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  1. 2 minutes ago, billw76 said:

    I honestly don't think we could give away most of the guys you mentioned, let alone get anyone in return that would be any type of improvement.

    I think it's best to just release the majority of them or put them through waivers, and if someone claims them oh well. Some like Franco and Harvey are only on 1 year deals anyway so that will open some spots as well.

    No, you can trade them.  Could have used guys like this to take on decent players on short term expensive contracts to make us a more watchable team.

    You still can do that.

  2. 53 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Hate to see it.  Hopefully it's no big deal and not something that leads to larger problems down the road.


    SG!  Speaking from experience?

    Well, I am married…

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    If you could only promote one of Rodriguez and Baumann to Norfolk right now, who would you choose?   I’d say Rodriguez is more deserving, but might choose Baumann both because he’s older and needs to get moving and because there’s a greater chance the O’s would consider moving him to Baltimore this year compared to Rodriguez for service time related reasons. 

    You are not allowed to answer “both!”


    Grayson.  I don’t think the different ball matters that much but he’s the elite,  better prospect, so move him up.

    Baumann in the majors is fine with me too.

  4. Just now, Frobby said:

    His next stop will be Norfolk, not Baltimore.   

    He can go to Norfolk and still see Baltimore this year.  He shouldn’t start anymore in AA.  He has recovered, has pitched well for a while and should be in AAA now.  

  5. 23 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Elias has his black belt in being available to the press, answering questions while at the same time saying absolutely nothing.  It's not even a black belt, it's like a higher level.  Basically, he's like Bruce LeRoy from The Last Dragon, he's got The Glow when it comes to answering questions and not giving anything away.


    That’s every GM. These guys think they are hiding govt secrets.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Tony-OH said:

    Remember a few years ago Law thought Rodriguez had a hitch that would make him a reliever. 

    Yep, which is why I said this is partly his ego at play.  Same with how much he hyped Martin.  He actually rated him higher despite him not really being that good so far.

    Now, on one hand, I respect the fact that he is sticking to his convictions and going with his original evaluations.  Otoh, he also doesn’t want to say he was wrong.

  7. 2 minutes ago, survivedc said:

    A little surprised how high Austin Martin is, considering continued reports of positional questions. Guess there’s no reason to downgrade him after half a season.

    I’m guessing DL would’ve been on the list if not for injury. Seemed to be pitching his way into the conversation.

    That’s Law’s ego at play…same with him having so many guys ahead of GRod, a pitcher he has doubted because of his mechanics.

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  8. 29. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Baltimore Orioles

    With lefty D.L. Hall on the shelf with a sore elbow, Rodriguez is the Orioles’ unquestioned top pitching prospect, and he has torn through High A and Double A so far this year, posting a 1.86 ERA with 97 strikeouts and just 13 walks allowed in 63 innings. The Orioles still haven’t unleashed the full Grayson, as he’s averaging less than five innings a start at age 21 – he’s actually gone more than five innings once all year, and he hasn’t thrown more than 83 pitches in any start. I’d like to see how his stuff looks and plays when he’s turning a lineup over three times, rather than two. Right now, it’s a plus fastball that sits 96-99 and an above-average changeup with a developing breaking ball, and I can’t imagine that’ll be that much worse when they finally take his training wheels off.

  9. https://theathletic.com/2720747/2021/07/22/top-50-mlb-prospects-keith-laws-updated-2021-midseason-list/?source=user_shared_article

    1. Adley Rutschman, C, Baltimore Orioles

    I don’t think this is really debatable at this point; Rutschman is a plus defensive catcher who is hitting .268/.394/.472, with just one fewer walk than strikeout, in Double A, despite coming into the year with just 130 pro at-bats. There’s no real reason to keep him at that level at this point, and if the Orioles were trying to win this year, they’d probably have him in the majors already. I’d advocate for a September call-up just for developmental reasons, since we’ve seen plenty of good hitting prospects struggle at first with big-league pitching. With this power/patience package, even if he doesn’t always hit for average, he still has an everyday floor, with a chance for some down-ballot MVP years thanks to that 30 homer upside.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Aristotelian said:

    I don't disagree. However, one thing people are overlooking with Jones is that his hitting record is mixed. He was a .650-.750 minor league hitter before this. If his defense also is not great, I have no problem letting him wait to make sure the hitting is for real as well as improving his D. 

    Who cares?  

    This mindset makes little sense.  

    This is a simple equation.  Who has a chance to be part of the future?

    The answer is clearly Jones.  He can still learn to hit and develop his defensive game at this level. Not to mention he is performing well now, so maybe he made adjustments. 

    People around here like the guy has to be perfect before being called up.  It’s just such a wrong way to look at things.

    Chances are, Jones won’t be anything at the Ml level outside of a bench player, at best.  But so what?  For right now, he represents an option that we should be seeing.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    But it's easier to get it at other positions.  Having a premium bat at catcher makes the whole process of building an offense easier.

    Maybe, it depends on the position and the availability of players at that position at any point in time.  But again, that doesn’t really matter imo.  If you are good at developing, talent evaluation, etc…you can find players and put together a winning team.  

    I do agree it’s harder to find the good bat C…of course, how often that good bat even plays is important too.

  12. Didn’t see the game, as I’m away, but Scott got hit last night..which doesn’t happen often.  

    He threw 70% of his pitches for strikes and had a 22% swingstr%.  If he gets in trouble, it’s usually walks Allowed, no control, etc…last night he did walk the one guy but also gave up 3 hits.  

    Of all the bad outings that he could have, these types of outings are the ones I’m least worried about because it’s unusual for teams to string hits together against him.  It will happen, just sucks it cost them a win.  Otoh, that is the purpose of this season, so whatever.

  13. 2 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I think you're wrong here.

    I get what you are saying but.

    1. I think catcher is, at worst, third most important.  I think it is clearly over third and second.
    2. It is just so hard to find a good bat at the position, so when you do, its more valuable.

    I do agree that it’s harder to find a good bat at C, no doubt.  

    I also don’t think that matters the way people make it out to be.

    Production is production.  I don’t care where it’s coming from.  IIRC, if you are out scoring your opponents by about 100 runs, that puts you in position where you should be competing for a playoff spot.  

    However that is accomplished is all that matters.  Sure, having the top offensive C (or close to it) puts you ahead of other teams but your first baseman and COers are subpar, you lose your advantage immediately.  

    I care about building the best all around team possible.  I don’t want to spend “real money” on a large majority of the pen or on the bench.  I also don’t really believe in spending big money on your 4th or 5th starter.

    The one contribution I felt RShack ever made was the idea that you need 15 players…9 position players/DH, 3 starters and 3 BP arms.  I agree with that.  

    The other 10 guys are largely interchangeable and should cost you very little money.

    However those 15 guys are ordered in terms of importance doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.  What matters is putting together the best team possible.  


  14. 3 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    No, I mean the version of me from the early '90's. 

    I am waiting for the final count but that is just being smart.  I will say that I'm not happy with how the draft is unfolding and them giving the remaining guys all the overslot money won't change that

    Yea…just because they spend the money and perhaps overpay for some guys doesn’t mean they spent it wisely.  It just means they spent it.

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