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  1. The last sentence is the argument for me. I don’t believe Elias feels that way. I think if the team wasn’t being cheap, he keeps Nunez. His salary is nothing. I think he was directed to cut costs and that he figured he could cut costs with Nunez since we have other guys we can use. Elias can play it up publicly with the roster management angle because it sounds good..the reality is the team is being cheap.
  2. No, I’m really not. I understand that Santander is the better and more valuable player but offensively, they are basically the same. Yet people act like Nunez brings nothing to the table offensively. They say he doesn’t walk, doesn’t hit for a good average and doesn’t provide a lot on the bases..that’s the same profile for Santander except he walks even less. Sure he can field better but since DH is a position you have to fill, that really doesn’t matter. The question isn’t which would you rather have. You can have them both with no issues. Just don’t sit there and tell me that Santander is some great player and Nunez is nothing. That’s just bs.
  3. Exactly..they are similar offensive players. Santander plays a decent defense but nothing great. Neither provide much on the bases. Neither has a good OBP although Nunez will likely walk more. However, you have people on here acting like Nunez has very little offensive value and Santander is some really good player. He’s fine..he’s good value for his salary but he’s oft injured and doesn’t walk. Availability is a skill and Santander struggles with that. Thank you for proving my point.
  4. To be fair, I don’t think he was a bad gamble to take to see if he could discover something but I think we have seen enough. I just think it’s lazy to not find a better alternative than him.
  5. I’m expecting continued improvement from the pen next year. I thought it would be the best part of the 2020 team and I think it will be the best part of the 2021 team, at least in the first half of the season.
  6. A sub 750 OPs in almost 3000 at bats in the minors combined with very mediocre major league time and him getting ready to turn 27 doesn’t exactly instill confidence in me that he is about to break out.
  7. Sports Guy

    Nunez DFA

    Mullins hits RHer for almost an 800 OPS? That sentence reads as if that is over a lot of bats over his career. Let’s not overstate what he has done and let’s also recognize that his OPS is helped in a major way by bunt hits.
  8. Sports Guy

    Nunez DFA

    1). Because we have cheap owners who are making a big deal about the money. That’s my whole point! The money is nothing and yet they are making a big deal about it. 2). I think Nunez has good offensive value but not all around value. Iglesias has good value for his position at his salary. 3). You can add Diaz and Mancini to that list.
  9. Well, I don’t think we should do either but Rios is likely who he is at this point and who he is isn’t that good. I don’t mind trying out someone else. Even if they don’t end up being better, at least you tried something new to find out if they could be better.
  10. No, you said the cost is 50k..that’s not the real cost (or at least the cost that matters) And yea, we have guys that can be cut but we also have players in the minors that are coming up fast that should get those spots.
  11. Nothing wrong with this and I suspect you are right. But he should be shopping him now. Teams don’t want to spend money on the middling FAs and a lot of teams can’t spend on the big money guys. Atlanta just signed Morton, after signing Smyly. They could lose Ozuna and may or may not keep Duvall. They are a good example of a team that may want to save money on a guy like Santander(there are other examples). I would try to take advantage of that while Santander is coming off a “good season”. Certainly not a must trade and I can see waiting on him but they absolutely should be shopping him.
  12. There is no one to acquire someone. We are ok in positions this year to the point where you aren’t bringing in anyone that can potentially move the needle in a different position. It has made some sense, at times, in the past. It doesn’t make sense this year unless someone third baseman falls through the cracks but chances are, whatever third baseman is out there isn’t as good as Ruiz..who isn’t good.
  13. Meaning people are homers or meaning you think he’s really good?
  14. Lol..he’s not the best player on the roster and if he was, that speaks to how terrible the roster is, not how good he is.
  15. I don’t get the Santander love around here.
  16. Sports Guy

    Nunez DFA

    Stewart makes A LOT less money? It will be like 1-1.5M. That’s nothing in baseball money. And again, your argument is making assumptions of health and production. The health argument is an awful assumption to make and the production assumption is borderline as well. Iglesias provides you good defense and a decent bat at a position where that’s not easy to find. 3.5M, again, is no money. No even worth mentioning that in the context you are. The “another team would jump on him” argument is a bad one because he is basically limited to the DH and right now, we don’t know if the DH will be allowed in the NL. So, the options are very limited. The Orioles, however, do have space for him and their payroll is 100ishM less than it could be. Other teams don’t have as much payroll flexibility. Again, my hope would be that Nunez is struggling to see at bats by June. There are other options I prefer. But none of them are guarantees for several different reasons and having Nunez around, for no money, at his production was worthwhile. The team is just being cheap. To me, it’s that simple.
  17. Don’t necessarily disagree with this but the depth could become a problem. The adage that you can’t have too much depth is factually wrong. At some point, you do reach that point and you risk losing players for nothing. So, Elias better start thinking about trading some of the depth and if he can do it for cost controlled talent, it makes sense to do so. I also think they should offer Santander in a deal as well..there are enough teams looking for OF help where something likely could be worked out there as well.
  18. There are plenty of blocked, ML ready prospects that could/should be available in trades. We have plenty of MiL depth to pull off a deal or 2 for these types of players.
  19. Who said anything about teams taking on these players?
  20. Sports Guy

    Nunez DFA

    I have zero desire to see Mullins get any amount of significant playing time and I have serious doubts the Os do either. He has a spot on the team as your 4th/5th OFer type guy but he shouldn’t be anything more than that. Stewart I can see but, the team is telling us they will platoon him at best and his injury history isn’t exactly on his side. Not to mention, he does have an option remaining, so he could be in AAA. Stewart brings a better walk rate but not sure what he can provide in the field (which isn’t much at all) makes up for anything else. Not like Nunez is way older or super expensive. If Nunez was making 5+ million, it would be different. But we are talking 2ish million here. It’s nothing and his roster spot blocks nothing to begin the year. Again, this is 100% money driven...not roster management driven.
  21. I think the Os should make some trades and get higher upside players and get rid of a lot of these guys.
  22. I would be surprised too. I expect him in Baltimore around the second half of the season.
  23. Sports Guy

    Nunez DFA

    I still don’t get what you are saying. LF- Mountcastle 1st- Mancini DH- Nunez Everyone gets everyday at bats.
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