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  1. Yea I see that they are back up now. Well, the AA stats were good…but I don’t take a whole lot from those considering his age and that he had already had about 20 career AA starts and was repeating the league. Still, to your point, he did get better and presumably, so did his stuff. He was awful in June, with his last start being at the end of the month and he got rocked. The AAA stats showed a high walk rate and they still only covered 22 innings. Hell, the total of these starts only covered 44 innings. It’s just not much of a sample size to go off of. I don’t think he’s a top
  2. Damn, forgot about him too. Good call .
  3. No..I’m hanging my hat on the idea that he was hurt to start the year and that zapped him of his stuff..he then pitched poorly for most of his time in AA (a league he had already pitched in and he was now 25 years old) and finally started to “look better “ in AAA although the K rate was way down from where he looked like a good prospect and his walk rate was high. And then, on top of all of that, he looked terrible up here. Nothing about his 2021 is all that encouraging except a SSS at an advanced age in the middle to back end of the season. Nothing he did there warrants a top 10 ra
  4. No, he’s saying the different in levels is enormous. In other words, the limited time that Baumann spent in AAA doesn’t mean much at all, especially to say he has re-established himself as a legit prospect.
  5. Imagine that, you are using a very sample size. Unfortuantely, MILB.com isn’t showing his game logs. However, his AAA stats showed that he had 6 starts and averaged under 5 IP per start. He struck out 26 batters in 27 innings and walked 13. You think those are “legit prospect” numbers?
  6. It’s not that he gave up runs..it’s how he looked. There was nothing impressive about him at all. Maybe he will come back stronger next year but he doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation that high right now. You are making an assumption that he is the same pitcher now that he was in 2019 and even that pitcher had a questionable long term ML outlook.
  7. He came up to the majors and was awful. That carries more weight at this point in his career than a few good starts in AA and AAA after a bad start. He has to work his way back from the elbow and prove that he is a legit prospect again. He isn’t one now.
  8. Who would you remove though? Servideo jumps out to me as someone to take off. Not sure who else. Like I said, I would seriously consider Baumann. Even Bautista. He’s got a good reliever profile but he’s not exactly young either. And he hasn’t shown much up until this season.
  9. Agreed. But since Tony did have some of them listed, there is is some precedence. That being said, I wouldn’t call it a snub either. A snub suggests a mistake and I wouldn’t call it a mistake. It’s nice that we can actually have this discussion.
  10. Peek and Mundy are good ones. Completely forgot about Peek especially. I would take Servideo out…Peek or Ramirez in. Still likely give Ramirez the nod. To be honest, I’m not sure Baumann makes my top 30. I would have to think about it.
  11. Off the top of my head, I would probably go Moises Ramirez.
  12. Rangel May never become anything but give me these low 6 figure IFA signings all day long. Not that I’m not happy to spend on the higher guys but just keep piling on kids like this and eventually you get lucky.
  13. Sports Guy

    The Rays

    Blows away the record set with Acuna.
  14. Sports Guy

    The Rays

    They have reportedly offered Franco a 10 year deal worth 150-200M.
  15. He’s just getting wiser in his old age.
  16. Oh, all Baumann has to do is make adjustments. It’s that easy!
  17. Six seasons of service time are still required to become a free agent, unchanged since 1976. A full year of service time is equivalent to 172 days on a major-league roster or injured list. For most players, eligibility for salary arbitration still requires three years of service time, largely unchanged since 1987, though Super Two status was added in 1991. Big-league career lengths are declining. The average service time of MLB players was 4.79 years in 2003 and fell to 3.71 years in 2019, according to MLBPA data from last year. There are far fewer players in their 30s. For instance,
  18. Really interesting article here: https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/2222664
  19. And they don’t want to admit they were that wrong about a guy.
  20. There is no reason not to run the payroll into the 70-80M range for the 2022 season and position this team for a run at being 500 and in position to contend in 2023.
  21. If Stewart is never more than a 720ish OPs guy with occasional HR power and a 320 OBp, I would take McKenna too. If Stewart can have a 350 OBP and an 800+ OPS, I would take him over McKenna. He has the ability to post those numbers but I don’t think he will do it.
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