just depend on how he ages.
  8. Eshelman is nothing. I agree that these moves could happen but who knows. Many of them already should have happened and Elias hasn’t done it.
  9. Santander has no value right now. He hasn’t been good this year and he’s hurt. It’s the exact scenario I talked about in the offseason when I said we should trade him. Otoh, he could get healthy, have a good second half and get back the trade value that he had this past offseason.
  10. There are a lot of teams named for Scherzer here but only the Mets for Means. Im still marketing Means to the Rays for Baz and Brujan. If they do that, I’m dealing Means in a heartbeat.
  11. A deal headlined by Brice Turang for Mancini would be nice. Currently the #76 prospect by mlb.com. Also wonder if you could get Huira in the deal. You need to do something with him if you are the Brewers and he is probably a DH going forward. I know we don’t necessarily need a DH guy but that’s a bat I would take a chance on.
  12. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/31679937/one-player-all-30-mlb-teams-trade-away-deadline Baltimore Orioles: Trade Trey Mancini His comeback has been an uplifting story, but that doesn't mean the Orioles will keep him around simply as some sort of favor to the fans. That's not how the Astros operated when GM Mike Elias worked there and it's not how he's operating in Baltimore. Mancini is under team control through 2022 and the Orioles don't exactly look like contenders for 2022, so you may as well cash in now. Several contenders could use an upgrade at first base
  13. Manny was never a great offensive player, at least not on a consistent basis and now he is in a tough hitters park. He should be a 3-5 WAR guy and has the upside to pop an MVP level year but I wouldn’t expect greatness from him. Very good yes. Great? No.
  14. It’s also happened over and over that genes mean nothing. He isn’t good. He hasn’t ever been good. Cut bait and give Hyde another arm that maybe has a chance.
  15. Simple thoughts yet most people are unable to grasp them.
  16. I don’t really mind this strategy if (big if) you value other high picks very similarly and therefore, go with a cheaper option to spend more later. This is as close to trading picks as you can get in the MLB draft since trading draft picks isn’t allowed for some stupid reason. The problem with the strategy, at least for me, is if you take a definite inferior talent and/or if you target a certain guy with the expectation he will be there, aka Blitsko last year. I don’t like that. You have to know that you love the depth of the draft and that a lot of guys will be there that you wan
  17. But the team can’t really know what he’s worth to them yet. While I agree in principle with what you are saying, Mullins start is so completely out of nowhere that we just don’t know what we have yet. I don’t think it’s accurate to say he is worth a ton or that the team shouldn’t consider trading him or that we should just accept anY fair offer because he’s destined for a major decline. We just don’t know yet what we have or how valuable he is. They absolutely should be shopping him to see because, why not?
  18. Sure but that really is irrelevant. They didn’t and weren’t going to trade him earlier. You can evaluate the entire process, I agree. But when evaluating the trade itself, that’s a separate evaluation.
  19. I love it when people say Mullins IS worth a ton. We have no idea what his worth is. His worth is what someone will pay
  20. Well first of all, waiting too long was likely not DDs call..that was Buck and Peter screwing us over. And whether or not they waited too long is irrelevant to the deal itself. The deal itself is what was on the table, so to say it’s a bad deal means you think/know they had a better offer at the deadline or that you think they should age taken the draft pick.
  21. No it wasn’t. The deal itself was fine. What would make it a bad decision is if DD had other deals on the table where he could have gotten quality over quantity or something like that.
  22. What more do you want him to do? His BB rate is very high, his K rate is relatively low, he is hitting for average and power. You expect way too much.
  23. He’s clearly ready enough to justify being a starting catcher in the majors. I would be willing to bet that if you brought him soon, that he ends up a top 10 catcher in baseball by whatever overall metric you want to use.
  24. Diaz was a top 50 guy when we got him. If you get a top 50 guy (and presumably you and your scouts love him), a potential mid to back end starter, a potential solid BP arm, I think you think long and hard about that deal. I’m not saying he’s a complete slam dunk but if the second player was a rising guy like Bradish and you get a highly ranked guy, that’s a lot to say no to for a guy who has had 2 great months in the majors and is already 26.
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